CCM 061

Translated by: Taffy, FatChinee
Edited by: PMBL, Rend, Comfortabull

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Chapter 61: The Importance of Equipment

For several days, Suo Jia had the strangest feeling that someone was constantly watching him. Whenever he inspected his surroundings carefully, however, he could not find anything out of the ordinary. He failed to find a single trace of his stalker. Helpless, Suo Jia could only assume that it was a misconception and continue on his way to do what he had to do.

It had already been a week since he learned meditation, and through the benefits of the Meditation Technique, his spirit and magic powers were enhanced at very fast speeds. However, although this was the case, there was still a significant gap from the levels Suo Jia hoped they would be.

Without choice, Suo Jia once again turned to the library for further studying. However, despite searching for an entire day, all of the books were in consensus that the Meditation Technique was the best way to increase magic and spirit power. In addition, there were no shortcuts around meditation; one had to cultivate step by step. By practicing longer and slowly accumulating more magic and spirit power, sooner or later, one would become a formidable mage.

An hour had already passed after school ended, yet Suo Jia was still isolated within the library. He looked through book after book hoping to find a single clue, hoping to find a way out of his current predicament and rapidly increase his overall strength.

Within the last two weeks, the White Villa’s business was surprisingly good, as it constantly bustled with people. The high level of service that was kept meant that the White Villa could at most host 100 people. If guests arrived too late, then they could only apologize and ask them to either wait, or come at a different time.

During these past few days especially, if they wanted to have a guaranteed seat, then they would have to make reservations. Although only two weeks had passed since its opening, the White Lobby had already become a location known for its high level of quality. As for high ranking nobles and officials, they would all unknowingly end up at this place. Gradually, this place was becoming one of Holy Light City’s high level distinguished locations.

With his business booming, Suo Jia’s assets increased exponentially. He could now be considered to have a fortune and since even regular dishes could be sold for a hundred times its normal price, it was difficult to not earn money.

However, as his money increased, Suo Jia gradually realized that once his wealth rose to a certain point, it didn’t have much use anymore. Currently… Suo Jia had already accumulated 200,000 gold, yet he had no clue how to spend any of it.

Helplessly returning the books in his hand back to the bookshelf, Suo Jia left the library. It seemed… that recently, he had pretty much searched through all the relevant books. Suo Jia knew that in terms of learning, there were no longer any types of shortcuts available.

While thinking, Suo Jia quietly walked along the small path on the school grounds. After walking for a bit, a shadow flashed in front of him, and a beautiful figure turned onto the small path that Suo Jia was walking on, directly heading towards him.

“Suo Jia! It’s so late, why haven’t you gone home yet?” The owner of the shadow asked warmly.

When he lifted his head, Suo Jia discovered that it was actually the female lecturer. From his observation, it seemed like she had just finished eating, and was currently on her way back to the dorm.

Just as Suo Jia was about to open his mouth to explain, the lecturer seemed to have thought of something. Wrinkling her brows, she said, “Ah, Suo Jia, recently you’ve gotten quite famous. No matter where I go, I always hear rumors about you. You’re pretty good, youngster, you must have earned quite a bit of money!”

“Hehe…” Awkwardly laughing, Suo Jia rubbed his head, “It’s ok, I’ve earned a bit of extra fees. However, it still doesn’t count as much. When compared to wealthy families, it can only qualify as a drop in an ocean.”

“Please!” Hearing Suo Jia’s words, the female lecturer abruptly waved her hand, “You don’t have to pretend to be poor. Don’t worry, Teacher won’t ask to borrow money from you. There’s just something that I needed to talk to you about.”

Speaking up to here, the female lecturer grew serious, and stressed, “Before you were poor, and had no money, so you had no other options. However now that you have money, why haven’t you quickly bought a magic staff to take advantage of? You have to know that although casting magic bare-handed is possible, you’re losing the boosts that a magic staff can provide. This seriously decreases the strength of your magic!”

“Boost?” Suo Jia wrinkled his brows in doubt.

Seeing Suo Jia’s lost expression, the lecturer suddenly said, “Of course. Even a normal magic staff can boost magic strength by 10%. If it’s middle-level or high-level, it’s even more powerful. It can easily boost strength by 40-50%. If it’s a legendary staff, then it can even boost magic by more than 100%!”

Speaking up to here, the lecturer became excited, and said enviously, “In this world, the best staff known to exist is the Holy Light Empire’s emperor’s Light Scepter. It qualifies as an epic-level staff, and can boost light elemental magic by 200%. Now tell me, how useful do you think a staff is?”

Hearing the lecturer’s words, Suo Jia’s eyes widened. What kind of joke was this, to increase magic by 200%! This was too extreme; after receiving a staff like that, a mage’s power would would be upgraded by two times in a flash. This was too unreal!

Seeing Suo Jia so clueless and naive, the lecturer helplessly said, “Have you ever heard the saying ‘Good tools are the prerequisite to the successful execution of a job’? This actually doesn’t just apply to weapons. To a veteran, although equipment isn’t very trustworthy, it is without a question that the current you, once you wear a set of epic-level equipment, you would immediately become Holy Light’s number one mage. No one would be able to defeat you!”

“That can’t be! Then doesn’t that mean that nobody needs to train? Wouldn’t it be fine if each person just acquired a set of epic-level magic equipment?” Hearing the lecturer’s words, Suo Jia cried out in shock.

“One set per person” Hearing Suo Jia’s naive words, the lecturer didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Do you think epic-level equipment is just a radish? One set per person, even if you spent your whole lifetime trying, receiving a single piece of epic-level equipment can already qualify as surpassing your ancestors. For each person to get a whole set, you must be dreaming.”

Speaking up to here, the lecturer said in reverence, “To be able to receive a single magic equipment within your lifetime is already miraculous. Wanting to collect an entire set is just wishful thinking. If you could really achieve this, then without a doubt, you would become the world’s strongest existence. That’s because up until today, anyone who has gathered a whole set has been an epic-level elite!”

“Then that means that it’s still possible to combine them together as a whole? “ Suo Jia asked with shining eyes.

“You!” Faced with the clueless Suo Jia, the lecturer was practically about to explode. Gritting her teeth, she looked at Suo Jia and said, “That’s right, theoretically, it can be combined to make a whole. In addition, there have actually been people that have done so. Up until today, there have been a total of seven people who have used the complete epic-level equipment set!”

“Who are these people!” Suo Jia said in excitement.

Faced with Suo Jia’s question, the lecturer shook her head and said, “No one knows their names. Actually, it’s more like no one dares to say their names out loud. They are the powerful and most celebrated individuals from the Greater Trade Routes – the Seven Martial Apex!”

“Seven Martial Apex!” Hearing his instructor’s words, Suo Jia’s eyes became brighter and brighter. He had previously heard these words from his mother countless times before. The so-called Seven Martial Apex represented seven different individuals, and these individuals were at the martial pinnacle in this world! To these select people, the Greater Trade Routes might as well be a casual playground.

Seeing the excited Suo Jia, the lecturer finally let out her breath. She believed that she had already helped Suo Jia understand the importance of equipment. However, as a teacher, she had the obligation to further explain to Suo Jia its characteristics. To be a qualified mage, it is extremely important for one to have a clear understanding of weapons and equipment for application.

While thinking, the lecturer sternly said, “Suo Jia, weapons are not the only important things. Other magic items also have irreplaceable uses. For example, a magic robe can prevent damage from elements, and can also counter the absorption of magic power. Magic necklaces can recuperate and facilitate magic power, and increase its recovery speed. Helmets can help maintain a clear head, which improves the effects of meditation, and speeds up the improvement of magic and spirit powers. Magic rings assist the launching and manipulation of magic, and magic boots boost speed, raising evasion…”

After this long string of words, the lecturer finally paused to take a deep breath. She looked at the already completely dazed Suo Jia, and warmly patted Suo Jia’s shoulders, “In general, although magic equipment cannot be depended on, it has endless benefits to training and fighting. This is especially true for epic-level magic items, which result in power that rivals gods. Consider it carefully; if you’ve thoroughly thought it through, then I hope you quickly go purchase a staff. Otherwise, how could you count as a mage?”

Speaking up to here, the lecturer did not continue to babble. She patted Suo Jia’s shoulder, “Ok Suo Jia, it’s already quite late, hurry up and go home. Otherwise, your mother will worry!” Saying this, the lecturer smiled at Suo Jia and gestured for him to go. Then she turned around to walk back to the school dorm, leaving Suo Jia stand there alone in a daze.

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