CCM 081

Translated by: FatChinee, Taffy
Edited by: mrbaconator, Comfortabull

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Chapter 81 – The Glove’s New Use Pt.1

After he had obtained this strange ring, Suo Jia carefully looked over each ring again with eyes holding insatiable greed. In order to make sure that he wouldn’t be wasting any good things, he tried them one by one until he made sure that none of these were as awesome as that strange one. Only after that did he gather all the rings with a hint of disappointment.

In regards to the interspatial ring, Suo Jia already had a solid understanding of it. The shield that released from the interspatial ring could unconditionally block a single attack from either the front or the back. Also, the back of the shield was where the entrance to the storage area was located. If one wanted to store anything, then the items would be placed in from this entrance.

Of course, the interspatial ring was not without certain flaws. The Space Shield could only manifest itself for three seconds, and it was also only usable for a single attack. It was impossible to use the Space Shield as if it were a regular shield, as it did not last that long. Only during that instant before an attack would hit, and only during that most opportune moment would it be the appropriate time to activate it.

However, just this alone was already very amazing. An absolute defense against any attack; this was something that every warrior yearned for in their dreams. Although utilizing the Space Shield required quite a bit of spirit power, and warriors might not even be able to use it many times if at all, Suo Jia believed that this small ring’s life preserving ability would definitely save one’s life several times.

As for the remaining 43 interspatial rings, he placed them all within this interspatial space. Only in here would they remain the safest, because even if someone else obtained this ring, they would have no way of retrieving the items stored within. Different types of spirit power would create different spatial areas. Once these items were placed within this ring, unless one personally retrieved them, there was no way of getting them out!

After looking over the rings, Suo Jia turned his attention over to the blue glove. With the glove in his hands, Suo Jia could not feel any weight. He gently rubbed his hands together, and the glove felt like cotton; exactly what type of material was this made out of? What made it so strange?

Frowning, Suo Jia gently put on the glove. Although the glove wasn’t that large, it was really elastic. On Suo Jia’s hand, it actually fit so well to the point where it didn’t even feel like he was wearing a glove!

Slightly waving his right hand, Suo Jia was surprised to find that although the glove covered his entire hand, it was as if it didn’t even exist. Suo Jia could actually feel the wind gliding past the skin on his hands.

This right glove was pale blue in color, and its surface was both extremely thin and smooth. Even if it was tightly gripped in one’s hand, one wouldn’t be able to feel its physical existence. It was both soft and light, and was beyond mysterious.

Suo Jia picked up a pair of scissors on the table and pressed the sharp end against the glove’s fabric, wanting to test its durability. However, he hadn’t imagined that after only a gentle press of the scissors against the glove, the blue fabric would tear apart.

Seeing this, Suo Jia frantically removed the scissors. Regretfully, he looked at the glove; however, Suo Jia was puzzled to discover that he couldn’t find the hole that he had just made. The entire glove was still completely intact!

In order to confirm his suspicions, Suo Jia tried it a few more times, resulting in no changes at all. Suo Jia could thus confirm that this glove didn’t have any defensive properties whatsoever. Just like water, it couldn’t resist any penetrating attacks from sharp weapons. Even more similarly, once the sharp weapon was removed, it would immediately return to its original condition.

“This….” Looking at the blue glove, Suo Jia was completely at a loss. He really couldn’t think of exactly how he was supposed to make use of a glove like this. It had absolutely no defensive abilities; it really was just like a layer of water that covered his hand.

After some contemplation, Suo Jia lifted his right hand, and drew a magic spell array in the air. Moisture Technique, Swamp Technique, Ice Sphere Technique, and Glacial Armor, Suo Jia had activated each of the magics he had mastered, yet he didn’t discover any differences.

Shaking his head in doubt, Suo Jia finally gave up on trying to figure it out. This glove had a mysterious, instantaneous recovery ability, but aside from this, it was extremely normal. Even if it hid a deeper secret, it seemed that he wouldn’t be able to discover it at this moment.

As he temporarily pushed it to the back of his mind, Suo Jia shifted his gaze towards the last item. He could not help but frown as he looked at the dirty dagger on the table. Although the dagger didn’t have a hint of rust, it was caked with mud. It was very obvious that since it had first been dug up, nobody had ever bothered to clean it.

Suo Jia ordered a maid to bring over a basin of water. After he carefully cleaned the dagger and wiped dry any traces of water on it, finally….Suo Jia saw the dagger’s original appearance.

This completely normal dagger had an extremely thin and glossy outer appearance. Although it seemed to have been sanded, it didn’t reflect any light at all.

The dagger’s surface was completely covered in strange glyphs. Aside from this, the dagger had no other strange points. Even its form was extremely ordinary, exactly the same as any other dagger. It was obvious that this weapon was not Legendary-ranked or higher; at most, it was only Ideal-ranked.

Puzzledly holding the dagger in his hands, Suo Jia could not help but let out a flash from his eyes. It was comfortable, really comfortable. Although the handle did not seem particularly special on the outside, what was surprising was that when he held it in his hands, it was extremely snug. Suo Jia had the misconception that when he held the dagger, his entire right arm seemed to be one with the dagger.

Gently waving it around, the ‘one with the blade’ feeling became more and more prominent. Looking at it right now, it seemed quite ordinary, as it was just a plain normal dagger, but… he didn’t know exactly why but he felt that that was not all there was to it. He thought that there was some aspect that he was missing and that there was still something about this dagger that made it differ from others.

Suspicious, Suo Jia waved the dagger around a couple more times. Other than the ‘one with the blade’ feeling, he really did not notice any other difference. Filled with doubt, Suo Jia picked up the fruit knife on the table and slashed a few times in the air.

“Wrong!” Suo Jia clearly felt the difference in comfort. In addition to the comfort, as well as the ‘one with the blade’ feeling, Suo Jia knew that there had to be one additional effect. However, Suo Jia could not find the right words to explain it.

Continuously trying a few more times, Suo Jia’s entire body violently shook and stood there dumbfounded. After comparing it back and fort a few times, Suo Jia finally realized what made this dagger so special!

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