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Translated by: FatChinee
Edited by: Taffy, khh, Comfortabull, mrbaconator

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Chapter 97 – Preparing to Fight Fire Arts Pt. 1

“Ai…” Bitterly sighing, Suo Jia said, “Forget it Aila, you don’t need to comfort me. I understand my talent very well, and it’s not comparable to the two of you.”

“No!” Hearing Suo Jia’s words, Aila resolutely said, “I never comfort others. No matter when it happens, to whom it happens, or under whichever circumstances, I always say things as they are. In training matters especially, I will not have any pretenses. At the very least, I will not deceive you.”

Speaking thus far, Aila paused momentarily, and after collecting her thoughts, she continued, “Being outstanding has its own benefits, and being balanced has its own benefits as well. In truth, if I had the choice, I would rather choose to be a normal person and not have this Ice Fiend’s Nine Prisons. No matter how precious it is or how hard it is to obtain, it is all the same to me.”

“What are you trying to say?” Suo Jia asked in confusion after hearing Aila’s words.

Deeply looking at Suo Jia, she said in a heavy tone, “To be honest, although you don’t have any outstanding aspects, you also don’t have any weak points. Being well-rounded is your greatest characteristic, and only through being balanced can you advance and master the two aspects of water arts, and interchangeably use the two.”

Aila had a vague expression on her face as she muttered, “Although in the aspects of hardness, firmness and sharpness, I am far more outstanding when compared to you, once the steel-like ice breaks, I lose all the flexible and unnatural changes of water. Weighing the pros and cons, can one truly say that having this is beneficial or harmful?”

After a slight pause, Aila suddenly looked at Suo Jia and quickly said, “That reminds me, Lord Suo Jia, since you even learned the Glacial Armor, then have you learned the Revolving Frozen Gas?”

Faced with Aila’s question, Suo Jia calmly nodded and said, “I have already learned it, and can already freely cast this spell. You are asking this because…”

Enviously glancing at Suo Jia, Aila continued, “Actually, perhaps you’ve never thought about this, but mixing the Revolving Frozen Gas with the Swamp Technique can imitate a high-rank ice system spell — Ice Seal.”

Hearing Aila’s words, Suo Jia first furrowed his brows, but then his eyes suddenly lit up. Indeed… a large portion of the Swamp Technique was water, so as long as one used the Revolving Frozen Gas to freeze the swamp, then wouldn’t the opposing target stuck in the swamp be frozen as well? Compared to that high-rank ice system spell, these two different methods could lead to the same result!

Seeing Suo Jia’s ecstatic expression, Aila said, “You can also first utilize a Water Sphere Technique, and when the opponent is fully drenched, you can use the Revolving Frozen Gas. This will allow you to achieve the result of the High Level spell — Icicle Prison.”

“Wow!” Hearing Aila’s words, Suo Jia’s eyes immediately glowed brightly. Aila’s pointers woke him up, and Suo Jia suddenly realized that his killing potential could be increased by several folds. In fact, what Aila had helped him realize was a brand new way of thinking. This was a foreign world that Suo Jia had never touched upon before!

Glancing at Aimi, Aila faintly said, “It doesn’t matter whether it is me or Aimi, neither of us can use the other’s skills. My specialty is ice, while hers is water. Only you, despite not being particularly good at either, can be good at both. When morphing the two types together, your magic can be used in countless ways, and you can become the most difficult opponent.”

“Wa!” Hearing Aila saying so many good things about Suo Jia’s situation, Aimi at once began to shout out, “I don’t care anymore, I also want to be balanced. I don’t want some Heaven’s One Holy Water, I want to be like Suo Jia and freely manipulate and transform!”

Coldly glaring at Aimi, Aila said in an overcast mood, “Stop complaining, your talent is something that others beg for but will never receive. In regards to unnatural transformations, even Suo Jia could not be compared to you. No matter how ice tries to change, how can it be more flexible than water?”

Speaking thus far, Aila lifted her hand and said while looking at the ceiling, “A person’s natural talent does not decide their achievements in life. Anyone can become formidable, but the crucial point is whether or not you work hard, and how intelligent your mind is.”

Aila then turned around and looked at Aimi. Although her expression was ice cold, her tone was sincere, “Therefore, from now on just focus on yourself. Within this world, there is only a single person who has the Heaven’s One Holy Water, and only one person with the Ice Fiend’s Nine Prisons. We have to have faith in ourselves, and then display our specialties to their limits. Once we reach that level, no matter what kind of enemy we face, we will not have to fear them. Being unique has its own benefits, and being balanced has its own benefits as well. In the end, it still depends on the person.”

Hearing Aila’s cold analysis, Suo Jia and Aimi calmed down. After a while, Suo Jia cheerfully said, “I feel that Aila’s words are on point. I won’t be discouraged anymore. Just as Aila has explained, I need to believe in myself. However right now, I need to carefully think about Aila’s advice in order to gain more insights.”

Hurriedly saying goodbye to the two girls, Suo Jia entered the underground isolated chamber, and sat cross-legged on the cushion. Suo Jia painstakingly contemplated for a while. After Aila’s advice, Suo Jia had realized for the first time that his ability to alternate the combination of ice and water were his greatest advantages and his best way out of situations. Based on this thought process, he could do many different things. The number of attack methods at his disposal had also increased greatly.

On the other side, Aimi and Aila both began to start cultivating again. Before the tournament began, they didn’t have the privilege of resting. Aimi’s Heaven’s One Water Sphere and Aila’s Nine Prison Ice Sphere flew out in quick succession, causing the entire underwater training area to fill with whistling and whizzing sounds.

They all understood that the time remaining was running like water, and the time that passed was like lightning. When one focused in order to accomplish something, the passing time was always astonishingly fast. A month’s worth of time would pass by like the blink of an eye.

Early in the morning, Suo Jia walked out from his confined room. Across from him, Aimi and Aila had already long ago finished preparing and were patiently waiting for him. Since today was the day of the tournament, they did not cultivate too excessively in order to preserve their spirit and magic powers. In preparation for today’s competition, this was the smartest thing to do.

After examining the equipment the two had, the three ate a sumptuous breakfast and headed straight for the school. Upon entering their classroom, the three were immediately caught up in the sea of girls. After not seeing them for an entire month, the hundred girls were all worried about them and formed an impenetrable crowd.

After enduring through an entire month of arduous cultivation, the three all underwent significant changes. Not only did their self-esteem show a change, but their faces all revealed steadfast expressions as well. These were looks that only individuals who underwent difficult training would have.

Seeing the three individuals prepared to enter a battlefield, the instructor sighed in praise and nodded her head. “Very good, you guys are really exceptional. No matter what the end result is, I respect your perseverance thus far.”

Hearing the instructor’s voice, all of the girls revealed looks of admiration. Seeing the girls in high spirits, Aimi made a small fist and confidently said, “Don’t worry; no matter what, this time we will be sure to win!”

In response to Xue Er’s words, the instructor smiled, but did not take them seriously. She believed that only when they stood on top of that battlefield and faced other elemental mages would they truly understand how weak they were. Before that happened, no matter what others said, they would not believe anything else.

Looking at the current time, there wasn’t much time before the grand opening ceremony. Clapping her hands together, the lecturer organized all of her students and escorted Suo Jia, Aila, and Aimi towards the tournament meeting area.

There wasn’t much to say during the opening ceremony; there was only the military entrance, and the exchange of pleasantries between the heads of the school and Holy Light City. After these conventional procedures, it was already nine in the morning. Soon after… the official tournament had finally begun.

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