CCM 160

Remember how I said ages ago that I had discovered there was a mistranslation in CCM137, and I had to retranslate it for things to make sense? This was the chapter I was referring to (hence the foreign term in the title). In order to understand this chapter, I highly recommend you go back and read CCM137 here, especially to readers that are not new, since I retranslated it after I read this chapter and realized it had been translated wrongly.

Translated by: Taffy

Edited by: Rango, Lurker, Hakubruh, Comfortabull

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Chapter 160 – Enchanted Zhiyao Pt. 2

Suo Jia placed heavy importance on money, but the only reason he did was because he knew that money could buy magic equipments, and even Epic ranked equipments. This would improve their training speeds and boost their strengths. As the proverb stated, ‘the preparation before action is extremely important’. This was a saying that Suo Jia strongly believed in!

It was possible for Legendary ranked equipment to occasionally react to each other by coincidence, resulting in them linking to each other and producing entirely new effects. That’s why Suo Jia wanted to gather such a large amount of Legendary ranked equipment, and then compile a set of mutually interlinked Legendary equipment. That way, its power wouldn’t be much less than an Epic ranked equipment set’s.

In regards to Aimi and Aila, their current trainings speeds had risen by quite a bit. Their original strengths had thus increased exponentially. Although they couldn’t compare to an expert because they were still young, and hadn’t trained for very long, going against an ordinary opponent was no longer a problem.

Seeing the two fully armed girls, their bodies lit up from the glow of the Legendary magic equipments, Suo Jia could already imagine just how formidable they would become in the future. Combined with Suo Jia, as well as the 36 Angelic Six Winged Phoenixes, they would be invincible.

However, simply equipping the two girls had consumed quite a bit of the astronomical amount of money he had gained from franchise fees. This money had come in fast, but had been used up even faster. The instant it was placed in his bag, it was spent.

At this point, Suo Jia no longer needed to concern himself about anything related to the two girls. What happened next would depend on how hard they worked. No one could tell what level they’d end up reaching.

However, Suo Jia had a headache over the 36 Angelic Six Winged Phoenixes. There were so many of them, and they used equipments that mixed both elements of wind and fire. Unless he custom ordered something to be made for them, no magic equipment would be suitable for them to use!

As he pondered this, Lan Ruo’s figure appeared at the doorway, and she said in a low voice, “Young Master, the adventure union has sent a message. They’ve already found the magic book explaining Magic Spring!”

Hearing this news, Suo Jia grew extremely excited. Without saying another word, he rushed straight to the adventure union to retrieve the thick magic book, then immediately retreated back to his secret room.

Magic Spring was a water magic that could raise one’s magic power recovery speed to a frightening realm. Within a few short seconds, the user could recover 50% of their magic power! However, this required consuming 50% of their spirit power!

Magic power was extremely important to a mage, but spirit power was just as essential. Without spirit power, no matter how high one’s magic power was, one wouldn’t be able to activate magic. Typically speaking, if a person ran out of magic power, they wouldn’t have much spirit power left either. Suo Jia was like this, as was everyone around him.

It was precisely due to this reason that both the Magic Spring and the Sweet Spirit Dew, magics that possessed effects that most mages yearned for, were rarely used. Thus, it wasn’t included in the list of universal magics that were taught. It was to the point where almost nobody in the world actually trained in this magic.

However, Suo Jia was different. He could use Enchantment Zhiyao whenever he wanted to create large amounts of potions that could be used in battle. In reality, both the Magic Spring and Sweet Spirit Dew seemingly originated from researching Enchantment Zhiyao, as they were extremely compatible with each other.

Suo Jia flipped through the book and carefully read it. After a while, he couldn’t help but grow more excited. This book included the Magic Spring, Sweet Spirit Dew, and the Origin of Endurance. This…

Seeing the spell arrays that seemed to be written in undecipherable scribbles, Suo Jia’s head seemed to swell up. This spell formation wasn’t difficult, but the symbols on the formation were. It was completely different from the symbols of other water magics, and much more complicated. Although there were only three symbols in total, these symbols were more like drawings rather than text.

With no other options, Suo Jia closed his eyes, and quietly began to memorize the three spell arrays. After a long time…Suo Jia finally opened his eyes. With a wave of his right hand, the center of the palm of his blue glove began to emit bright blue streaks, and sketched out the array as fast as lightning. In the blink of an eye, a glowing blue spell array appeared within his palm.

As he looked at the blue mist that had appeared above his head, Suo Jia couldn’t help but shake his head and sigh in admiration. This glove was really too amazing. Using his consciousness to draw the array was much faster and more accurate than drawing by hand!

Memorizing a picture was easy, and sketching out the lines of the diagram was also easy, but using the hand to draw out the mental image was difficult. The difference was as great as 108,000 miles.

With the help of the blue glove and the earrings and such that were Epic ranked magic equipment, Suo Jia’s magic activation speed was extremely fast. Activating the Sweet Spirit Dew or the Magic Spring took Suo Jia only around 3 seconds. If he removed his equipment, he’d have to spend 5-6 seconds, or else he couldn’t ever hope to activate it. If he didn’t use the special activation method he had developed, then activating the spell within 10 seconds would already be considered the level of an expert.

Moreover, Suo Jia was surprised to discover that after activating the Magic Spring, he had only consumed about 10% of his spirit power. In general, aside from the amount consumed upon activation, Suo Jia hadn’t used up any more of his spirit power. The symbols in these diagrams wasted tons of spirit power. If one didn’t draw it exactly, it couldn’t be activated.

In reality, these three related spell arrays were more like paintings than formations. Unless a person was like Suo Jia, who had the aid of the Epic ranked blue glove, they wouldn’t be able to learn this magic even after several years. In addition, it also depended on their talent. If they didn’t have any talent, they wouldn’t ever be able to learn it. It was just like painting; if the person wasn’t talented, they would never in their lifetime become an outstanding painter. The standards for the spell array’s symbols were quite strict, to the point where one could say that it was excessive.

Suo Jia then mastered the Sweet Spirit Dew, which consumed 50% of his magic power to recover 50% of his spirit power. However…Suo Jia’s body of Epic ranked magic equipment wasn’t just for show; it allowed him to reduce most of the magic power consumption. After activating the Sweet Spirit Dew, Suo Jia was able to confirm that it only consumed around 10% of his magic power instead.

The last one was the Origin of Endurance. It was meant to simultaneously consume 25% each from magic power and spirit power, and recover 50% of his physical power. After a test run, he was able to determine that the consumption was still only around 10%. This meant that Suo Jia could do other things!

Suo Jia removed a small instrument from his interspatial ring. This instrument was only about the size of one’s head, and was made from steel and wood. From its outer appearance, it was easy to see that it was similar to the large machine in the underwater training area.

That’s right, in reality, the underwater training area’s large machine had been arranged for the 100 girls to use simultaneously. However, this one was a personal Enchanted Zhiyao machine that only one person could use at a time.

Suo Jia then re-opened his interspatial ring to take out the icy core that he had obtained from the palace. This was the Great Frost Wyrm crystal core that the Empress had swallowed to commit suicide. If he needed to condense coldness, then he had to use a cold-attribute water elemental crystal!

“Hm?” After fishing out the crystal core, Suo Jia furrowed his brows in confusion. Something about it seemed off; why had it gotten much heavier? When he inspected it more closely, he saw that his odd, blue pet was currently using its four limbs to tightly hug the egg-sized crystal!

“Holy crap!” As he doubtfully looked closer, Suo Jia couldn’t contain his cry of shock. What was this? Could it be…that this little pet had finished his evolution? But…how had this happened? When Suo Jia saw the little pet hug the Great Frost Wyrm crystal core tightly with an avaricious look on its face, Suo Jia scratched his head in confusion. This…was this still his little Frost Wyrm?

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42 thoughts on “CCM 160

  1. gunmim says:

    108 000 miles ? was it 108 000 Li wich is about 54 Km ? because if so 108 000 miles is quite a lot more
    in the end its just representing a big distance but i was curious xD
    i do presume it originated as the 108 000 Li representing the distance Sun Wukong can travel in one leap


  2. estriole says:

    Wtf… so broken. Is it really like what i think it is?!
    He already broken earlier and author give him unlimited mana, spirit, physical energy
    10 % spirit -> 50% magic
    10 % magic > 50% spirit
    10 %magic + 10% spirit > 50% physical
    Each is 3 second cast. 3 spell 9 second.
    Total gained if all cast:
    +30%magic +30%spirit + 50%physical

    Not to mention he can bottled it…

    Someone report this to GM. Sou jia need a nerf in next patch…

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    • xias1 says:

      Yes, that´s quite a cheat.
      But there´s a limit:

      His spiritual energy, magical energy and physical endurance can “only” recover.
      That means he cannot increase it beyond 100%.

      So if he meets an enemy that can use attacks fast or strong enough to deplete Suo Jia´s energy at once then these spells won´t help him.

      That means he can go against any opponent of similar strength without problem due to his recovery spells but he still got no chance against far stronger enemies.


  3. Whynn says:

    is it weird that i’m starting to imagine the frost wyrm atm as tiny dio’s dragon form from Black Haze? Also thanks for the chapter, and can’t wait to see what the tiny pet will do with the crystal. conversion rate has become hacked by Suo Jia and can indefinitely regen?


  4. wag1990 says:

    Now is the time for the pet to rise up and dispose of his cruel master. Or just steal the core from his master, the little wyrm learned from the best.

    Wait it was in the ring? WTF I thought that you couldn’t store live things in there.

    Thanks for the translation Taffy.

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  5. Geodude says:

    So… just thinking but shouldn’t he have had his pet held with the academy for free use to target all training moisture technique training at from first year students and all hydration spells anyone practices? I would make that arrangement as soon as I saw his evolution sped up by it! Good for both since targets and rented magical pets cost academy a bit and kids are poor.


  6. lasiefo says:

    from one of the most boring to one of the most interesting xianxia
    but still to many random chapters(but well every xianxia got their item/alchemy/trashtalk chapters so yep)
    i hope his 36 angels dont betray him and if they do(i hope he kills them all)


  7. Samataido says:

    the pet is deffinetly weird it evolves and gets fast stronger but does not have the time to get bigger so it will be a perfect mount for him in a few years with the full power from a 10000 frost king but only the size of a horse =D…. and for lasiefo i have to say read the read the novel again … i dont get why someone would think the girls would ever betray him -.-


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