CCM Synopsis Contest Results

Thank you all for your kind words and amazing synopsis (all of which were much better than anything I would’ve ever come up with). After reading them all several times, I have declared Zalpha as the winner!

Congratulations to Zalpha, and thank you very much for providing a new synopsis. I have updated the index page with his winning piece, so everyone should go check it out!


3 thoughts on “CCM Synopsis Contest Results

  1. Trevor Evans says:

    What I won! I can’t believe it, thanks! 😀 I really enjoy this series/story so it was easy to come up with. I just discovered CCM and spent a week reading this from start to finish to discover the post about the synopsis when checking for an update. It was easy to write it with the all info and story still fresh in my mind. Please keep up the good work of translating this awesome story.

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