CCM 194

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Translated by: Taffy

Edited by: Comfortabull

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Chapter 194 – Taking Over Dawn Pt. 2

Seeing this scene, the fatty was completely stunned. He was just an ordinary person that did not understand any martial techniques at all; he was a mere official of the empire. If his underlings couldn’t protect him any more, perhaps even an ordinary person could beat him up, let alone experts of Suo Jia’s type.

Behind Suo Jia, the 36 fire wind warriors had managed to finish killing all the enemies in the room within only a few seconds. Not a single one remained. The air reeked of blood, making anyone that smelled it feel nauseous.

In reality, if they had been dragged into a 1v1 fight, these guys that had died probably wouldn’t have been so weak. At the very least, they could’ve fought for over 10-12 minutes. However, the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes’ teamwork and mutual understanding of each other were incomparable. Although their numbers were about the same, each one of their opponents felt like they were going against 6 opponents. The situation was actually like this.

If it was 36v36, how would the opponent feel like they were fighting 1v6? It was because of their team’s cooperation and connection with each other. These were both extremely important factors, and this level of connection was something that these girls had formed after being raised together since they were 5-6 years old. Now, they had already been together for 15-16 years. They didn’t have to speak to each other, or even exchange glances. They simply knew what their companions were doing subconsciously.

While it was clear that they were each fighting for themselves, the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes would often suddenly leave their opponents and exert all their strength to attack another enemy. In that instant, another 5 companions would do the exact same. Thus, a 1v6 scene would unfold. After they managed to kill that person in one go, they’d then use their speed to leap back and continue fighting against their own enemy, waiting for the next chance to attack together again.

The Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes walked up behind Suo Jia and furiously glared at the fatty. Everyone was trying to guess exactly what Suo Jia was planning to deal with the fatty. After a period of silence, Suo Jia waved his hand and said in a low voice, “Go…since you’ve already done it, do it a bit cleaner. Massacre everyone outside!”

“No!” Hearing Suo Jia’s orders, the fatty was finally unable to bear it any longer. His legs went soft as he abruptly fell off his chair and onto the ground. In a panicked voice, he said, “Viscount Suo Jia, a respectful person like you has much power. I beg of you to be magnanimous. I’ll pay everything, all my assets. I just hope that you’ll spare my family’s elderly and young.”

Suo Jia furrowed his brows and hesitated for a long while before firmly replying, “Fine. Immediately tie up all the people in this mansion. Don’t let a single one escape!”

The 36 Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes’ figures flashed, quickly disappearing from the hall and rushing to various parts of the building. Suo Jia believed from their actions that nobody could possibly escape them.

After the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes had left, Suo Jia’s attention moved back to the fatty as he coldly said, “You’d better not say I didn’t give you a choice. Right now….I want you to immediately hand over everything I deserve. Otherwise, I can guarantee that your family’s elderly and young won’t live to see the light of day!”

Seeing Suo Jia’s evil expression, the fatty was terrified as he nodded and trembled as he replied, “I’ll hand it over…I’ll hand it over…I’ll hand it all over to you!” The fatty hurriedly turned around and a large records book from a cabinet in the dark corners, presenting it to Suo Jia.

Suo Jia carefully examined it as he flipped through it. There were 100,000 army provisions, 300,000 sets of weapon armors, and 140 million gold, and the city lord’s mansion.

Suo Jia coldly closed the book. He knew that this was definitely not everything. It looked like…this fatty was still trying to take advantage of his young age, and wanted to trick him. He really deserved to be killed.

Suo Jia furiously said with a stormy expression, “Fatty, I’ve discovered that you seem to keep wanting to trick me because of my young age. Have you really thought carefully? Do you really confirm that this is everything?”

“That…that…there’s nothing else?” Hearing Suo Jia’s words, the fatty replied in both fear and confusion.

“Bang!” Abruptly slamming his hand on the table, Suo Jia angrily yelled, “And you still want to lie to me? Let me ask you, this place is at the border. How could there not be any gifts from other kings’ businessmen? Where are the foreign treasures? Also…this place’s location is so special, how could there only be 100 million gold?”

Suo Jia bitterly spat out, “In addition, you have a massive military force, with a large number of experts under your command. How is it possible that you haven’t tried risking to rob others? After so many years, have you only accumulated this tiny amount of wealth? Do you really think I’m just a child?”

The fatty’s face instantly turned deathly pale. Actually, he had long since decided to do this. He had already make preparations for this anticipated situation, and created a fake records book to try to confuse Suo Jia. However, he hadn’t imagined that the brat would be so intelligent and see through everything with a single glance.

A jumble of sounds could be heard outside. The next instant…over 100 male and female, old and young, were escorted by the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes from the main entrance.

“Bang!” Strongly throwing the book on the table, Suo Jia cast a glance over the group of people. There were unexpectedly 30+ beautiful and young women. Each of them had boundless amorous feelings revealed in their eyes. It was clear to see that these were the fatty’s little wives.

Suo Jia quickly determined that just the jewelry on those 30+ wives already had a total worth of over 100 million. It was very clear to see that the fatty was still tricking him.

Suo Jia suddenly turned around to look at the fatty and fiercely said, “Alright, do you still have anything else to say? I’ve already been quite magnanimous. Let me warn you, you’d better treasure this opportunity. I don’t mind killing 2 more people!”

The fatty’s expression changed, and he desperately reached into his pocket to pull out a golden records book. He wordlessly placed it in front of Suo Jia with an extremely reluctant expression on his face.

“Hmph!” Suo Jia coldly snorted and stretched out to grab the records book and flipped through it carefully. There were ten cases of jewelry, 180 hundred million gold, and 10,000 sets of high ranked weaponry and armor!

Seeing these contents, Suo Jia’s hands violently shook. He took a deep breath and slammed the book into the fatty’s face and roared, “You are incorrigible. You dare to trick me again and again! Fine then…since you don’t seem to care for others’ well-beings, then I’ll comply to your feelings!”

“Girls! Pull out 10 people and behead them!” Suo Jia angrily commanded.

Hearing this, 10 of the 36 Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes quickly pulled out some women and children and placed their war blades horizontally against their throats, waiting for Suo Jia’s order.

“Wait!” With a terrified shout, the fatty looked at Suo Jia and said, “I don’t understand, I clearly gave you everything. Why do you still insist on acting like this?”

With a dark smile, Suo Jia coldly said, “Did you really hand over everything? Then let me ask you, you’ve already lived here for 30-40 years. How come you don’t have a single magic equipment?”

Hearing this, the fatty finally turned completely white. He helplessly looked at Suo Jia as he shook his head and said, “Whether you believe me or not, my magic equipment was all given to my daughter. I don’t have any here to give to you. If I’m hiding anything more from you, go ahead and kill me.”

“Oh?” Suo Jia doubtfully sized up the fatty, but was unwilling to believe that this fellow would actually hand over everything obediently. With his sinister cunning, there was no way he would.

After pondering it for a bit, Suo Jia said in a heavy voice, “Fine then. You can explain the magic equipment. But let me ask you now, where did the high ranked military officers and their uniforms go? Why don’t I see them on this records book?”

“That…” The fatty looked at Suo Jia with a pained and bitter expression as he said helplessly, “You’ve already seen them. They’re here in this room. They were all slaughtered by you and your subordinates!”

“What!” Suo Jia turned around in shock and looked around at the corpses littering the hall. He finally realized why those guys’ strengths were so formidable; they were actually the high ranked military officers here!

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    Thanks a lot!
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  2. anonymous. says:

    This story is a joke, the MC is a joke too. MC says he will give him one chance to present all his things but the guy tricked him BUT he didn’t kill him or those hostages. Then he give him ANOTHER chance , then the guy took out something again. And tricked him again, and he told 10 fire/wind warrior girls to behead 10 people. But they didnt even behead them and just place it on the throat. Don’t show mercy MY FOOT! His obviously SHOWING MERCY. WE NEED MC’s THAT ARE MERCILESS LIKE MGA , ATG and ISSTH ! They are the real badass! This MC is boring..even though he has all the OP stuff. And he actually retreated his command to massacre his entire family when the fatty let his chance go and forgive him again Wtf!?


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