CCM 198

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Translated by: Taffy

Edited by: Comfortabull

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Chapter 198 – Finally His Pt. 2

“Ding!” Everyone watched the fatty about to turn into a corpse. Suddenly, a clear sound of a strike rang out through the room. The fatty felt his right hand shake, and just as the dagger was about to descend into his chest, all that was left in his hand was the handle.

Puzzled, the fatty opened his eyes and looked at the remaining handle in shock. As for the blade, it had long since flown off to some unknown place. He raised his head in confusion as he stared doubtfully at Suo Jia.

Suo Jia couldn’t help but feel conflicted as the fatty stared at him. He didn’t quite have the heart to watch the fatty die. Although he had just hated the fatty for tricking him, the fatty was still his schoolmate’s father, even if they were only related in the sense that they had attended the same academy, and weren’t familiar with each other at all.

The fatty said in an agonized voice, “Viscount Suo Jia, I’m admittedly unable to continue living, but do you mean to say that I don’t even have the privilege of dying? Or are you saying that you still want to punish and torment me further?”

Suo Jia smiled bitterly as he shook his head and helplessly said, “Whether you die or not has nothing to do with me. However…on what basis can you ask me to take care of all your wives! Look at them…that’s over 100 people. How could I possibly watch them all!”

“You!” The fatty dumbly stood there. That’s right…Suo Jia didn’t seem to have any obligation to take care of so many people, nor did he have the ability to. Over 100 people was really too much.

The fatty looked at each of the people closest to him, and felt an agonizing pain. He knew that if they followed him, they’d have no other path. It was inevitable; in the past, he would often make the soldiers cover their faces and loot others, regardless of whether the victims were foreign or local merchants. None of them were ever allowed to get away, and now it could be said that the fatty had enemies everywhere.

Before, the fatty had authority and power, so they naturally couldn’t do anything to him. But now, he had no money or power, so his enemies would naturally come find him. It’s true that he had wanted to die, but his wife and children no longer wanted to live anymore either. Everyone now understood the meaning of saying: ‘to eliminate weeds from their roots’

Suo Jia calmly said, “It’ll be easy for you if you die. But you still want me to watch over your wife and children. In particular, your precious daughter is a major beauty in Holy Light Academy, and she’s extremely powerful as well. Tell me, do you think that if I hound you to death, I’d keep your family alive and just wait for them get to revenge for you?”

“Gasp!” Everyone sharply inhaled at Suo Jia’s words. That’s right…to get rid of weeds, one has to uplift them from their roots, or else a simple spring breeze would regrow them. If the fatty just died like that, Naifa Lian would definitely hunt down Suo Jia for revenge. With her beauty and intelligence, who knew how much destruction she could bring about?

Everyone knew that either everyone had to leave, or everyone had to die here, ending it all. Otherwise, Suo Jia wouldn’t be able to run operations here peacefully. Putting others aside, Suo Jia’s mother was still retired in Holy Light. If she encountered an ambush from an assassin, what would happen then?

After a while, the fatty raised his head up and gave a long sigh. It was clear that now…he could only try his luck. He would have to bring all of his family to leave this area. Whether they died or not, or when and how they died, would depend on fate.

The fatty sullenly turned around and led all the hundred members of his family out of the hall. They walked out the doors and began to head towards the capital. At the moment, they no longer had a place to stay here anymore.

Naifa Lian shot a complicated look at Suo Jia, then silently floated towards the door with her strange footwork. She quickly disappeared outside the door as well.

Seeing that everyone had left, Suo Jia sighed in a relief, then gestured at Duo Mei, “Go dispatch some people to check what they do after leaving. Don’t let anything happen to them, but don’t let them stir up any trouble either. Do you understand?”

Duo Mei smiled and nodded, then turned around to shout, “Group #2, pay attention. Immediately chase after that group of people and secretly observe them. Don’t let them encounter any trouble, but don’t let them incite any either! Report back the situation at all times!” Following her commands, 6 Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes quickly sped out in a flash, speedily chasing after the group.

Suo Jia turned around and frowned at the corpses that filled the hall. He then used a seal of command to order a large group of slave soldiers to enter. Soon, they cleaned up all of the corpses in the room. They didn’t stop until they had washed the floor so many times that the room no longer smelled the slightest bit like blood.

Finally, the hall recovered to its original state. It was both luxurious and clean. Suo Jia comfortably sat down in a large chair, and inwardly appreciated the fatty’s tastes in enjoyment. This was the first time Suo Jia had ever sat in such a comfortable seat.

Just then, news from outside came in. The fatty’s home had been intercepted at the city entrance, the perpetrators being slave soldiers. Fortunately, with the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes’ help, the group had smoothly left the city.

Suo Jia nodded his head in understanding and finally relaxed. Since they had already left the city, anything that happened to them from now on would have no relation to Suo Jia. After thinking about it for a bit, Suo Jia ordered for that group of 6 Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes to immediately return. At the same time, Suo Jia would tightly shut the city gates, not allowing anyone to enter or exit!

Suo Jia’s orders were currently higher than everything else. In such a remote location, any central powers couldn’t possibly reach it. Even the Emperor’s orders wouldn’t be as powerful here. At the very least, this was absolutely true to the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes. And all of Dawn City was within their jurisdiction.

As expected, the fatty didn’t pull any tricks. He had pretty much handed over all his assets and resources. During the next two days, Suo Jia sat in the large office and flipped through, organized, digested, and absorbed everything about Dawn City without stopping.

Dawn City had 100,000 slave soldiers, 10,000 people in the regular army, 50,000 sets of weapons and armor, and 100,000 sets of army provisions…there were other resources as well, but they were insignificant in Suo Jia’s eyes. The remaining things were mainly run-down houses and such, things that didn’t fall into Suo Jia’s concern.

As he was engrossed in quickly organizing everything, an Angelic Six-Winged Phoenix suddenly knocked on the door. With Suo Jia’s prompt, she quickly walked in and loudly announced, “Young Master Suo Jia, the fatty and his family have returned.”

“What? The fatty returned? Which fatty?” Suo Jia asked in doubt, still muddle-headed from looking through the documents.

The Angelic Six-Winged Phoenix smiled at Suo Jia’s bewildered expression and said, “What other fatty is there aside from the fatty that was chased out from Dawn City by you just 2 days ago?”

“Oh!” Nodding in understanding, Suo Jia firmly said, “Didn’t I tell them to leave immediately? Why did they come back? Go tell them that I’ve already sealed off the city so that nobody can enter or exit.”

Hearing Suo Jia’s words, the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenix bitterly smiled and said, “I’ve already said that. However, that girl keeps using her status as your schoolmate to request meeting you. She said she has something to tell you.”

“That…” After some hesitation, Suo Jia helplessly stood up and said, “Alright. In that case, I’ll go meet her.” Suo Jia stood up and headed out the door.

Soon, Suo Jia and the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenix arrived outside the city gates. When they looked out, they saw that the number of people had gone down to only a bit over 50. All of them were covered in dust, beyond exhausted, and covered in injuries.

What especially caught Suo Jia’s attention was that Naifa Lian’s expression was abnormally haggard. Her body was also covered with blood. It was clear to see that during the last two days, they had been attacked. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be in such a state.

The yellow robed girl outside the city said in a clear voice, “Please, Student Suo Jia, open the city gates and let us in. They are just about to catch up to us.”

“They?” Suo Jia couldn’t help but furrow his brows in suspicion at Naifa Lian’s words and asked in confusion, “Who’s chasing you guys? Exactly what is going on?”

Hearing Suo Jia’s words, Naifa Lian anxiously turned around and glanced at the path they had come along, then urgently said, “It’s a thief corps. We’re being tracked by them now, and we can’t get far enough from them. Please, I beg of you to open the city gates and let us in!”

Suo Jia gave a troubled frown and shook his head, “No, that won’t do. This place is a fort city, as well as my home. I can’t let a group of people that are hostile towards me in like that. You should also know that your father still has a large amount of influence on the soldiers here. I don’t want to risk it; I hope you understand.”

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  1. sorenknight says:

    Thank you and happy New Years. I agree with his decision, I wouldn’t let a potential enemy in the making anywhere near my army or family. Then again, if they offer something in return for example any hidden treasure they hid or perhaps there daughter as a slave, then we will talk.

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  2. lep says:

    I smell some easy money to be made here, let the word spread about their leaving, follow and kill those that try to kill them, estimate 10+ groups


  3. (lol) says:

    And? what happens to kaos? i hope he is killed and he will doing something about the marquis if not it’s just stupid : kaos want take revenge or will use his power to forcely take the girl etc..


  4. gustimus says:

    Curses! what a cursed bastard. A pompous retard! the author thinks that he can write whatever the heck he wants. but what is this ?!? every single person related to the damn fatty shouldve died. the girl should be slaved and sold. maybe even tortured first. (-_-) author sold himself for more readers by taking the “I won’t take more lives than ‘necessary'” …. their heads on stakes is clearly necessary in this case. I’m so angered. WHAT happened to getting even?! fat bastard wouldn’t mind if sup jia and thousands others died, watching his family die would be just and fair. this isint even tooth for tooth, blood for blood, this damn clan being eradicated would be proper punishment for contempt of the law and disregard for life. the grand empress would’ve killed them ,so dont tell me “oh , feel some sympathy for them , this is the world they live in”. I want a good reason why suojia shouldn’t lay waste to them and be rid of the headaches and risk of retaliation without further ado. kill kios, kill his marquis……. ok I realize I’m mad and salty…. I needed to post this.


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