CCM 197

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Translated by: Taffy

Edited by: Comfortabull, Hakubruh

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Chapter 197 – Finally His Pt. 1

After pondering for a bit, Suo Jia said in a heavy voice, “Money is something that everyone desires. But one must exchange for it with their own labor. People like you are just like bloodsuckers. No matter what, I won’t let you drain those soldiers of their blood and sweat. Leave here right now!”

Naifa Lian suddenly raised her head, her eyes shining brightly as she said, “So you’re saying that the money would be more fitting in your hands? What’s the difference between us possessing it and you possessing it?”

“Che…” Snorting in disdain, Suo Jia waved his left hand. Instantly….two cards glowing with a bright, purple light appeared in his hand. He gazed at the two people in contempt and firmly said, “Do you think that I’d care for such a small amount of money?”

“What!”The fatty and Naifa Lian simultaneously cried out in shock. There were only a total of 100 Amethyst Cards in the world. That Amethyst Card was equivalent to 100 billion gold!

Suo Jia felt satisfaction from seeing the people’s shocked expressions. As if performing a trick, he pulled out 4-5 of the same card from his interspatial ring until he could no longer hold them all in one hand, before finally stopping.

Seeing the large pile of cards in Suo Jia’s hand, everyone present could tell that this wasn’t everything Suo Jia had. He definitely had many other cards in his interspatial ring. In other words, Suo Jia’s total assets probably surpassed 500 billion!

Suo Jia looked at the fatty and Naifa Lian in disdain as he said, “I won’t pocket a single cent of your money into my own wallet; that’s too disgraceful. I’d rather steal than become a leecher like you. I want to spend all the money on the soldiers, as well as the fort. In addition, I also plan to invest a lot of my own money into this place. There’s no need for you guys to try to contest against me in this respect.”

The two people’s expressions drastically changed, and they didn’t utter a single word. Suo Jia had already proven that he wasn’t lacking in money. The reason he wanted to strip every cent of their money from them was just because Suo Jia refused to see the two people run off with the money from the soldiers’ blood and sweat!

Naifa Lian sincerely said, “Alright. No matter what, I have to admit that you’re standing on the side of justice. We can give up all our assets. However…we hope that you keep your word and let all of our people go!”

“No problem!” With a firm nod, Suo Jia confidently said, “Although I have no qualms about killing, I won’t kill for no reason. As long as you hand over all your assets, I’ll just let you guys go once!”

Naifa Lian nodded in satisfaction, “Alright, Father, hand over all your assets now. These things originally shouldn’t have been ours.”

“No!” The fatty exclaimed in dismay, “That’s not possible. I can’t hand everything over! Once I lose all my money, how will I support such a large family? Without money, how do I employ bodyguards? You don’t know this, but I have too many enemies. Once I lose power, I’ll meet a tragic end.”

“Pfft…” With a sneer, Suo Jia said in contempt, “If you knew this would happen, why did you do what you did previously? If you weren’t overly greedy to the point of stealing from your own countrymen, would you have fallen to today’s state?”

Suo Jia swept a glance across the fatty and said, “You don’t have a choice right now. You have no qualifications to take away the wealth earned from the soldiers’ blood and sweat. Even if I took pity on you, I’d have no way of helping you. Doing it yourself will be more effective than just asking me for help!”

He then turned around to say to the group of family members, “And you guys, take off all the precious jewels on your persons. I can only let your lives go; don’t even dream of running off with a single cent!”

Suo Jia turned back around to look at Naifa Lian, “And you, you have to leave behind your magic equipment and treasures as well. Since we’re schoolmates, I won’t ask you for usage fees. Otherwise, the rental fees alone would be an amount that you couldn’t possibly afford. Even selling you wouldn’t cover the slightest piece of the amount.”

Duo Mei bitterly smiled as she walked up to Suo Jia and said, “Please, Young Master. She’s a girl, moreover, a beauty at that. How can you be so merciless? At least leave her some face.”

Suo Jia pouted and replied, “What does her being a girl or a beauty have to do with me? In my opinion, she’s just a person that’s no different from anyone else. I really cannot figure out why I should treat her differently.”

Duo Mei was both pleasantly surprised and pained by these words. That little guy clearly wasn’t affected by a beauty’s charms; his whole heart was still dedicated to Duo Mei. However…as a gentleman, how could he act so harshly to a girl?

Naifa Lian shrugged her shoulders and said, “Even if you say that, I wouldn’t continue wearing this magic equipment covered with soldiers’ blood and sweat anyways. If it’s not supposed to be mine, I definitely won’t cherish it!” Naifa Lian stretched out her hands, throwing her staff onto the table. She then took off her earrings, necklace, and ring, and shrugged off her yellow robe as well. She loftily stood there in light yellow clothes.

Suo Jia looked at Naifa Lian in appreciation. What he admired about her was her character and nature, not her appearance. At least, that’s how Suo Jia currently felt.

Suo Jia turned around to the fatty and said, “Alright, it’s your turn. Hand over all your other assets and treasures, and you can all leave!”

The fatty scowled. He knew that he currently had no other options; if he didn’t hand everything over, today would be his end. He wouldn’t have to wait for his enemies to find him; Suo Jia would take his life before that.

The fatty raised his right foot and opened a secret compartment on the bottom of his shoe. He took out a piece of sheepskin and reluctantly handed it to Suo Jia, “This is a hidden treasure map that has marks where all the treasures were buried, as well as my other estates in various cities.”

After storing the hidden treasure map inside his ring, Suo Jia waved his hand and said, “Alright, since you’ve handed over everything, I won’t trouble you guys any longer. You guys are all free to leave this place at any time.”

The fatty opened his mouth, but no words came out. He just dumbly returned to his seat with a lifeless expression…when Naifa Lian saw her father’s expression, she began to tear up. How could her grand, unyielding father fall to this point!

Seeing the fatty unwilling to leave, Suo Jia couldn’t help but knit his brows as he declared, “Ok, I’ve already said that you guys can leave. Unless…you demand that I personally escort you?”

“Haha…” With a laugh, the fatty bitterly said, “Viscount Suo Jia, where am I supposed to go? The world is so large, but there is no longer a place for me to be. You might as well just kill me now. I have no other request aside from asking you to help me look after my family.”

The fatty turned around and looked towards Naifa Lian in despair, “An An, Father won’t be able to care for you from now on. Fortunately, you’ve already graduated; you can take care of yourself now. Father also doesn’t have any regrets.”

“Father…” Hearing the fatty’s words, the proud and aloof Naifa Lian was finally unable to bear it any longer, and cried out in grief. She knew that after losing his power and all of his assets today, her father was already about to reach the end of the road.

The fatty closed his eyes in agony as he said in a shaking voice, “Viscount Suo Jia, although I’ve committed a lot of wrongs…on account of my services of protecting the Empire for so long, please help me take care of my family!” The fatty suddenly raised his hand, lifting a glinting dagger high up in the air before thrusting it down towards his chest.

“Master…Father!” Seeing this scene, all the family members, as well as Naifa Lian, all simultaneously wailed out. However, nobody tried to stop him. Everyone knew that the fatty had already made his decision. Although they were all grieved at his choice, they didn’t try to stop him because…although they fatty was quite bad of a person, he was still the family’s lord after all!

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