Cheating Craft 8

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Translated by: Taffy

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Quiz 8: Displacement Trick

Half of the examination time had passed already. The temperature in the room seemed to have risen slightly. In this exam site, there was yet a student that had handed in their exam early and left.

The middle-aged teacher handing the draft paper over stood there in front of the girl’s seat. After a long while, he slowly turned around.

Let me see just how determined you are. The girl sneered. She was pulling some trick on the teacher!

The male teacher’s eyes seemed to glaze over, as if he had received some type of suggestion. He then swayed a bit and circled the classroom to patrol, finally stopping behind Huang Qiao Yi with an unstable lilt.

Everyone else was still diligently writing their answers; nobody had discovered the teacher’s abnormal behavior!

Mild Hypnotic Suggestion──this was the technique that people in their teens had extreme difficulty mastering!

It’s a pity that I’m still not completely proficient… The girl’s ability of suggestion was only to this extent. However, to a C-type student like that, this was enough at the moment.

Huang Qiao Yi was still writing her own answers, knowing that the big guy behind her could clearly see them. However, she suddenly felt another gaze on her from behind.

She slightly turned around, and saw that the proctor was currently standing right behind her!

The male teacher was looking at Huang Qiao Yi with his head lowered, staring at her with an especially strange, dazed look.

What, what is he looking at… Huang Qiao Yi was slightly anxious.

She thought: Is he looking at my exam…? Is there something wrong with it…? Or did he discover our cheating plans?

Just him standing behind her made Huang Qiao Yi feel severely burdened. However, it wasn’t just this.

Teacher’s gaze seems a bit strange… Huang Qiao Yi noticed. She slightly raised her head. That expression…

It’s like a pervert’s!! Huang Qiao Yi’s face flushed. He’s looking down from up there…

She knew that the collar of her clothes was quite loose. As long as one was at an appropriate angle from above, it was easy to see inside…

The other proctor sat at the front desk. When he saw this scene, he thought: He’s proctoring right now, why is he acting so lecherous…

What do I do…what do I do… Huang Qiao Yi tightly shut her eyes, and she began to sweat. Her thoughts were in completely disarray, and she was unable to continue writing.

As Meng Ming was copying the big guy’s test, he suddenly noticed the situation.

He was completely shocked; never had he imagined that China would have a teacher like this! But an examination site and a casino were different; he couldn’t just randomly yell out. In addition, if he stirred up trouble with the proctor like this, it’d be really easy for his cheating to be discovered.

This troublesome teacher… Seeing how the man was a proctor, and yet was running amok at the examination site, Meng Ming began to feel angry.──I have to tease him a bit.

Meng Ming held up a sheet of draft paper, flipping it back and forth. It was about A4 size.

Ok, I’ll use Zhuge Style Cheating Technique’s secretly transmitted folding method… This was the “Zhuge Style Cheating Technique──Drawing Blade Splitting Water”. It was a skill he could use to transform a single sheet of paper into countless pieces!

The teacher standing there was blocked by the big guy, so the other proctor at the front desk couldn’t really see Meng Ming’s seat. Meng Ming could do many things behind his back.

He used exquisite skill to split the paper into tons of strips, and then combined them together and stretched it out so that the originally A4 sized paper transformed into an extremely long shape. Its length was now around 2.5 meters long!

Just like this, I’ll use the paper to tickle the back of his neck….if he turns the slightest bit around, I’ll immediately untie the paper so that he won’t find out I was the one who did it. That way, he won’t be shameless enough to continue standing there and do weird things.

Thus, Meng Ming used three fingers to pinch the end of the paper, and let the head of it furtively reach out towards the back of the proctor’s neck.

Most of the students were immersed in writing, so nobody noticed that a long piece of paper had appeared behind the teacher. Only the girl that had used mild hypnosis on him had discovered Meng Ming’s actions. She inwardly thought to herself: That’s no use. How could people that have fallen under my suggestion possibly wake up that easily? My technique isn’t that weak.

Meng Ming tickled and tickled the proctor’s neck, then tickled some more. His fingers had already started to move as fast as a machine. However, the teacher still didn’t move at all!

What the, could it be that this teacher doesn’t have any nerves in his neck? The teacher hadn’t felt it at all, which was completely beyond Meng Ming’s expectations! He’s already stood there for nearly 5 minutes, what exactly is he doing…

5 minutes later, there was still no movement. A live person acting like this was really abnormal. The more Meng Ming thought about the situation, the more fishy it seemed.

Beads of sweat?!

He saw that there were beads of sweat dripping from the back of the teacher’s neck. It was so hot, how could he not get tired standing still the whole time? In addition, considering how he was being disturbed by Meng Ming, he would normally have some sort of reaction.


He, really fell asleep…

When Meng Ming discovered that the teacher had actually fallen asleep, his own forehead began to break out in sweat.

Hah… The girl in the back row was secretly delighted. Now let’s see what you do.

Fine then. Since you’re asleep, then I’ll just wake you up.

Meng Ming retracted the piece of paper, then pinched the end of it to bend it into the shape of a hook. Meng Ming then repeated his previous actions. Using three fingers to control the tail of the paper, he stretched the hooked part to the back of the teacher’s neck. Finally, he used the hook to attach it to the back of the teacher’s collar!

The next step, Igniting Flames.

Meng Ming picked up his pencil and re-used his friction flame-inducing technique. He utilized the table to once again light the pencil, then brought the burning flames to the paper’s tail. When the two came in contact, the paper began to burn!

The flames spread quickly. Soon after, the paper had been burned all the way up to the teacher’s collar! His clothes were set on fire, and even the hair on his neck couldn’t escape.

“Wa!” He shouted loudly as he was shocked awake. The entire exam site was stunned. All they saw was the teacher wildly patting down his back; it looked like his burns weren’t light.

Was his immoral behavior burned…

In the end, lechers never end well.

Many of the examinees began to inwardly mock him. Meng Ming acted as if the matter was of no concern to him, and continued to copy the answers in front of him. Only this teacher was extremely puzzled: Why did I fall asleep?…

Time was almost up. It was unknown what else had occurred in the exam site, but the calamity seemed to have passed. Majority of the examinees were reaching the end of the questions.

Huang Qiao Yi had already finished answering all the questions. The two behind her also finished copying without a hitch. With these kinds of proctors, copying all of the questions was really too easy.

Haha, it seems like everything has gone according to plan… The big guy smirked. He was thinking about the boy behind him. As expected, he fell into my trap.

Huang Qiao Yi’s grades were extremely good, so Meng Ming thought that he’d be able to smoothly enter the school as well. He hadn’t guarded against the big guy in front of him at all!

If I just tell him that he matched the wrong answers himself, I can escape the blame. The big guy thought to himself.

As expected, the big guy had pulled a trick with his own exam paper!

There were still 30 seconds left before the exam submission.

The teacher reminded the students by announcing that the exam would soon end! The big guy was immeasurably satisfied with himself. He shifted his body, and purposely let Meng Ming behind him glance at his scantron.

Meng Ming saw it.

Hm? Weird, why are the answers on his scantron different from those on his exam paper? Meng Ming alertly straightened his body.

Haha, discovering now is already too late.

Meng Ming realized that all the answers filled in the big guy’s scantron were off by one space from the ones on his exam paper! The answer to #2 originally marked on the exam paper was filled in as the answer to #1 on the scantron; the answer to #3 on the exam paper was filled in as the answer to #2 on the scantron….!

──Displacement trick?!

These words suddenly flashed in Meng Ming’s mind. This was a ploy used to trick dealers in casinos! After the dealer finished shuffling cards, the arrangement of the cards would definitely be manipulated by the dealer so that the cards would be arranged in a specific order. But as long as someone managed to insert or remove one of the cards, it would be enough to mess up the entire sequence! This was the displacement trick.

The big guy had used this scheme during the exam. He had randomly circled an answer for #1 on the exam paper, then made it so that all the other answers were wrong! But when the big guy had filled in his own scantron, he had shifted the questions back to their correct places. That way, only the big guy’s scantron would be correct….

But Meng Ming’s answers would pretty much be completely wrong!

There were less than 30 seconds remaining. There was no way Meng Ming would be able to refill in the correct answers for all 80 questions!

Damn, I was duped! Meng Ming discovered too late!

And I’d thought that he sincerely wanted to cooperate. That despicable bastard… Meng Ming gathered his concentration to think harder. His scantron urgently needed to be fixed!

Seconds ticked by. If he failed this exam, he wouldn’t be able to enter school! He definitely couldn’t lose to this petty trick! Zhuge Style Cheating Technique, concentrate, concentrate harder…no matter how desperate the situation is, there will always be a chance to reverse the tables!

In that instant, Meng Ming’s mind came up with many methods to break through the displacement trick.

Finally, he lifted up his eraser, and quickly began to correct his answers!

The big guy lightly flicked his own exam paper and thought to himself: Haha, in such short amount of time, he can at most change a couple questions. Compared to my near 100% scantron, he’s absolutely no threat.

Time was up, and all the examinees stopped writing.

The big guy’s thick lips tilted up into a smile as he told himself that he’d definitely be able to enter the school without a problem. In addition, this was his first time successfully harming another person. Zhuge Meng Ming let out a breath, and remained silent…

The entrance exam had finished. The two proctors began to walk down the rows and collect the scantrons one by one.

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