Cheating Craft 11 (1/2)

Translated by: Taffy

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Quiz 11: I Want To Copy Homework (1/2)

Night at Lin Xian always gave people an incomparable feeling of comfort.

After the two people returned home from school on the first day, they put down their bags and let out a long sigh.

This was Meng Ming’s first time attending school, and it felt new to him. Huang Qiao Yi asked him about his thoughts and he said, “It’s not exactly interesting, but I feel like attending class is fascinating. Nobody talks during class, and it isn’t lively at all. Only the teacher lectures, while the students all seem to be diligently recording something.”

“Those are class notes.” Huang Qiao Yi said. Writing down what the teacher says was a habit that all Chinese students had. “Since Brother Meng Ming doesn’t understand the material, don’t you find it boring?”

Because Meng Ming didn’t know any basics, he didn’t understand what the teacher said or wrote. He could only reply, “It’s no big deal if it’s boring. Little Qiao, we managed to get to know classmates on the first day.”

That, that’s just two people… Huang Qiao Yi was slightly bewildered. How had they managed to encounter such strange students in their class? What’s stranger was that Meng Ming could accept their weirdness! She changed the subject, “It’s quite hard on Brother Meng Ming, since everyone has mistaken you for an L-type.”

Meng Ming helplessly flipped open his backpack and took out some textbooks that he didn’t understand at all and said, “I don’t know anything, so my cover will be blown in front of everyone sooner or later…”

Either way, it wasn’t that big of a deal if people did find out. As long as he did well on tests, it’d be fine.

These past few days, new challenges had continued to pop up one after another, so Meng Ming had long since pushed the Philippines matter to a side.

Actually, Meng Ming believed that his family had the ability to resolve the issue. He had gradually thought it throughwhat he had to do was properly carry out his own matters and watch over himself. Worrying about the matters outside China would be meaningless.

After enjoying the night view of the street from the window for a moment, Meng Ming lowered his head again and picked up a blank homework book from his backpack. These had been distributed earlier.

“These are…?”

Huang Qiao Yi looked at it and said, “Homework books, used to write your homework in.”

“Oh right.” Meng Ming remembered that Huang Qiao Yi had told him before, “Write the homework and then hand the answers to the teacher tomorrow morning, right?”

“That’s right. Today’s homework in total is just these few…” Huang Qiao Yi said as she flipped open the textbook and pointed at the material that the teacher had assigned.

Meng Ming glanced at it. “Wa! Why is there so much!”

Huang Qiao Yi said that it was already quite little. “School just started today, so we haven’t had many classes and the homework is just this bit. Later on, the homework load will continue to increase. When I was a third year in junior high, my homework was two, three times more than today’s amount.”

“Then, this homework…” Meng Ming flipped through the book and began to get a headache.

As expected, completing the homework was another problem that Meng Ming had to face.

“Don’t worry, I knew this would happen ages ago.” Huang Qiao Yi tossed the textbook and homework book on the table, then picked up a pencil and sat properly. “After I finish writing it, Brother Meng Ming can copy mine.”

Meng Ming suddenly realized: since the teacher couldn’t see it anyways, he could naturally copy the homework directly! He hurriedly asked, “Little Qiao, when will the homework be finished?”

“I’m pretty fast. Seven homeworks…will take two hours.” Huang Qiao Yi said confidently. “I’ll write one, then you copy it as I write the next.”

The second morning, Meng Ming sat in the back row and watched as all the students’ homeworks were collected by their respective representatives and handed to each teacher.

This was the first time Meng Ming had ever witnessed the scene of submitting homework, and he was completely astonished. He watched Lin Jing Xuan sitting in the front, and Shi Yun on the right, all hand in their homework. Huang Qiao Yi had told him that if they didn’t complete homework, they’d normally be punished with even more. This immediately made Meng Ming think of the class teacher’s mottothey must be punished!

He bitterly laughed, and was inwardly glad that he had finished it.

In short, Meng Ming and Huang Qiao Yi easily handed in their respective homeworks….


“Ahahahaha! The one I want is that one!” Before school had let out, a male voice could be heard in a room near Lin Xian Central High. “Boss Ma Que gave me my victory again!”

“Damn you…” The person called Boss Ma Que tightly gripped a mahjong tile in his hand, and he slammed the table. With a fierce-looking face, he roared, “Let’s go again!”

Hualala the tiles formed long walls once more. But unfortunately for him, during the fifth round, Boss Ma Que handed over the tile needed for victory once more.

“I’mnotplayinganymore!” He flipped the tidy tiles on the table, and angrily stood up, overturning the chair along the way as well. He yanked the door open and walked out, alarming the four at the neighboring table. Brother Ma Que’s wasn’t the same size as an average person, and it looked like he was extremely strong. Based on the shocked expressions of the other people playing there, it was clear that they were quite afraid of him.

After this uproar passed, the surrounding people erupted in discussion

“Three Missing One Quartet* is always causing trouble….”

“Ai, that Boss Ma Que’s temper is really bad…”

Three Missing One Quartet referred to the name of the group that Boss Ma Que was part of. They didn’t seem very old, and they wore Lin Xian Central High’s uniform. However, they had quite a bit of influential power. Any residents that played mahjong against them would end up trembling in fear.

Another day of classes passed. After Lin Xian Central High let out, there were still a few teachers that remained in the teacher’s offices. Two of them were currently going through the students’ homework.

One of them was a new second year teacher that had just come this semester. He was currently bewildered over the four homework books in his hand.

How were these four homework books all excessively wrong; moreover, all identically wrong?!

He asked some students to call over these four second years.


Not long after, four male students wearing messy uniforms strutted down the corridor and entered the office. They were clearly from the same group, and their postures when entering made the teacher jump in surprise.

The second year teacher looked at the homework books in his hand, then looked back at them. The crooked writing on these four homework books really seemed to be their style.

Without waiting for the teacher to speak, the leading student loudly spoke first

“Teacher, if you have something to say, hurry up and say it! The mahjong session over there is still going on!”

“That’s right, our boss lost quite badly today.”

Mahjong session? The teacher stared blankly for a while before asking, “You fellows are…?”

“Oh you’re new, and don’t recognize us?” The leader picked his nose and posed in horse stance as he said, “Well, it’s not surprising, there have only been two days of classes. Brothers, let’s introduce ourselves!”

The other three behind him came over and posed beautifully as they recited:

“We are the embodiment of Mahjong!”

“I’m Ma Que**!” Boss Ma Que did some footwork, and seemingly danced as he pointed to himself.

“I’m Huang Que!” Huang Que followed Ma Que’s actions.

“Bai Que!”

“Jinsi Que!”

“We are the fearless C-type students! We are the righteous Three Missing One Quartet that will definitely get into a top college together! We’ve never once lost in mahjong!” This was their team script.

Their final poses made all of the teachers in the office fall silent. It was impossible to tell whether they had been frightened, or if they had been so annoyed that they became dumb.

The four of them thought to themselves: Hehe, scared, aren’t you. We’re really too awesome.

The four second years were the Three Missing One Quartet had skipped class to play mahjong. Reportedly, they were bad C-types, and yet still declared that they’d get into a top college. Thus,  the teachers couldn’t be bothered to do anything with them. However, based on what they said, about mahjong and C-typescould it be that they relied on mahjong techniques to cheat?

Amidst the silence, the sound of footsteps could be heard coming from outside the door. It was Zhuge Meng Ming and Huang Qiao Yi. The two of them had entered the office together, and just happened to witness the scene.

Such ugly poses.

Never lost, does that mean they also cheat? Meng Ming thought to himself.

Three Missing One? They clearly have 4 people… [Huang Qiao Yi]

TL Notes:

*The name ‘Three Missing One Quartet’ implies a quartet (4 people), but they only have 3 people, thus they are ‘missing 1’. However, this in itself is a joke, because as Huang Qiao Yi points out at the end, “they clearly have 4 people”. The origin of the name isn’t ever explained, but it’s highly likely that they’re just idiots.

**Ma Que is another way of saying Mahjong (in various dialects). In other words, it’s a punny name they came up with themselves since they claim they’re the “embodiment of mahjong”, and he’s the boss. Incidentally, Ma Que means ‘sparrow’, where ‘que’ normally refers to some type of bird. Thus, the other guys have colors in their names to indicate what type of ‘bird’ they are. Huang = Yellow, Bai = White, and Jinsi = Golden Thread.

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