Cheating Craft 11 (2/2)

With this, I’ve finally caught up to the manhua translations! :)

Translated by: Taffy

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Quiz 11: I Want To Copy Homework (2/2)

“Zhuge Meng Ming, Huang Qiao Yi!” A first year physics teacher that had also stayed behind in the office called their names.

When the two heard this, they immediately switched their gazes over from the Three Missing One Quartet.

For some unknown reason, the physics teacher had called Meng Ming and Huang Qiao Yi to the office just now. He was currently sitting there with a stern expression. Meng Ming and Huang Qiao Yi stood next to his table, unable to figure out what was going on.

The physics teacher threw two homework books on the table and said, “You two…why are your homeworks completely identical?!”

Their homeworks also had problems?!

Ah! Only then did Huang Qiao Yi suddenly realize that she had forgotten to remind Meng Ming to not copy the homework exactly!

Oh no…

“Completely identical?” Meng Ming asked.

“Yes, completely identical!”

Meng Ming thought about it for a bit and asked, “But, is there something wrong with the homeworks being completely identical?”

The physics teacher immediately choked.

Brother Meng Ming! Huang Qiao Yi wanted to stop him.

The physics teacher said, “Completely identical means there’s definitely something wrong! It’s clear that copying was involved!”

“But,” Meng Ming said confidently. “Are any of the answers in our homeworks wrong?”

“Wu…!” The physics teacher choked again.

That’s right! Huang Qiao Yi suddenly realized. As long as all my answers are right, the homeworks being completely identical is something extremely normal! Brother Meng Ming is so smart!

The physics teacher flipped through their homework books and rubbed his head, “That….well, they’re both correct, not a single answer is wrong.”

Hehe. Meng Ming had gotten away with it. He said, “Then if there’s nothing wrong, we’ll be leaving first…” Just as Meng Ming and Huang Qiao Yi were going to slip away, the teacher cried out, “Wait!”

Just then, the physics teacher had recalled what was wrong with their homework books. He slammed his hands on the table and pointed at the contradiction in the homework books for Meng Ming and Huang Qiao Yi to see, “Look closely. The problem lies not in your answers, but your answering processes!”


The two gathered around the homework books to look closer.

The physics teacher said, “Yes, the answers being all right isn’t a problem. But the processes you two used…are exactly identical!”

The two homework books weren’t just the same in terms of answers. Every page, every row, every word, the words’ positions, and the even the space between the words were practically the same!

“Do you still dare to claim you didn’t copy?!”

Ahhhhh! Meng Ming suddenly realized. Indeed, he hadn’t thought about it last night, and had just directly copied all of the answers, the format, and the details; he had pretty much copied it all without any deviation!

“Brother Meng Ming!” Huang Qiao Yi whispered. “How could you copy it so closely!”

“How was I supposed to know! I thought all the formats in the homework book were set.”

Huang Qiao Yi shook him, “You can’t, at least make sure there are some differences! If I make a mistake, what will happen? If I write a single word wrong, what will happen?”

“I, I copied it like that so there wouldn’t be a mistake…” [Meng Ming]

Meng Ming didn’t understand the concepts in the homework at all, and thought that just copying it all would be enough.

“Hurry up and tell me!” The physics teacher fiercely asked, “Between the two of you, who copied who?!”

The two fell silent.

“The copying situation is already very clear. Hurry up and confess!”

The office door was pushed open once more, and a girl with long hair stood there. Her face was flushed, and she was hugging books in her arms as she quietly walked inside.


“Be quiet!” The physics teacher was furious as he chided, “Can’t you see I’m scolding others right now? Hurry up and confess you two, your homeworks…”

The girl that had walked in was shocked.

When she looked closely, she realized that the two standing in front of the physics teacher…were her classmates? She thought to herself: It’s Zhuge Meng Ming and…Huang Qiao Yi. They, copied homework?

The physics teacher suddenly realized he had lost control and quickly turned to face the girl that had just walked in, “Ah, sorry.” He then hurriedly stood up, and told Huang Qiao Yi and Meng Ming to wait a moment.

The teacher amiably smiled as he walked up to the girl and said, “It’s Student Bai Jiu. What, school has already ended, do you still have some questions to ask me?”

The girl glanced at the other two, then lowered her head to open her book and began to earnestly ask questions about the class. This made the teacher completely ignore Meng Ming and Huang Qiao Yi.

“Little Qiao, should we seize this opportunity to sneak away?” [Meng Ming]

“No, they’ll still find us tomorrow. We can’t run from the school.” [Huang Qiao Yi]

“Then when will he finish explaining?”

“It depends on how many questions that classmate asks and how hard they are.”

Meng Ming glanced at the girl asking questions. Her figure was slim, her skin white and tender, her brows elegant, and her eyes were large and deep. She was currently talking to the teacher about the material she didn’t understand while lightly balancing the book and leisurely flipping through the pages. Her long hair made her seem particularly elegant, even when she was simply flipping through a book. And that clear speaking voice of hers was pleasant to listen to. Although it wasn’t resonant, it still left a deep impression on others.

Judging from her manner, she was an extremely introverted student. He remembered that on the first day of class, she had been the one that had sat in the very front.

“Brother Meng Ming, she seems to be called Bai Jiu? She’s in our class.” Huang Qiao Yi whispered. “The entrance exam list also had her name.”

Meng Ming didn’t reply.

“Brother Meng Ming?” Huang Qiao Yi turned to look at him.

She saw that Meng Ming was currently looking at the girl, seemingly in a daze, to the point where it felt like he wasn’t even breathing.

Huang Qiao Yi hurriedly nudged him.

“Ah?!” Meng Ming returned to his senses.

“Brother Meng Ming, now isn’t the time to be looking at pretty girls!” Huang Qiao Yi said. “Hurry up and say, what are we going to do later?”

“What to do…” Meng Ming was still immersed in the charm of watching Bai Jiu flipping through the book, and momentarily hadn’t come out of his stupor yet, “I can just deny it.”

“Brother Meng Ming deny it?” Huang Qiao Yi said. “Then, does that mean I have to say that I copied it?”

Making Huang Qiao Yi confess wasn’t possible. She was originally an L-type.

“Brother Meng Ming, just confess….” Huang Qiao Yi said. “Even if you’re punished, it will at most be something like copying the textbook.”


“For the moment, we’ll stop there!” The physics teacher more or less finished explaining to Bai Jiu. “Bai Jiu, for the remaining questions, go to the library first and wait for me there. I’ll go over and continue explaining to you soon.”

Because the physics teacher still had the problem of Meng Ming and Huang Qiao Yi to deal with, Bai Jiu nodded. She closed her book, and looked over at the two of them.

Her expression seemed to have a hint of disdain. Just that hint made Meng Ming suddenly feel pained.

“Bai Jiu?” Seeing how she hadn’t left yet, the teacher asked her strangely, “Are you also interested in students that copy homework?”

Bai Jiu started and said hesitantly, “No…that’s not it…” She looked at everyone’s expressions and said as if she were afraid to say the wrong words, “I hate students that copy homework the most…”

These words viciously struck Meng Ming’s heart.

Seeing the few people cast stunned looks at her, she felt as if she hadn’t said it clearly. Thus, she flushed under everyone’s gazes and continued, “…Ah, students that cheat on exams are the worst….”

Bai Jiu hugged her book and turned around to walk towards the library.

Meng Ming stood there in the office, his heart in extreme agony.

“Brother Meng Ming, what’s wrong with you…” Huang Qiao Yi saw that Meng Ming looked as if he had suffered from endless attacks.

“She, she must think I’m a C-type…she hates C-types, doesn’t she?!” Meng Ming held back tears as he whispered to Huang Qiao Yi.

“Probably not yet. She doesn’t know who copied who.”

Only then did Meng Ming realize the Bai Jiu’s contempt was probably just a suspicion!

The physics teacher continued to yell, “You two, have you still not decided? ——Answer me, exactly who copied who?!”

Huang Qiao Yi secretly shouted at Meng Ming, “Brother Meng Ming, hurry up and confess.”

“No, no way!” Meng Ming said. “If I confess, won’t the whole school know I’m a C-type?! Then, that way, won’t Bai Jiu also know?”

“So what?”

“She just said! She hates cheating students the most!”

Hearing this, Huang Qiao Yi’s jaw dropped. She stood there blankly, thinking about who knew what, and didn’t speak for a long time.

The physics teacher was losing patience, and he sat down and said, “You still won’t confess? Then I’ll just count both of as having copied.”

“What do we do, Brother Meng Ming….”

“This is, the only way…!” In the moment of desperation, Meng Ming calmed down and thought of a method.

He straightened his body and stood in front of the physics teacher’s office desk, “Teacher, neither of us…” He also slammed both hands on the desk, “Copied!”

When the teacher heard this, his mouth opened and uttered a few ‘ah’ sounds.

“If you don’t believe me, we’ll write them once more for you!” Meng Ming said to him, “We’ll write them right under your eyes!”

“Hey….” Huang Qiao Yi hurriedly said in a soft voice, “Brother Meng Ming, you aren’t serious, right? Rewriting it, can you even do that?”

Meng Ming’s expression was resolute. He definitely wasn’t joking!

“Eh, eh…” The teacher was frightened by Meng Ming’s imposing manner.

“Brother Meng Ming!” Huang Qiao Yi hurriedly pulled Meng Ming back and softly said, “In doing so, you can’t actually be…trying to hide from everyone that you’re a C-type?”

“That’s right. Otherwise I’ll be hated!”

“Brother Meng Ming wants to pretend to be an L-type? If you are caught cheating, wouldn’t it all be revealed…”

“Then,” Meng Ming confidently told her, “As long as I’m not discovered, it’ll be fine!”

In front of a beauty, a hero’s spirit will instantly fire up. This time, Meng Ming was extremely determined!

“Teacher! We request for you to let us rewrite them!” Meng Ming said loudly. “Before, it was just a coincidence. If we can both solve the questions once more with different methods, then you must admit that we didn’t copy!”

This was the first time the physics teacher had ever encountered such a request from a student, but he could only agree. He gave each of them a new book and said, “Then…Huang Qiao Yi, you go to the adjacent office to write, that room is unoccupied.”

Huang Qiao Yi accepted the book and said goodbye to Meng Ming before turning around to go to the next office. She had no problem; after all, even if she was told to rewrite it several times, she’d still be able to do it.

“As for Zhuge Meng Ming, you should just obediently stay here and write it.” The physics teacher said “However, I cannot supervise you at the moment. I must go to the library to help explain questions to Bai Jiu….”

He looked left and right; there were no longer any people left in the office. There was only the second year teacher sitting not too far away, who was still lecturing the four students in front of him.

Meng Ming thought to himself: Aren’t those people the whatever quartet? Why are they still here?

The physics teacher walked over and talked with the second year teacher. Meng Ming overheard their conversation, and discovered that the four students had also been caught for copying homeworks, and yet wouldn’t confess to it at all. Thus, they had dragged the matter on for this whole time with their teacher.

“Then how about this, everyone rewrite their homeworks once!” The teacher said. “You four, supervise him; Zhuge Meng Ming, you supervise these four!” The two teachers were about to leave the office. They had reached the agreement that the students would supervise each other.

“Hey, what if they decide to let each other off?” The physics teacher asked.

“How about this then; you four,” the second year teacher said. “If you catch your underclassman cheating on their homeworks, I’ll give you each an extra point on the midterm exam.”

“Extra point?”

“Extra point?”

“Extra point?”

“Extra point?”

Hearing this, the eyes of all four people lit up. They began to drool as they looked hungrily at Meng Ming, completely forgetting about their mahjong session. Haha! We definitely, definitely must catch that person cheating on his homework….!!!

“Alright, you should all hurry up and start writing!”

Finally, the two teachers were able to leave the five people in the office by themselves without a worry. Meng Ming stood there with the homework book in hand as he stared at the Three Missing One Quartet…he had the feeling that those four were freaks.

The physics teacher said before he left, “Zhuge Meng Ming, after you finish writing your homework, bring it to the library. I’ll wait for you there.”

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