Author’s Note + Some Comments

There was an author’s note at the end of 247-248 that I didn’t put at the end of the chapter by mistake, as I was in a rush to get all the chapters out. I have updated the end of ch248 now to include it. I highly encourage everyone to read it. There is another author’s note at the end of 249-250 that is much clearer and more detailed than this one, but I still think it’s best to read both. I will make sure to add the second author’s note at the end of ch250, whenever that is released.

There have been an astounding number of comments and views with this mass release, and it’s really amazed me. I thank everyone for their support! It seems that the site will hit 4M sooner than I had anticipated :O

To clear some things up:

  1. As I mentioned in the last chapter post, the next CCM chapter will not be out until next week, as I am busy with school and I also need to do Cheating Craft.
  2. The reason I released up to 248 and not 247 is because 247-248 is a combined chapter, and is really the more truthful ending to the war arc. Honestly, I felt that the end of 247 was suspenseful too anyways (if you consider it as if you never saw 248 :P). In general, I just found it to be a more appropriate ending, even though it’s a cliffhanger. (Andย I have to admit that I find the comments quite amusing…).
  3. I know the turn of events is a shock to many people, and may cause them to want to drop it. However, I do encourage you all to read the author’s note I just put up, as well as wait out the next few chapters. There is a reason for these events, and although you may feel like the story has been ruined, the plot actually moves on and gets better in my point of view. You should all try reading at least a few more chapters ahead before deciding anything. The author’s note at the end of ch250 clarifies many things as well. I personally enjoyed these few chapters, and found them very interesting ๐Ÿ˜›
  4. While I know that the cliffhanger builds up suspense,ย please do not post any spoilers on the site or on the chat. Spoilers meaning any content that has not yet been released, regardless of how “minor” it may seem. If any are found on the site, they will be deleted.ย While I’m sure you want to share the knowledge you may have imparted from reading the mtl or looking up spoilers online,ย it can and will ruin people’s reading experiences, especially as this is a major turning event of the story. Spoilers are just hints, bare minimum points of description that may tell someone what happens, but doesn’t include the details, the depth of explanation, or the writing style that the real chapter has. Unfortunately, people that read spoilers tend to not read the actual chapter, and may drop the series for such a simple and avoidable reason,ย which I find a great shame. Therefore, I ask you to please refrain from sharing any spoilers. Of course, if you really want spoilers, feel free to mtl the raws yourself. There are also spoilers on the forums at Wuxiaworld, although I warn you before venturing in those for the same reasons listed above, as well as the fact that the forums contains spoilers up until the end of the story. Really though, I assure you that reading the actual chapters will give a much more comprehensive, impactful effect, and it’s best to wait for them. At least, I can personally say that I really enjoyed the next few chapters.




19 thoughts on “Author’s Note + Some Comments

  1. DMR says:

    To be honest, while surprised… it made too much sense… I mean, he’s a kid…

    How much should a child be able to do on their own?

    It wasn’t the truth itself rather than the fact that the author was actually going through with it…


  2. midoriha says:

    ah, interesting, interesting! lol, the author certainly makes sense! and the discussions occurring on ch 248 are pretty serious, ahaha! well, what the author says make sense, certainly!

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  3. JY says:

    Only problem I have is that there were no indications of the betrayal from Dou Mei and her 35 sisters… we got to the point where we got access to Dou Mei’s internal thoughts/monologues and nothing…

    I guess why I feel kind of hurt is that just a few chapters before ch.248 Dou Mei was the focus of development and she became stronger cuz of it…she even emphasized her love for him…only to betray him like this :s

    I guess the author wanted to spice up the novel…but without the 36 FPW’s motive or any hints…it’s kinda driving people away from the novel (feels like NTR haha) :s I want to keep reading and probably will…but the author really hit the nail hard with this twist…leaves a very sour and or bitter taste in my mouth…which is disappointing :s Hopefully the author gives a thorough explanation in the next few chaps cuz I need clarification on why they betrayed him…it’s kinda eating away at me now cuz that twist was so random haha

    Plz don’t update 249-252 separately on different days x_x I wouldn’t be able to stand reading 249 and they stop in the middle of a conversation or something like that…I don’t mind waiting a few days for a bigger release!


  4. SnowyFeffe says:

    As someone who dabbles in writing I don’t blame the author for this turn off events – the story has a place it needs to go to and if this is the way to get there, so be it. I’m just interested to see how he’s going to word it so that all his readers won’t hate him for it ^.^

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  5. sirpryse says:

    The girls being late returning during the war is the foreshadowing I believe. I guessing this is “THAT” … Still super bad taste in my mouth from this one but I’ll hang in for it to clear up before reacting


  6. faradteach says:

    it’s make sens and answer many question i was wondering about, in every battle , i was wondering why no one reoconized wind-fire female ‘skill’s very rare , any one should notice them especialy in such a large battles (in partiular the battle for the trade route)

    we know from start that suo jia has already told the prince about his plan about the 100 water mage and the fire-wind warrior so he should defeinitley know about them and help him behind the scene..but i really did’nt except him toying suo jia via his maid, i thought it’s just keeping an eye on a potential alley

    so doesn’t this mean that the water mage also are in the pocket of the 4th prince? what about the two girls? it’s maids who wrote the letter to their parents so they should also be under the influence of the 4th prince


  7. faradteach says:

    anyway, a little demand to our pretty taffy , can you post all chapters about the deal between the prince and suo jia in one go, i really don’t think i can read them seperatly, my mind is already heating up ๐Ÿ˜ฎ


  8. dantanoro says:

    Even after reading the authors note I’ve got beef with the plot twist.
    If he really forsaw everything, like him bringing up the Fire-Wind warriors in such a way that they conquer the golden triangle for example, then the fourth prince is Emperor Palpatine level of calculating and probably has some sort of dark force guiding him in his sith ways… it still makes no sense.
    He still has imba magic drugs that could conquer the world… why would anyone betray him? -.-
    Why would the current king not intefere with the schemes of his sons? Why, why, why… so many why’s I could list here.
    I got that he was guided a lot. He even suspected so when he talked of spies… the sister even told him straight out! Were they just waiting for him to get so powerful and wealthy that he could destroy holy light city with a single word? Cut the crap author!


    • faradteach says:

      actually it’s look like game of thrones not star wars (Palpatine )
      you should keep in mind one thing
      officially (including to the empire’s laws) , the emperor have only 1 year at most before quiting the throne, so the sharks are too many, the faction is already divided between the princes and their subordinate.

      the emperor’s plan must alarm everyone, he dethrone two prince already, so the rest should wary about his next move, and of course they will not give up easly, as i mentioned before the benefit for them and their subordinat is already too high so they will what ever it take to guarantee their ultimate goal ๐Ÿ˜‰ (including coup d’etat ).
      for this reason i don’t think the emperor know they are planning against him since he didn’t declare yet his attention to stay in the throne

      as for the 4th prince i really can’t blame him for trying to watch suo jia…that guy have a great future, of course he will need to watch him, but stealing from, taking his mother as hostage is an another sotry.

      what i’am telling you suo gia has found himself in in complicate goal, he is very rich and powerfull man, he entered the political game soon ago, and should except anything


      • faradteach says:

        btw, i don’t think the 4th prince is the main head who planned to take control of suo jia, i think it’s the duke wen sha, i’am watching this guy from the start, he is a powerful man, smart and know to deal with people remember his way to deal with emma’s father who is the richest man in his city, he take him under his wing and made him minster to watch him and avoid any power collision ๐Ÿ™‚ he also sent his spies to watch suo jia (do you think that his girl did it, impossible!!! she is not that smart).

        he is a duke now, this is probably the top of the noble ranking but if the 4th prince become empror,he can become grand duke or even arch duke

        the story become more and more interesting , i think we should watch and see


        • dantanoro says:

          First of all you didn’t get my point with the Star Wars refrence and don’t even start with trying to compare this to GoT… the author wishes he could come close to the intrigue in that. This is more to the level of Shia Labeouf. -.-

          I already said that I get why he was watched and that he was watched, but you must understand even if someone has you by the balls and you have to serve him, you don’t automatically become an idiot. The kid managed to gain some unexpected magical items and the means to mass produce magical potions that are vital to any sort of war. Ever heard of the term “turncoat”? If you see an individual with this potential, why would anyone in their right mind not find a way to subtlety tell them what is going on? Like the sister did?
          He is happily pouring all his recources into improving people he thought were loyal to him, only to find himself betrayed… it’s like bulding a house for a stranger that doesn’t trust you and could kick you out at any time.
          He managed to defend a fortress with mostly slaves and clever tricks as well as the fire-wind warriors that only became that OP due to his help and lots of potions (that only he can make at this point in time)
          The author always stresses how hard it is to gain the complete epic sets, yet he got one from various sources for the leader of the fire-wind warriors, yet still she didn’t deign to tell him… anything? Not a hint? Forboding message? Even if this turns out fine in the end, I’d forever distrust any of these people.

          The king is also no fucking degenerate. Anyone that has to rule a kingdom/empire for a period of time has to have a network of spies and regents reporting on him. So what if he only had 1 year left originally. He has known for quite some time, at least a year now, that he can go on for quite some time. If he hasn’t reastablished spies everywhere and tried to quell rebellion when his plans are revealed, he would be just that. An incompetent fool. If that were the case, however, how have they not been invaded yet?

          (also work a little on your english… it’s not my native language either, but I still got a headache trying to read your comments)


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