Cheating Craft 15

Made a short, minor pun in this chapter, can you find it? :P

Translated by: Taffy

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Quiz 15: Notes Smuggled Into The Exam

“Everyone’s already memorized this text, right? Tomorrow, I’ll have you write it from memory during class. You’ll have 25 minutes. Students that make 3 or more mistakes will have to memorize books after class every day until they know them. Class dismissed.”

The language teacher was a young man, and he seemed to be slightly neurotic. Right after speaking, he walked away from the platform, waving his hand as he strode out of the classroom without glancing back.

In the classroom, Huang Qiao Yi shook Meng Ming, telling him to stop reading and that class had ended.

These days, Meng Ming hadn’t understood anything the teacher had said in class. He’d lie across his desk as well, but he couldn’t fall asleep either. Since Bai Jiu had just recommended a book to him the other day, he had begun reading <The Tent Under The Neon Lamp> in the back row during class. In the end, he had become totally absorbed in it. He had relied on this novel to pass through the last 2 days of boring classes.

Only after Huang Qiao Yi reminded him did Meng Ming return from the novel world and back to reality, and he begrudgingly put away his book. Truthfully speaking, he wished class was actually longer.

Huang Qiao Yi picked up her backpack to leave and she reminded him, “Brother Meng Ming didn’t hear it just now, but the language teacher just now said that we were going to have to write the text from memory.”

“Write the text from memory? When?”

“Tomorrow’s language class. Brother Meng Ming had better not fail; if you make three mistakes, you’ll be punished by staying after school to memorize books. If Bai Jiu sees you being punished, it won’t be good for you.”

“Fine then. If I have to write it from memory, I’ll just memorize it.” Meng Ming asked, “How long is the text?”

“It’s a classic, over 700 words.”

“Little Qiao, why didn’t you say so earlier!” Meng Ming hurriedly gulped down his food and crazily began to look at the text in his room. Even if he died, he’d have to memorize it.

Huang Qiao Yi explained, “How was I supposed to know that Brother Meng Ming would only read the novel, and not look at any of the class texts at all. It’s clearly written in the back of the text that being able to repeat in from memory is required. For the sake of countering the teacher’s exams, the students all memorize them beforehand, splitting it so that they can get it down over the span of several days.”

“I’m doomed, I don’t know any of it…” Meng Ming sweated profusely as he looked over the text. “Now what? If I can’t write it, the students will all know I’m not an L-type, then what…”

In that moment, various situations that could arise appeared in Meng Ming’s mind…

He’s not an L-type? His number one score on the entrance exam was actually obtained from cheating!

Classmate Bai Jiu, that Zhuge Meng Ming is actually a C-type student.

…I hate people that cheats on tests the most.

“Ahhh!!! So bad…!!” Meng Ming tossed his book. He was so depressed that he wasn’t at all in the mood to memorize the book.

Huang Qiao Yi sighed, “I guess I’m to blame for not notifying you ahead of time…how about this, for tomorrow’s test, Brother Meng Ming should still rely on cheating.”

“Cheating? How would I do that?”

Huang Qiao Yi told him that to cheat on this test, he only had to copy the 700 words onto a piece of paper. During the test, he just had to secretly copy from it without the teacher or the other students noticing.

This was the simplest cheat sheet method.

Meng Ming understood it immediately. It was really so simple…making sure others couldn’t discover things in his hand, wasn’t that the basis of Zhuge Style Cheating TechniqueBrilliant Blossom? It just so happened to be that he was extremely proficient at it!

That night, Meng Ming copied the entire text onto a piece of paper about the size of a poker card to hide in his hand.

The next day, language class was their first class. Huang Qiao Yi and Meng Ming confidently arrived at the classroom ahead of time.

“Hey, did you two prepare for the memorization test?” Lin Jing Xuan appeared from behind them.

“No problem!” They replied confidently.

“Sigh…you two are really amazing…I might have to be punished by staying after to memorize books.” Lin Jing Xuan dejectedly walked over to his own seat. Not long after, he seemed to have thought of something, “Oh, also! I heard that our language teacher is neurotic. He always wants to catch cheating students and hand them to the school, even during lecture. His inspection methods are a bit abnormal, so you two should take care and make sure he doesn’t misunderstand your actions.”

“No problem!” Huang Qiao Yi said with a smile. She believed that no matter how hard a test was proctored, it wouldn’t be anything beyond Meng Ming. On the other hand, Meng Ming was a bit concerned about the proctoring methods.

The language teacher entered the class early, and asked everyone to hand textbooks in.

“Why hand in textbooks?” Meng Ming asked Huang Qiao Yi next to him.

“This prevents students from secretly flipping through their books during the test. That’s why Brother Meng Ming had to copy it beforehand.”

The language teacher then handed out paper specifically for the test.

“Why hand out new paper? Can’t we just use our own draft paper?” Meng Ming asked again.

“This prevents students from handing in a text that they had copied beforehand.”

The structure of the classroom desks was quite simple; there was a drawer underneath the tables to place books. In the end, the teacher requested for all the students to turn their desks around 180 degrees.

“And what’s this for?”

“To prevent students from sneaking looks into their drawers or reaching their hands into them during the test…”

“So complicated…”

“No wonder people say the teacher has mental issues…”

But the language teacher still wasn’t done. After making all the students turn their desks around, he walked out of the classroom and moved a really tall platform from the back door. He placed it in a vacant spot in the back of the room, and sat down on it.

“This teacher is proctoring from the back?! …He’s making way too big of a fuss over nothing…” [Meng Ming]

“He thinks seeing from a higher point in the back would allow him to see better… [Huang Qiao Yi]

This meant that any student sitting in the back row would be at a disadvantage for cheating. But to Meng Ming, regardless of how close the teacher got, he was confident that the teacher couldn’t possibly discover the cheat sheet in his hand.

However, in an unknown corner of the classroom, a powerful malicious intent was being sent out—

Zhuge Meng Ming, you cut down 7 of my mosquitoes during the entrance exam! This time, I’ve prepared more of my beloved pets, and I will definitely take revenge and get my revenge. I still need to reveal to the whole class that you’re actually a C-type!

It was the person that had used bugs during the entrance exam! He was actually in the same class as Meng Ming. He was currently sitting in a place near the wall, and nobody noticed him.

The class bell rang. The language teacher put on thick glasses and finally said, “Everyone only has one sheet of paper. The test will now begin!”

Following the sound of the bell, only the shasha of students moving their pens could be heard. All the students in room 301 were concentrating their attentions in writing. Some moved their pens extremely quickly, while others were racking their brains to try to remember the text. The teacher in the back looked around in all directions, closely watching the test process. The students’ backs were all facing the teacher. They didn’t know where he was looking, so they could only earnestly write their own tests.

This is a great chance. That nutjob teacher is sitting in the back, and he’s extremely close to Zhuge Meng Ming. That means Zhuge Meng Ming cannot act blindly without thinking. The bug-using student next to the wall was no longer wearing his pocket-covered clothes, since he had to wear the uniform. Thus, his bugs were all hidden in his bag. He used one hand to write, as he secretly stuck one hand into his bag.

“Hey! You!” The language teacher shouted. All of the classmates jumped from the sound, and stopped writing. The teacher said, “Why are you sticking your hand into your bag?!!?”

The bug user was shocked. Even that had been seen?! He replied, “Ah, I, my pen ran out of ink, so I’m taking out another pen…”



The language teacher declared, “Class, you must always prepare your stationery ahead of time! Continue writing!”

The other students didn’t pay any mind, and lowered their heads to continue writing.

This teacher has really formidable vision… He didn’t dare to take out any bugs, and took another pen out for the sake of the act.

Meng Ming’s left hand hid the cheat sheet while his right hand moved his pen. He had been copying smoothly so far. But just now when the teacher had interrupted, he discovered the student next to the wall that had taken out a pen was

Isn’t that person the bug user that Duan He had mentioned before? He’s in the same class as us, I never noticed…

The bug user wasn’t discouraged as he thought to himself: It looks like I’ll have to directly use my trump card.

As he wrote, he secretly sent out some instructions.

A while later, the bug user’s bag was was cut open from the inside, opening a crack. Three fierce wasps flew out of from the crack together.

Hehe, you guys go bug Zhuge Meng Ming! Centralize your attacks on his right thumb. Let’s see how he plans on writing then!

The fierce wasps quickly and quietly flew out. They were so fast that the students didn’t notice them; even the teacher could only twist his head around without noticing anything strange.

The bug user thought: Let’s see how you dodge them at this speed.

Meng Ming was currently copying, but a shadow suddenly whooshed past him.


Meng Ming immediately reacted

Are they attacking me? …1, 2, 3…

Such strong vision!

He didn’t have any time to consider why they were attacking him. The wasps had already flown over, aiming at Meng Ming’s right hand!

The instant they attacked, Meng Ming’s writing right hand quickly dodged, and the wasp only hit empty air.

The three wasps had just planned on escaping, but Meng Ming’s left hand unexpectedly moved to capture them. His speed was extremely fast, and with an open palm, his arm flashed across the desk three times!

In a split second, the wasps vanished without a trace.

Afterwards, Meng Ming’s right hand picked up the other sheet of paper on his table, and used his left hand to grab the three things and stuff them into the paper. He then crumpled it up into a ball, and lightly tossed it backwards, throwing it into the trash can in the back of the room.

The language teacher said to him, “Nice toss.”

Meng Ming didn’t pay any mind to the teacher’s words. He only thought: It’s the bug user? Why is he attacking me…whatever, just go ahead and come at me then.

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