Cheating Craft 16

This ending though xD

Translated by: Taffy

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Quiz 16: Battle During Class Test

The bug user was shocked speechless.

These wasps traveled at the highest speeds that no human could ever reach, yet Zhuge Meng Ming had caught them with his bare hands! Exactly how fast were Zhuge Meng Ming’s hands?!

Since just using speed to attack wasn’t enough, the bug user decided to use something more frightening.

He was still fine; he had long since prepared the next step. There was already a large and hairy black spider on the classroom ceiling.

This type of spider is highly poisonous. I won’t let it bite anyone, I just need to scare him enough.

He made a gesture with his hands, and the spider on the ceiling immediately found its place, stopping right above Meng Ming’s seat. It dangled from a thread of silk and landed on Meng Ming’s table with a Pa.

The sudden appearance of the large spider made Meng Ming jump, and he could barely hold back a shout. The spider stared at him for a moment before quickly moving towards Meng Ming. In that moment before Meng Ming had managed to react, his hands that were writing were forced back by the spider. The spider firmly stayed on the paper that the teacher had handed out for the test, occupying the place that Meng Ming was supposed to write on!

What’s up with this spider? Is it that guy…? Meng Ming looked over at the secretly laughing bug user next to the wall. He even uses such vile things to cause disturbances.

Meng Ming knew that this spider had extremely strong venom. If one wasn’t an expert, they couldn’t use their bare hands to catch it. Acting blindly without thinking was extremely dangerous. But the thing continued to block the paper. If this continued, wouldn’t that mean he had no way of continuing his writing?

Meng Ming’s writing stopped for a long while as he began to think of other tactics.

The bug user was feeling slightly smug, and continued to send out orders. A mantis that was so polished that it shone crawled out from the crack in his bag as well.

He commanded, “Go rip Zhuge Meng Ming’s test paper into pieces!”

This dangerous mantis also rushed over and stopped on Meng Ming’s test! In that instant, Meng Ming’s test paper was faced with a serious crisis.

The only things on Meng Ming’s desk were his pencil case, a few other pieces of paper, as well as <The Tent Under the Neon Light>. Meng Ming thought to himself: I was too careless, I didn’t prepare a small blade this time. But fortunately…

The mantis brandished its sickles, prepared to rip up the paper! Meng Ming hurriedly circled the bugs, to pull out a pencil from his pencil case, quickly swiping it across the table.

Igniting Flames! A flame suddenly lit up at the end of the pencil.

The two small bugs were frightened by the fire, and were thus deterred, retreating a few steps.

Meng Ming used his left thumb and forefinger to grasp the flaming pencil, gradually pushing it forwards and forcing the two creatures off his paper. His right hand then quickly retracted the paper, and he grasped his automatic pencil and continued to copy his cheat sheet that had secretly slipped out from his left ring finger.

This way, I can continue writing to the end. Meng Ming saw that the creatures were afraid of fire, and decided to use fire to keep them at a deadlock.

At that moment, the spider discovered the cheat sheet in Meng Ming’s left hand! It immediately locked onto its new target.

The mantis soon crawled onto the spider’s back, and used the spider’s body as a springboard to quickly jump over the fire! With two slashes of its sickles, the index card on Meng Ming’s ring finger was sliced into three pieces!

I got sneak attacked?! Meng Ming had originally thought that everything would be fine, and had been focused only on copying. He had completely overlooked the bugs’ actions!

The mantis landed on the table, turned around, and eyed on Meng Ming’s test paper this time. It took advantage of the situation and rushed forward to attack! This was the only sheet of paper used for the test, so it definitely couldn’t be allowed to get ripped! But the sheet was too large, and Meng Ming hadn’t gotten the chance to pull it away. Thus, he stretched out his right hand to block the sickle. This mantis’s attack was too fierce. It didn’t hold back at all, and its vicious attack drew a cut on Meng Ming’s right hand.

Tch, I was too careless…

Meng Ming’s right hand began to bleed. It looks like this is the only choice left. Meng Ming pondered for a bit, then placed his injured hand grasping the automatic pencil underneath the table to stop the bleeding. At the same time, his left thumb and forefinger pinched the pencil that was burning, and his middle finger, ring finger, and pinky picked up the three ripped pieces of the cheat sheet as well as the test paper. He planned to tightly grasp these papers and protect them well with his left hand.

Even though the cheat sheet was ripped, it wasn’t a problem; he could still read the words. But now that Meng Ming’s right hand was out of the picture, he seemed to have no way of continuing to copy the text onto his test paper.

Hehe, Zhuge Meng Ming’s right hand can’t fight anymore? The bug user was ecstatic. Protect your paper well. If this continues, you won’t have any way of writing anymore! …Either way, I can continue writing my test without any worries now.

Meng Ming’s left hand grasped the flaming pencil as he continued to frighten the two creatures, ensuring that they wouldn’t dare to advance any further. The other pieces of paper, including the test paper, were still being held in his hand.

Time continued to tick. The time given to complete the test was gradually nearing its end. The pencil continue to burn, and continued to get shorter.

Only the last minute remained before the paper had to be handed in. Not a single word had been added to the test paper in Meng Ming’s hand. The bug user slowly revealed a victorious smile. He held his own filled test, not bothering to raise his guard.

From now on, Zhuge Meng Ming can’t pretend he’s an L-type anymore.

The bug user was feeling extremely proud of himself, and he momentarily lowered his guard. Just then, a bunch of flames suddenly flew over to his desk at high speeds, instantly igniting his test paper!

These flames were from Meng Ming’s almost burned up pencil.

The bug user hadn’t imagined that Meng Ming would actually have plans to counter! Before his pencil had completely burned up, he had directly tossed it over. The flames had lit up the bug user’s paper!

Ah! …What do I do, it’s burning!

The paper burned, and the bug user had no way of stopping it. He incessantly whacked it against the table, but this only made the flames roar more furiously. He wanted to call his bugs out to help extinguish the fire, but he hadn’t thought to prepare that type of bug at all. Soon after, his test paper had burned to ashes.


The bug user furiously gripped the ashes. …It was all wasted…bastard, this was the first time I had ever encountered a person that used flames…hmph! Either way, Zhuge Meng Ming didn’t write many words either! Before the papers were handed in, the bug user instructed for his two creatures to return, and then consoled himself: Whatever. Proving to the entire class that Zhuge Meng Ming is a C-type still counts as having achieved my objective. Hehe.

“Alright, time is up!” The language teacher sitting in the back commanded, “The first row of students from every group, please collect the papers from the front and bring them to the back.”

When the students collecting tests arrived in front of the bug user, the bug user said in a bad mood, “I didn’t write it!” This allowed the test collector to pass him. He then looked back at Meng Ming’s group, and Meng Ming’s seat…Zhuge Meng Ming, let’s see what you do…

When the student from Meng Ming’s group arrived at the last row, Meng Ming smoothly handed over a test paper filled with the text.

What, what…WHAT??!!

The bug user was shocked. He had clearly seen Meng Ming use his left hand to hold the paper, without even a pencil. How could tons of words just suddenly appear!

Could it be…

Meng Ming laughed.

It was his right hand!

Just now, while Meng Ming’s left thumb and forefinger were scaring the bugs away, the other three fingers had exposed the cheat sheet for him to see every once in a while. The right hand grasping the automatic pencil had long since shifted to underneath the table! Although on the outside, it looked as if Meng Ming hadn’t written anything, his right hand was actually pressing the paper against the bottom of the table where the bugs couldn’t see. Using the bottom of the table as a desk, his right hand had easily finished copying the test!

Impossible! The bug user had clearly seen that. There’s only one sheet of paper for the test, and his left hand was clearly holding it the whole time! How could it be under the table…

Meng Ming happily made a “V” sign with his fingers: You’re wrong. I had two sheets of the test paper!

Actually, before being attacked by the wasps, Meng Ming had already considered the possibility that the papers would be cut up. As there was only test paper, it had to protected. At that time, he’d used the Zhuge Style Cheating TechniqueWater Splitting Blade Draw, to split the paper in his hands into two! The one in his left hand had been the dummy, while the one in his right hand had been the one that he actually wrote on.

That afternoon, the language teacher walked into room 301 and handed back the test papers to the students.

Huang Qiao Yi moved closer to ask if Meng Ming had had any problems, and he confidently replied that he hadn’t. He then immersed himself into reading <The Tent Under the Neon Lamp> again.

As the teacher handed the papers back, he said to the class, “There are two students that don’t have grades for this test! The first is student Qiu Min Ke, who didn’t hand in a paper…”

Everyone looked over at the wall; it was the bug user. Only then did Meng Ming find out that the person’s name was Qiu Min Ke.

“The other one without a grade is student Zhuge Meng Ming!”



The entire class was shocked, and their faces all turned to look at the last row.

“How did Zhuge Meng Ming not get a grade?”

“Wasn’t he the one that got the highest score on the entrance exam?”

“Classmate Zhuge Meng Ming cannot write things from memory!?”

Huang Qiao Yi’s eyes also grew wide, and she asked him softly, “Brother Meng Ming, didn’t you just say you hadn’t had any problems…”

“I, I don’t know either…” The book had dropped from Meng Ming’s hand. He looked over to look at Bai Jiu sitting in the front row. Her expression looked far from good…

The language teacher said, “Student Zhuge Meng Ming, today’s test was on the Lesson 3, but you wrote Lesson 5. What’s the meaning of this? Our class hasn’t learned Lesson 5 yet…you, are you using the fact that you studied early and memorized a lot to provoke Teacher!?”

This time, everyone in class could only stare blankly.

Hah? Meng Ming also looked foolish.

“Brother Meng Ming, you copied the wrong text…” Huang Qiao Yi whispered.

The language teacher angrily huffed at Meng Ming, “Let me warn you, don’t think that you can act so arrogant just because you think you’ve memorized it all! You definitely don’t have a grade this time! But since you’ve already memorized it all, I won’t punish you to keep memorizing it after school…that’s why, I’ve already told your class’s Teacher Wang thatZhuge Meng Ming, you will be punished to clean up the room for a week!”

Thus, on the whole, Zhuge Meng Ming had escaped the danger of revealing that he “couldn’t write from memory”, but instead further convinced people that his grades were outstanding. In addition, he prepared for lessons way in advance, loved studying very much, and was also an unbridled L-type.

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