Apology & Important Announcement

tl;dr Due to real life complications, I will no longer follow a set quota of chapter releases per week, and will just sporadically update whenever I can. Thank you for understanding.

Please read below for full post.

To both my amazing Cheating Craft and Close Combat Mage readers, I am extremely sorry for the lack of updates

I’ve been extremely over-stressed from school, and it’s taken a huge mental and physical toll on me. With the time I spend on schoolwork and the burden from stress, I haven’t been able to translate at all, and I sincerely apologise to my readers for not keeping up.

I will continue to release while I can, but after the past week, I’ve realised that I cannot guarantee I can stick to my quota of 3-5 CCM and 1-3 CC per week. Therefore, I will no longer follow a set quota of releases. With my current situation, I cannot guarantee that I can translate much, if at all, and I’d rather not break any promises. I also don’t really want to go on hiatus again. Thus, I will release the chapters as I finish them, whenever that may be, whether it’s 5 in a week, 1 in a week, or even 0 in a week.

I sincerely apologise for disappointing any of my readers, and thank you for all the support you’ve given me up until now.

21 thoughts on “Apology & Important Announcement

  1. It’s okay… But why not get editors?

    But it’s okay, yet health and school is more important than a One Piece knockoff :P

    Thanks for the hard work XD


  2. Just do your best and take care of yourself, I’d rather have slow spontaneous releases than find out my favourite translator has had a heart attack from stress lol

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  3. Taking care of yourself is most important, I’ve been having the same problem with the new job and editing CoL. I’ve done maybe 7 chapters this month and 5 last month, and 60 the month before… So I totally understand, albeit you’re tl’ing as well 💀

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  4. Well dang, I hafta admit, the guilt almost convinces me the conspiracy theorists about Taffy being flesh and blood have a leg to stand on… But on a serious note Taffy, please don’t fret. This isn’t your job and regardless of postings declaring otherwise, no one will die without metronome-like release and scheduling. I have been reading your posts for over a year now, and you’re so far ahead in reliability and transparency that its shocking. I feel guilty for not having money to donate over this time period as I would like. It is greatly appreciated and you do remarkably good work… I wish my hobbies were so productive and regular, I might actually be in shape! Best of luck, karma’s gotta be so far on your side or its a recount.

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    1. Thank you, I’m happy just knowing that you enjoyed my work; I would never accept a donation anyways >.<

      It’s been so long since we last spoke, I miss chatting with you ): How have you been doing?


      1. Well, my geology firm is actually doing better than expected, its still in business and making ends meet for now, which is great for an oil bust. I’ve started to study as a day trader in my spare time, and its going fairly well after a bumpy start. Still simulating trades but I’ve about doubled my money in 3 months. Just so much reading to do and so much jargon it reminds me of college but as blind self-study. I miss having lectures and professors to ask pointed questions and speed up comprehension. Its really nice to read for pleasure once in a while (for which, thank you again), and when I’m bored silly looking at stock charts! Thanks for asking, but I’m curious as well. How is college other than busy? I was really glad to hear you got an internship, they are really important to help stand out and get jobs/raises/promotions faster… even if they threaten to wear or burn you out when otherwise people are on breaks/vacations. I was that way, with intense climbing and hiking in field courses during summer, spring and winter breaks, but it pays dividend if you keep contacts! I had to be really mindful to stay motivated with clear goals and healthy/cheap rewards that led my to bigger things… but easier said than done sometimes.


        1. You sound so busy (and amazing haha) :O College has been stressful, but slowly trying to deal with it all. I’m sure you don’t need more distractions, but if you have some time, you should definitely join the Discord chat (:


  5. Hey taffy , It”s not a problem at all , though I usually let 20 to 30 chapter accumulate before binge reading , I hope that everything in your life goes well for you , =) cya

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  6. Hi Taffy.
    Just to say thanks so much for all the countless hours that you have put in to the translations to date. All the small sacrifices and all the big sacrifices and the related opportunity costs.
    You have been my guide into ccm, without your sharing I wouldn’t be enjoying any of it. I appreciate your time and efforts and I appreciate you.
    The reason I am writing is to tell you that it is important for you to be selfish, focused and dedicate yourself fully onto the workload that will support your future travels through life. You are to make no apologies and feel no guilt for simply not being able to donate so much time and effort into the community. Sit back, enjoy some leisure time and be nice to Taffy.
    That being said I will selfishly keep an eye out here to avail myself of the fruits of any sleepless nights that you may have.
    You officially have at leat one fan in Ireland

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    1. Nothing makes me happier than knowing that my work was appreciated and was able to give someone else joy, and I cannot describe how happy I am after reading your comment. <3

      I do admittedly feel extremely sorry and guilty for not being able to give back to you and all my other amazing readers that have supported me for so long, but that is also keeping me from abandoning translating all together, so I’d rather embrace that guilt than get rid of it, even if it’s not the best feeling. >.<

      Thank you so much for your support and encouraging words, and hopefully, I’ll eventually be able to update more once I manage to resolve my real life complications (although it seems that I’m still quite far from reaching that goal at the moment….)


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