CCM 359 + Announcement

Important Announcement:

I’ve fallen in love with a novel and so I’ve been spending a lot of my time reading it, and it’s extremely distracting (in a nice way >.<). That, in addition to the fact that I start school again tomorrow, means there will most likely be a decrease in chapter releases, as I unfortunately do not have a stockpile. I know that my release rate is already quite slow, and I apologise to all my readers for any disappointment caused by this.

However, as I’ve said before, I translate merely as a hobby in my free time, and I tend to help other series too. It is not a commitment, as I don’t accept any form of money for it. Rest assured, I still find CCM an interesting story so far, and I want to know what happens next just like the rest of you, so I won’t drop it or anything. However, it is not a priority, so my releases will be pretty slow…as in, possibly even slower than they are now. If there is anyone that is dissatisfied with the release pace and wants to take the project to translate it faster, you are more than welcome to contact me about it (and I’ll become your faithful reader :P).

Thank you for understanding, and I’m forever grateful for all the support you’ve given me so far.

tl;dr Release rate will probably slow down more. If anyone wants to pick up CCM and increase the pace, you’re welcome to contact me; I will continue at my own slow pace otherwise.

Translated by: Taffy

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Chapter 359 – Weapon Soul Pt. 2

Just as he was about to examine the glacier underneath him more closely, Suo Jia felt his mind blank once more. This time, upon awakening, he found himself back on the ship, with Nicole next to his side.

Suo Jia stood there blankly for a long while, still not understanding what exactly had happened. He shot a suspicious look at the gem on the trident, and he sensed a faint ripple spread out from it.

Suo Jia closed his eyes and activated Psychic Technique, connecting with that ripple. The next instant, Suo Jia was once again above that glacier, sitting cross-legged across the other Suo Jia. Those faint ripples were being emitted from his body.

Nicole curiously asked, “How is it? The Weapon Soul formed, right?! How large is it?”

“Eh…” Suo Jia only now remembered that there was still someone next to him. He rubbed his head and replied, “The Weapon Soul did form, it’s the same size as me!”

“Wow!” With a shocked gasp, Nicole excitedly said, “That’s great. Nobody else can take this Divine Artifact from you now. Even if you get killed, nothing will change, you can still exist in the form of the Weapon Soul and use the Divine Artifact’s ability to reform your body. This is the ability of a god!”

“Is is really so mystical?” Suo Jia couldn’t help but doubt Nicole’s words.

Having not noticed Suo Jia’s doubtful expression, Nicole urged, “Quick! Hurry up and try to activate two magics, and see how powerful this Divine Artifact is!”

Suo Jia nodded and stretched his right hand out, tightly gripping the Sea God’s Trident. Mysterious Ice Arrow was instantly activated, and Suo Jia’s jaw promptly dropped in shock.

The instant he’d activated the magic, although it had been only a brief moment, Suo Jia could clearly sense that while his magic was rushing through the Mysterious Ice Arrow, the Weapon Soul inside the Divine Artifact had emitted the same magic power. Together with Suo Jia’s, they’d condensed to form a glittering Mysterious Ice Arrow that promptly shot outwards.

“What…” Stunned, Suo Jia blankly stared at the ice arrow that had faded in a flash. “What’s going on? That guy actually helped supply energy for that magic with me. The scarier part is that he provided the exact same amount of energy that I did!”

“Haha…” Nicole nodded. “Of course. The amount of magic power being transferred actually depends on your state of realm, which in turn depends on your essence, spirit, and your comprehension of the magic elements. The two of you share the same soul, so your understanding of the magic elements will naturally be identical as well. Based on this, your Weapon Soul can boost your magic attacks by a lot!”

“Isn’t…” Suo Jia hesitantly asked Nicole, “Isn’t that…a bit too average? I recall that the Legendary-ranked Vulcan’s Roar, could already boost magic’s might by 100%!”

“Haha…” Nicole nodded. “That’s right, the Emperor also has a staff that can boost light magic by 200%. So what?”

Suo Jia raised his voice, “Does that still need asking? A Legendary-ranked equipment can already boost magic by 100%, and this weapon I have is a Divine Artifact. How can it only increase my magic’s might by 100% as well?!”

Nicole gave a dry laugh and replied, “Boss, your math doesn’t seem to very good. Who told you that the combination of both you and the Weapon Soul can only go up to an 100% increase?”

Seeing Suo Jia’s blank expression, Nicole continued, “Every magic activated is based on the doubled magic power used simultaneously by you and your Weapon Soul, how can they be the same?”

Suo Jia stared back at Nicole in confusion, “I don’t understand at all. If magic power is doubled, then doesn’t the magic’s might double as well? Is there any difference?”

“Yes!” Nicole nodded and firmly answered, “How can you be so confused? The magic’s might will be about the same, but what about the effectiveness of the magic? Don’t tell me you forgot about that?”

“What?!” Suo Jia’s jaw dropped down in shock as he stammered in disbelief, “You…you mean to say that the magic’s effectiveness will double too?!”

Nicole smiled, “That’s right, that’s exactly it. On top of the basic doubling of the magic’s might, the Weapon Soul’s most significant ability is that it will also double the magic’s effectiveness. This is also the greatest difference between a man and a god!”

Suo Jia slapped his thigh as he finally understood. “I get it, I truly understand now. For example, the highest temperature fire a person can create is one at 3000 degrees, but a god’s would be at 6000 degrees. Although it’s only twofold, the might of the fire would be way greater!”

Nicole sighed in admiration, “That’s exactly it. Only a god can create flames at the highest temperature, and freeze ice at the lowest temperature. This is something that Legendary-ranked, or even Epic-ranked equipment, can’t even compare to.”

Nicole’s eyes then flashed, and she furtively said, “Moreover, Young Master Suo Jia, this Divine Artifact doesn’t just boost magic’s might, but also increases all of your abilities exponentially, such as your water manipulation ability, which has already doubled. Now you should understand the power of the Divine Artifact, right?”

“What?! That’s impossible…” Suo Jia shook his head in disbelief and shock. Increasing water manipulation ability by 100% was already something that only Legendary or Epic-ranked equipment could do. But this was just one of the Divine Artifact’s very small, supplementary abilities.

Nicole continued, “In addition, your cultivation speed will be increased. Basically…it’s equivalent to you gaining the results of two people cultivating. The Weapon Soul only shares a soul with you, it has its own thoughts and awareness. You two are separate entities coexisting in one body. This is the incarnation ability from the myths!”

Suo Jia dumbfoundedly stared at Nicole. “Alright, I’ll remain calm as you continue to tell me, does this Divine Artifact have any other advantages?”

“Hm…” Nicole furrowed her brows in thought, “Of course it does. The ones I said just now were just appetizers. The real reason a Divine Artifact is deemed so is because it possesses the power of the gods. For example, creating barriers and realms! There are some other things as well, but it’s up to you to find out what they are because nobody has ever used a Divine Artifact before. Thus, their abilities are still unknown.”

“What?” Suo Jia asked in confusion, “Barriers? Realms? You can find those in any magic book!”

Nicole covered her eyes in exasperation, “You call those barriers and realms? In your eyes, do barriers and realms cover spaces that are a hundred meters in circumference? Are they that powerful?”

“Um…” Suo Jia cautiously asked, “No way, does a barrier that covers 100 meters not count as a barrier? Does a realm that covers 100 meters not count as a realm?”

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50 thoughts on “CCM 359 + Announcement

  1. Its cool. I know you did this as a hobby since the beginning so i was aware of the shortness of the releases. Anyhow, I hope you been well, so what book are you reading, I can always have an extra book to read? Take care of yourself and have a good day, thank you.

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  2. Thanks for the Chapter Taffy😄😄

    I never actually realised that this was a hobby for you…like you always released lots and lots of chapters, that the thought never crossed my mind.

    Anywho, this was a great chapter😄 Have fun reading the book😄 and work hard at school😄

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  3. Love the story, love your translation quality, will miss the faster pace, but its understandable. All the best Taffy, and as soon I find work, hopefully you can initiate donation sponsored chapters. Thanks Taffy. As long as there are some chapters now and then m HAPPY :)

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  4. We’ll be around waiting for the next chapter, just take it easy and recharge, and do focus on your schoolwork. :)

    Good luck!

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  5. I dislike translators that justify slow releases by saying they just do it for fun. The reasons are multiple. A lot of translators don’t even have legal permission to be translating, so to be on the up and up, the translator should essentially make a good faith agreement to treat the novel and original author with respect. Casual translation is not respectful. Especially when you add the fact that when a translator attaches their name to a story, they are essentially discouraging any other translator from being able to translate this story. So they lock up the story, but then don’t take it seriously. Add to this, there are lots of stories out there that I could read, so when I decide to read a specific one, I am also making a time commitment to follow it. Wuxia and Xianxia web novels are long. It’s a legitimate commitment to just read one. This is why I donate to considerate translators that take their responsibility seriously. It’s also why it pisses me off when I find out that a translator takes the story less seriously than I and the Author do. My personal opinion is that a translator should not lock up a story, unless they will put out 5 chapters a week, bare minimum. If they can’t sustain that, They should a) officially drop the novel so that someone else can pick it up. Or even better b) find and plug in a new translator to continue the story, which is the really responsible thing to do.

    Not taking donations is also not good excuse, unless the translator has permission from the author, it’s already sketchy to be taking money for someone else’s intellectual property, especially given that a fantasy book in print might cost 10 or 20$, but most donations charge more than that for one chapter. Unless, a cut goes to the author, of course. So not taking donations isn’t righteous. It’s just proper. It therefore shouldn’t count as a reason to be a casual translator.

    Anyway, these are just my current thoughts. I am all ears if someone has opposing opinions.


    1. Casual translation is not respectful.

      How so?

      . Especially when you add the fact that when a translator attaches their name to a story, they are essentially discouraging any other translator from being able to translate this story.

      Not really, if a series is popular enough, someone is bound to pick it up.

      It’s also why it pisses me off when I find out that a translator takes the story less seriously than I and the Author do.

      Just because they aren’t spending all the time translating it, doesn’t mean they aren’t taking it seriously. Not all translators have time to translate 5 chapters a week, especially without monetary incentive.

      f they can’t sustain that, They should a) officially drop the novel so that someone else can pick it up. Or even better b) find and plug in a new translator to continue the story, which is the really responsible thing to do.

      Officially dropping something has little effect unless it’s a really popular series, plus, taffy already said she is willing to drop it if someone is willing to pick it up and translate at a faster pace.

      Not taking donations is also not good excuse, unless the translator has permission from the author, it’s already sketchy to be taking money for someone else’s intellectual property, especially given that a fantasy book in print might cost 10 or 20$, but most donations charge more than that for one chapter. Unless, a cut goes to the author, of course. So not taking donations isn’t righteous. It’s just proper. It therefore shouldn’t count as a reason to be a casual translator.

      Yea donations is a legal grey area, printed books are different because they sell multiple copies (or try to). Translations is a one-off transaction for a chapter essentially. You got the last bit backwards, it’s because they are casual translators that they dont take donations lol.

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    2. If you read my post or the tl;dr, I said I’m fine if somebody wants to take the translation. In other words, I’m perfectly okay with officially dropping the novel if someone else wants to translate it, and I have not “locked up the series” in any way, nor am I “discouraging any other translator from being able to translate this story”; in fact, I’ve done the complete opposite.

      However, as someone that has been translating CCM for a very long time now, I know that there aren’t really any people that would be willing to considering its haters base. I have already tried looking for translators before, and they have all refused. I feel that continuing to translate it until I know for sure someone else is willing to take over (ie. they contact me) is the more “responsible thing to do” as opposed to just dropping it, knowing that there is a slim chance it’ll get picked up again.

      In addition, I don’t accept donations or any other form of money because I agree with you; I don’t think I should be profiting off of someone else’s work. I am indeed what you would call a “casual translator”, but what is so bad about it? I’ve provided 300+ chapters for everyone to enjoy, and I’m not preventing any “serious translators” from picking it up; in fact, I welcome any to do so because I know I cannot commit a certain amount of chapters per week (which isn’t, by the way, defined by the physical number amount, but rather whether you can stick to the amount that you say you will do.)

      Please read carefully before you comment anything. Thank you.

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  6. Let’s put it another way. The reader is at the mercy of the translator. The only way the reader can read, is if the translator translates.

    When I start to read a translated story, there are three key variables.
    1) I hope the story is decent. This is usually the case, because why would a translator translate a poor story. So, my hope is usually a good one here.
    2) I hope the translator does a good job translating. I am actually quite forgiving on this. I don’t care if there isn’t an editor or if it’s machine translated. This is because the story can usually still be followed. Of course, I do appreciate good translations, and the better it is, the more I am willing to cough up cash for it.
    3) I hope that the translator stays the course. Meaning, that I hope they aren’t jerking my chain. Meaning, Why would I want to read a story that has no ending. I want to fall in love with the characters and I want to find out what happens to them.

    So, when it comes to translators, in my opinion, they only have one job. Finish what they started. The quality is not an issue for me. (Like I fully enjoyed the machine version of Bringing the Farm)

    If a translator doesn’t finish the job, then they a) shouldn’t call themselves a translator. And b) they are admitting that they don’t care about the readers.

    Well,. The forth variable, is 4) I hope the translation gets finished in my lifetime. Or even better, within a couple years time.

    So, to recap.
    – I like good stories.
    – I like stories written in other languages, because they contain different cultures and cultural insights.
    – I like translators, because they allow me to enjoy tales from other countries.

    I don’t like to give my trust to translators that jerk me around. Either due to irregular postings, glacial postings or quitting.

    My personal opinion, is that a translator should not ‘take up a tale’, unless they are willing to finish it. Just like I can’t read a story from an author, if the author doesn’t write it. Like the the author of TDG. He failed his readers hugely. And yes, I donated to him. This wasn’t the translators failure.

    One last rephrase.
    Stories need writers and readers. Foreign stories need an extra person – a translator.

    Writers should be committed to writing.
    Readers should be committed to reading.
    Translators should be committed to translating.

    Writers that write for a living, depend on readers to purchase their works. Readers are happy to pay for good stories.

    What readers don’t like – are poor stories and unfinished stories.
    Good Writers do their best to deliver quality Stories. Good Translators do their best to finish their Translations. Good Readers are willing to pay for good stories. I can’t see it any other way.

    Any other kind of writer, reader or translator, gets some of my disrespect.


  7. Why is casual translation not respectful? Because you are giving false hope to the readers, as the readers greatest hope is to read a good story from start to finish.. And because most writers gave their heart blood to be successful, and they hope that their works can reach lots of readers (including foreigners) – So translations are important to Authors. So casual translation is jerking both the Authors and the Readers chain.


  8. Nora, let’s say it another way. Maybe a casual writer is still taking their job of translating seriously. But that doesn’t mean that they are not simultaneously letting down the readership. This story was fun to read so far, and the translator did a good job. But they haven’t delivered the goods yet. So the readers will be disappointed.

    Any translator that finishes a tale, gets major props from me. And they get my loyalty. And they get my money. And I refer them to other readers. And I recommend them to others in the industry.

    All that besides, I have a sort of litmus test. If a translated story has over 100 chapters, then I am willing to read it. BUT. I will still be disappointed if the translator doesn’t finish the tale. More than that, I will put that translator on a no read list. More than that, I consider the translator is someone that doesn’t finish what they start, so I won’t trust them to finish what they start in other aspects of their life as well. So, if I know them personally, then I now know that they have a big red flag attached to their career goals. Etc.

    Did this translator sin? No. Are they d*mned to h3ll. No. Am I mad at the translator. More like sad and let down. Will I respect them as a translator. No. That ship has sailed.

    Unless, the story gets finished. Then I am a happy camper, and I will be happy that the translator contributed.

    Is it rare that translators drop out? No. It’s expected. But it still lets me down.


  9. Taffy,

    I do respect it when a translator delivers the quantity and quality that they commit to. I don’t respect a translator that doesn’t finish the tale. The latter trumps the former, every time.

    My opinion, when a translator starts a story, they should admit to themselves that they have a non-verbal commitment (a contract) with the author and the reader, to finish the story. Otherwise, they have broken good-faith with the reader and the writer, regardless what reasons they give.

    If you don’t finish:
    Does this make you bad person? No. Does it make you flighty? Likely. Does it let down the reader? Likely. Does it make you human? Yes. Should you be a translator? No.

    In the end, Maybe translations not for you. And for sure, you, as a translator, are not for me. Unless you finish the tale in a reasonable time frame, or get someone to pick up where you left off.

    For now, all your readers are going further and further into limbo because your translations are slowing down. And your response is, you don’t care, because you would rather be a Reader than a Translator. Fine. Now we know.


  10. Nora, I didn’t get it backwards. I am saying that casual translators shouldn’t exist. So of course, they shouldn’t take money. So using not-taking-donations as an excuse to justify Casual Translation, doesn’t fly for me.

    Is there a kind of Casual Translator that I will accept? Yep. One that’s part of a team of translators. In that way, 5 to 10 chapters can still be released weekly, even though each translator may only be doing one or more chapters a week.

    Then the Onus of Finishing goes to the Team and its Editors. And both the Author and Reader hang their hopes on the integrity of the translating ‘team’. The Team is then responsible to find substitute translators for ‘casual translators’ that flake (drop) out.

    But, if a casual translator is part of a team, then are they really a casual translator? Because they are delivering their quota. But read my previous post about finish-trumps-quota.

    Anyway. Semantics. The end result is, I like to know how the story ends. Anyone that can deliver full stories to me, makes I, your father, happy.


  11. Well, since no one has responded yet, maybe my recent thoughts weren’t welcome. I won’t comment more.

    Taffy, I will end by saying, that I definitely appreciate the 300+ translations you have done so far. That is a lot more than many translators manage to accomplish. And I also appreciate that you are still planning to post new translations now and then. Hopefully, someone will come along that wants to pick up the translating from you, and finish it all.

    And I also hope that people weren’t offended by my sharing my thoughts. I value discussion a lot. And I benefit from it.


    1. I’m offended. You’re an asshole. Do you realize how much time the translator has spent of her own FREE TIME, “pleasing” you? You don’t seem like the type of guy to understand logic, so I’ll try to keep this short. (not)
      I can’t even begin to fathom how you don’t think you are incredibly selfish, forcing your list of demands onto others and wanting them to follow your set quota of chapters.
      It’s kind of like biting the hand that feeds you. Ungrateful.

      If a translator doesn’t finish the job, then they a) shouldn’t call themselves a translator. And b) they are admitting that they don’t care about the readers.

      What. The. Fuck.
      So…. according to you… anyone that hasn’t COMPLETELY finished translating a novel can’t call themselves a translator. That’s dissing pretty much the whole community, as I can probably count the people that have completely translated a xianxia on one hand.
      I should honestly copy + paste all of your comments into the TL discord to see how they feel about your ‘thoughts’. How does that sound? :)

      For now, all your readers are going further and further into limbo because your translations are slowing down. And your response is, you don’t care, because you would rather be a Reader than a Translator. Fine. Now we know.

      Huh. How does this make any sense. The fact that she is continuing to translate even when she’s busy as fuck, shows that she cares. The one thing that I get from this is that YOU don’t care about the time and the effort that translators put into making content readable.

      This is why I donate to considerate translators that take their responsibility seriously. It’s also why it pisses me off when I find out that a translator takes the story less seriously than I and the Author do.

      This actually made me laugh. What makes you think that you are on the same level as the author and translator? What effort do you have to make compared to them? Read what they spent hours writing/translating? Huh? Does this make any sense? No.

      Also, you keep saying that you don’t respect this and that, and you are disappointed. Let me tell you what… they don’t want ‘respect’ from someone like you. What makes you think that your ‘respect’ is worth so much? Piss off.

      And I also appreciate that you are still planning to post new translations now and then.

      Thought you already ‘blacklisted’ her, buddy. Hilarious.

      Fuck off. I hope you realize how fucked up your views are, and how much of an asshole you look like right now.
      Good day.

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    2. It’s not so much that your recent thoughts weren’t welcome, or that people were offended that you were sharing your thoughts… its just that everyone who read your thoughts now thinks you’re an idiot, are unconvinced you’re capable of reading the novel to begin with due to basic literacy issues, and has now shared with random people in the internet “this fucking dallas guy” because they’re astounded you haven’t been banned from the internet. My personal belief is that you secretly are a prolific translator, probably Robert Fagles, who has a professional interest in making sure these classic Chinese epics are translated with the same perspicacity and pride that you have always translated with.

      Random person on the internet who thinks you need a hobby

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    3. dallas, your comments and arguments make you sound very entitled and ungrateful. Everyone is allowed their own opinion, but I do feel yours can be quite offensive and insensitive to others.

      I understand you love this story very much because even though you feel Taffy is ‘blacklisted’, it seems you are still willing to wait and read the new chapters.

      I do suggest you learn to read Chinese and have a go at translating your own novel. Maybe your perspective might change.

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    4. What surprises me about your comments is that you seem to believe that the effort a reader expends on a novel is somehow near equal to the work of an author or a translator. It’s far from it, I would say. Regardless of whether it is a job or a hobby (and here, it would be hilarious to actually consider reading a job), the effort of a reader cannot compare to that of an author, of a translator, or even that of an editor.

      Then, the fact that you expect people not to be offended. I believe it’s kind of a rule of the universe to feel offended when you are attacked, regardless of the reason. Your words, instead of being helpful constructive suggestions, are subjective accusative attacks – in what world does this equate to a debate??? So I would wholeheartedly agree with geekdivaherself when she says that you’re compromising and working against your own interest, and against the entire community for that matter.

      Or think about it this way:

      reading = your hobby/part of your life/way of living
      translating = her hobby/part of her life/way of living

      If someone told you that you should stop being a reader for whatever reason (and, mind you, I can think of one), would you not feel offended? Why should anyone tell you how to live? Would it be OK for me or her to tell you how to live? Of all things, a stranger should tell you how to live your life? No, and I think you would agree with me here.

      Then, what entitles you to tell others how they should live and what they should do? As a human being, if not as a reader, please have some respect for what other people choose to do with their lives.

      And please respect the effort and dedication invested in that way of life, regardless of how little or insignificant and without value you consider it to be. If it’s there, if it exists, please respect it.

      Respect it as much as you want others to respect your own work.

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  12. Zeph, your feedback is interesting and appreciated. There are definitely different ways to view this. Since you don’t want me to comment, I won’t. Take care.


    1. You don’t seem to realize that it’s people who say the kind of things you have said here (and I have read every single word you’ve written so far on this page) who wear down the earnest fan translators, recipients of donations or not, faster than anything. Also, you have been damaging your own stated goals, with the rest of us attempting to protect them.

      What you frame as obligations or near-obligations on the part of the translator are only legitimate frustrations on the part of the reader and frustrating things HAPPEN. You can feel what you want. However, you are legitimately frustrating us because we’re afraid of you legitimately frustrating her.

      If you could learn from this experience, well, I can’t guarantee that anyone else would react positively at this point, because frustrating things HAPPEN. I can only influence other people’s conduct. As for controlling or guaranteeing, I only attempt to control my own, and even that realistically sometimes takes effort due to fever or adrenaline or other influences from the human body and brain’s fallacies. I get a daily fever spike that gets worse with stress or activity due to unremitting chronic illness, for example, and my main support’s death last year at 47 has left me unable to face some simple things, although I am working on this.

      If you want people to do something, don’t yell your own viewpoint at them, which is what most people do; instead, figure out what they need to hear and how they need to hear it in order to change their mind, because you’re the one wants the change.

      Most people on this page responding to you were actually aiming to prevent you from discouraging Taffy rather than hope for anything from you, because you’re not their priority. They were actually talking to Taffy through responses to you. A few of us have the spare hope to mix in with that Taffy-laden priority. Both ways are emotionally and logically reasonable, and take the audience they are truly aiming towards into account.

      In the end, you’ve been bashing a rose’s petals, blaming it for not being a peony. Taffy is not a career translator, but a fan translator. I used to be a tech writer and editor before I got ill; I know the difference. Furthermore, this site has always set expectations appropriately. That is the earnest most that I would earnestly hope to see from any fan translator.

      Your goal seems to be to read regular chapters from fan translators (with rare career exceptions such as Demonblade) for free (or for a few donations from a subset of readers) from people who, even if they accept donations, are doing this as a potentially loney sideline to their regular life. If everyone followed your model of behavior, this model of transliteration would never would have gathered enough amateur translators to become a thing. Please consider changing. Or, to be blunt, don’t piss where you eat.

      (If that has to be edited out before posting, please replace it with, “Don’t urinate where you masticate.” Heh.)

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  13. Thanks a mill for this and all the chapters you have and will translate taffy. Never mind we can wait for the releases. I detest it when wackos spread hate about stuff they don’t understand. so I’ll keep this simple: if you don’t like the job the translator of this, or any other WN, no one is stopping you from spending a couple of months or maybe years learning the language and becoming one of your so called “serious translators”

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  14. Taffy as a reader sorry about the grief dallas seems to be dishing out. As a fellow reader all I would like to say is i have read this story about 3-4 times. I read about a 100 chapters, waited a while for another large amount to be released and recapped and kept reading. very much like how i would reread a previous Harry Potter book when a new one comes out. I very much enjoyed reading you translations, and honestly when ever I would read CCM I felt rather happy, no donation bar to make me feel like I’m letting m fav translator down.

    As a reader there was no necessary obligation on my part, no pressure, it was a good read. And finally to have a translator that actually paid attention to comments, replied, liked, interacted with most all her commenters.

    Couldn’t really ask for a better translator on my part.

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    1. Thank you, I’m glad that you enjoyed the story so much. Honestly, one of the parts I enjoy the most about translating is getting a chance to interact with others, so I always love it when I receive friendly comments like yours, or when I get the chance to chat with my readers. :)

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  15. Thanks for all your work taffy.

    Have to say I love this novel and am disappointed to hear that you’re slowing down though :(


  16. Thanks Taffy for your efforts and hard work. There would always be ungrateful people who are unable to appreciate the hard graft and dedication of others, always assuming everything can be bought…. and when they are getting something for free, instead of quietly appreciating the work, would start demanding and expecting more…. just like pampered brats. We love this novel and look forward to the new chapters despite the slow releases. Good luck with school and thank you again, grateful for your hard work :)

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  17. Thanks Taffy for all the chapters that you have done so far and might do in the future. I cant imagine the time and effort involved with translating but I do understand you are busy and have a life outside this story.

    Though I do hope there will be people willing to take up this project to make the pace of translations quicker, I do hope you are able to do quality checking for them as I feel the quality of the chapters you do is really good. :)

    Food for thought.

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    1. Of course, if someone else picks it up, I would definitely try to offer some aid when I’m free, whether it be translating, editing, or quality checking.

      I’m happy to know you think my quality is good though :)

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  18. What language would I need to master to read/translate this story. It’s like top 5 of my favorites. Also I’m happy as long as you don’t just quit but I also understand if you have to. Is there anyway I could help out that would make this easier? I just love stories and I feel useless 99% of the time :(

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Chinese is honestly an extremely difficult language, but you can definitely find various sources out there to help you learn it even if you don’t take official classes. It would take a lot of time and dedication though.


        1. You don’t need to master it to start, so don’t get perfectionist! It’s more important to get a feel for what parts you need to double check with other translators. You’ll pick up more by doing than waiting.

          Deathblade or someone else at put up a guide to learning Chinese or becoming a translator.

          I’ve studied Japanese, and I really like Heisig’s approach to learning the characters, even though I doubted it before I took the time to understand it. I believe he has a book for Chinese, too.

          I highly recommend the English Grammar for Students of [a different language] series. It gives you a review of English grammar and simultaneously contrasts it with that of the other language.

          A great book for English grammar is The Complete Idiot’s Guide to English Grammar. I don’t know about the rest of the series, but that book is excellent.

          I would also brainstorm (write down all possible ideas WITHOUT rejecting ones as being stupid) on other ways you could reinforce your learning. I look up characters that I find at (a site for machine-translated raws) at and edit a little bit there, too, as I learn gradually how to improve the entries.

          You can also support translators by making sure their novels’ pages at sites like and (which also has novels) are filled out well, have ano interesting image, have all of the tags for the categories the novel falls into, &c. Make sure to write a good review for each novel on thes pages. You can encourage others to do the same by giving them a list of direct web addresses to all pages concerning a particular novel. You can also start discussions on some aspect of the novel that you enjoy on various forums; this will help raise the visibility of the novel a bit. This will help get it more readers, which in turn will help the translator feel more appreciated.

          This is all off the top of my head, based on experience, but if you look carefully and brainstorm in any situation there’s always at least one thing you can do to make it a little better, even if it’s just a little bit. And you may be the only person who thought of it!

          So go have fun with the learning and the brainstorming. Thanks for being a person who is so willing to help out. HTH!

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          1. The guy who is helping me learn gave me some good advice. He told me to learn how to read and write and speaking will naturally follow. It’s such a hard Language but also insanely fun! Like how the word for he and she is the same but changes depending on the gender word. Or how female + child = girl and it’s the same for man. Thank you for taking the time to show me how I can help I really appreciate it. Also deathblade is the best! He gave me some very solid tips on writing my own light novel! Maybe I’ll try to get on his good side and have him teach me the tricks of the trade that is helping a translator!

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            1. Your reply made my day. It’s great, isn’t it, how learning a language with such differences gives you a whole new map of the world!

              One more tip:keep Chinese (of whatever variety) audio and some video around you as much as possible, and your brain will absorb more than you expect.


              1. Ps. That last tip came from someone who learned 10 languages and then wrote a book on how to do so.

                Heisig’s overview of his Chinese character-learning method is online. He makes some really good points. If your friend learned Chinese as a second language (instead of his native language), he might benefit from reviewing it, too.


  19. sigh well now ik why there are only 20 chapters in a couple of months, i’ll still read if you upload tho ^~^


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