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Chapter 360 – Searching for Business Opportunities Pt. 1

Nicole studied Suo Jia for a long while before she finally replied, “Alright, since you want to know, I’ll just tell you. The world within that gemstone is actually the sea realm; in other words, that space is Poseidon’s realm!”

Suo Jia stared at Nicole blankly and asked, “How is that possible? That can’t be a barrier or realm, that’s an independent world!”

“Haha…” Nicole shook her head. “If it were just large, it wouldn’t be a big deal. The issue is that the realm’s energy is absolute, while the barrier’s might is unrivalled!”

She continued, “You know about the god of the sea, Poseidon, right? He was the deity in charge of the waters. As long as he was within the sea realm, even Zeus couldn’t rival him. Do you understand? Within the realm, something normal becomes an absolute. This is what an absolute realm means, something absolutely unequalled!”

Suo Jia said with a longing expression, “Is that really true? Heavens…when can I display the might of this realm and barrier?!”

“Tch…” Nicole tsked and shook her head, “I don’t know much. All I know is that the barrier is something only Mage Deities can control, and that realms are the gods’ representative ability. However, the furthest level in human records is Mage Saint!”

Suo Jia choked and stared at Nicole as he asked incredulously, “You mean, since the beginning of humanity until now, nobody has once activated a barrier or realm?”

Nicole nodded confidently. “That’s right, it’s exactly as you just said. No human can master these two great magics. Everything I’ve said is simply from the Divine Records. The highest magic an ice mage can attain is absolute zero, which allows them to become a Mage Saint!”

“Sigh…” Suo Jia sat down on the ground in disappointment and said with a bitter smile, “After all this time, talking about all these amazing things like absolute energy and being unrivalled, everything is still the same as when I didn’t possess this Divine Artifact!”

Nicole rolled her eyes in annoyance and rebuked, “You…this isn’t a problem with the Divine Artifact, you know. This is because you don’t have the ability to activate its powerful energy. Did you think anyone could use it? Let me tell you, a Divine Artifact can only be used by a god. In your hands, that thing can’t even display 0.001% of its might.”

“Mhm…” Suo Jia nodded in understanding and replied with a bitter expression, “I already know all that. For example, that Vulcan’s Roar I sold before could only really provide a path to reaching Mage Saint rank. Once a person reaches Mage Saint rank, the Vulcan’s Roar won’t do much. It can only boost 50% for a Great Magister, and 10% for a Mage Saint. To a Mage Deity, the Vulcan’s Roar basically becomes garbage!”

“That’s right!” Nicole agreed, and triumphantly said, “That’s what it means. Basically, Legendary ranked equipment can only be used up until the Magister rank, while Epic ranked equipment can be used up until the Mage Saint rank. Once Mage Deity rank is reached, those equipment all become completely useless.”

Nicole then excitedly added, “The Divine Artifact is the exact opposite. The greater your strength is, the more might it can display. If your strength is too low, you won’t think the Divine Artifact is very powerful.”

“Yes…” Suo Jia looked at Poseidon’s Trident in his hand with regret. “In my hands, it cannot demonstrate its god-level power. The only thing I can activate is human power; the difference in levels is still too great!”

Nicole praised, “That’s exactly right. That’s why, what you need to do now is improve your strength as much as possible. The stronger you are, the stronger the Divine Artifact becomes. Even if you really do become a god, this Divine Artifact can still continue helping you!”

Just then, a shadow of green amidst the water suddenly appeared in their vision. Suo Jia excitedly stood up and pointed at it. “Nicole, quick, look at that! Isn’t that an island?!”

Nicole turned to look at the horizon gradually nearing, and calmly replied, “Yes, this is the Greater Trade Routes’ second checkpoint, Barry Island. It’s vast, but sparsely populated, and it is covered with dense forests!”

“Tch…” Suo Jia tsked and chuckled, “It’s just an island, how large can it be?”

“Eh!” Nicole blankly stared at Suo Jia for a while before replying, “You’re right, it’s not that big, just around the size of 10 Holy Light Empires. It’s very, very small…”

“What? WHAT?!” Suo Jia immediately turned to look at Nicole, who was walking towards the hold of the ship, and he asked incredulously, “What did you just say? The size of 10 Holy Light Empires?! Where in the world is there such a large island?”

Nicole didn’t answer, and went into the hold of the ship to pack up her stuff. Suo Jia watched her from behind, mentally making some calculations. It took a week to cross Holy Light Empire, which meant that just crossing this island, without doing anything else, would take 2.5 months!

As the small ship continued to advance, the green shadow in front of them gradually enlarged. The green shoreline rapidly seemed to extend in both directions. If it were a normal island, one would still be able to see its boundaries while looking at it from the ocean. But this island was really too large, to the point where one couldn’t see either end of it. All one could see was the shoreline of indeterminate length.

Suo Jia quickly pulled out a notebook and looked Barry Island up. It produced Enchantment fruits, and more importantly, was the largest source of illusion gems. There were thousands of illusion gem mines spread all over this giant island!

Of course, Barry Island wasn’t the only source of illusion gems. However…60% of all the illusion gems distributed in the Greater Trade Routes came from Barry Island, which emphasized its significance.

Suo Jia looked at a map, and made some more improvements to his plans, before…the small ship finally reached land. Suo Jia’s party of four alighted the boat and followed the path along the shoreline to enter the second checkpoint!

The relay station was unfrequented. Upon having reached this place after being stifled at the first checkpoint for who knew who long, there was no way they could bear to wait any longer. After all, this place was the main production source of the illusion gems, and these illusion gems were able to boost the might of magic equipment!

However, Suo Jia wasn’t that rushed. They first found an inn to rest for a night, and then Suo Jia gathered all the party members the next morning.

Suo Jia looked around at Xiang Yun, Roger, and Nicole, and said, “Our next step will be the same as before. I will continue to run my business while you guys go adventure around, steal some things, or do some hired mercenary jobs. No matter what, you must all be extremely careful. You will only have unlimited possibilities if you stay alive!”

Xiang Yun chuckled and replied, “Not a problem, Captain, don’t worry. I’ve been fine all these years, I won’t have any issues!”

Xiang Yun cupped his fists to gesture at the others and smiled, “In that case, I will take my leave first. I will see you again at Illusion City’s inn in half a year”

As Xiang Yun’s figure slowly faded off into the distances, Roger also stood up with a smile and impatiently said, “Then, Boss, I will take my leave too. Hehe…I hope that Boss’s business goes smoothly!” Roger waved at Nicole and Suo Jia, and swiftly bounded out of the door as well.

Suo Jia couldn’t help but feel a bit sad upon seeing the two leave. Honestly, he didn’t wish for everyone to leave, it was really too lonely. However, he also knew that this was the most suitable way. If everyone stayed together all the time, nobody’s strength would improve.

At that moment, Nicole stood up and reluctantly said, “Young Master, I don’t want to leave. Can I stay by your side? Don’t worry…I won’t bother you!”

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