KSM: Character Profiles (Ling Shi Version)

Note: I decided to translate V4 on a whim. Unfortunately, I am not officially picking up the series, as it is not something I can currently commit to with my current time and resources. I would be willing to share the Glossary I have to anyone that would like to pick up the series. For more details about why the series was dropped, read my previous post here.

I sincerely hope that this series gets picked up. If possible, please promote this series as much as you can (NUF is a great place to start), to show translators out there that this series has great potential and a dedicated fanbase. As a reminder, there is also an extensive Spoilers thread on NUF for those interested.

You can read all the older chapters on GiraffeCorps (linked below).

Disclaimer: I do not own 沉月之鑰 nor do I make profit off of it. All rights for this novel belong to the original author, 水泉. The only thing that I own are my translations. Please do not re-post this content anywhere, and if possible, support the author by buying her books!

Just a warning, I didn’t edit or do a second check of this with the book due to lack of time, so there may be some mistakes.

Translated by: TaffyGirl13

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Character Profiles (Ling Shi version)

Fan Tong: A New Resident that arrived at Eastern City this year. Because of various reasons, I cannot help but have an impression of him. Putting aside his disastrous mouth, his chosen weapon is a mop; who knows how that happened? And that mop chose him, who knows what happened there too…Currently, he’s still a target of observation, although I haven’t been monitoring him too seriously. He has some memories that are a bit dangerous, not suitable to be unsealed. However, there isn’t much hope for his tassel rank to rise much, so there isn’t need for concern there.

Luo Shi: One of Eastern City’s Five Lords of Shi. I’ve watched him grow up since he was a child. I don’t know whether to call him strong or weak. In terms of ability, it seems that his potential has not yet been triggered. Perhaps it needs a bit of stimulation? However, it’s still unknown if this child will be able to accept the position of Eastern City’s leader in the future. I don’t know what Ying thinks about it. Either way, it’s best if he does not know anything. It would be fine if continued maintaining his current status forever too.

Yue Tui: Also a New Resident. The records say he arrived last year, but I only knew about this person this year, which is a bit strange. He looks like Hui Shi, which also raises questions. His strength raises questions as well. However, based on my interactions with him, he should still be a good child, and I don’t dislike him. If he decides to peacefully live as an Eastern City New Resident, it’s fine. If not, I may need to further deal with him.

Zhu Sha: A New Resident that arrived at Eastern City this year. I don’t have any particular impression of him, since he hasn’t shown any unusual behavior or conduct after all. However, after that retard Yin heard that this person could change into a female, he actually ran over to me to ask if I could change into a female…is his brain only filled with mush?

Bi Rou: A woman from Luo Yue. She should count as a young woman that advances forward bravely, I think? Her strength is probably at the level of two golden threads. She seems to be a bit derailed, which might make her exceptionally well-matched with Yin Shi. I also find it quite admirable how she could be so enraptured by Yin to this extent. Anyways, there just doesn’t exist in this world a young woman that would so enthusiastically adore me. Sigh, who should I be blaming for this?

Mi Zhong: …Mm…Can this person not be mentioned? It makes me feel a bit annoyed. If I haven’t gotten rid of his flowers and gifts, they were probably barely stuffed aside to fill three rooms. Anyways, this world only has males that regard me so fanatically like this. I’ve had enough…

Ling Shi: I’m one of Eastern City’s Five Lords of Shi. I am the rector of Fuzhou Xuan. I mainly attend to Ying, helping her handle a few daily trifles. To me, doing things per Ying’s intentions and following all her commands are the most important. Even if she one day wants me to eliminate Yin, I would execute without any hesitation…It might even fall in line with my own intentions. Yin is truly asking to be murdered. However, such a matter would never occur, so there’s no need to think about it.

Yin Shi: One of Eastern City’s Five Lords of Shi. Rector of Shufa Xuan. A massive idiot. I don’t think there’s any need to introduce him further. No matter how great his looks are or how strong he is, it cannot hide his idiotic nature. The word idiot alone isn’t sufficient to describe him, one has to use the words massive idiot. All day long, he calls me a good brother, but he’s clearly just…Even though I felt like calling him a massive idiot was enough, I still ended up talking a bunch. He truly is someone that easily evokes others’ anger. I feel like I’ve accumulated anger for so long…

Wei Shi: One of Eastern City’s Five Lords of Shi. Substitute rector Wushu Xuan. Ah…a person that gives a sense of accomplishment when played with. I think that with him around, life in Shen Wang Dian has gained many hidden pleasurable moments, whether it’s the enmity towards me that he does not even attempt to hide, or his nature that he tries to conceal in every possible way. Seeing him panic as he tries to hide matters that I have known for ages is truly amusing. This person always makes others turn nasty. If I tell him tomorrow morning that I want to pull out a strand of fur from the cat that was picked up, I wonder what kind of expression he’ll have?

Hui Shi: One of Eastern City’s Five Lords of Shi. Rector of Wushu Xuan. Though one could say we once shared some friendly relations, it seems like this no longer holds any significance. The more pitiful one is probably Luo Shi?

Xi Ying: Eastern City’s Empress, as well the master I serve. Ever since that incident from many years ago, her temperament drastically changed. I cannot offer any comment regarding her current emotional issues. I have already done everything I could. Actually, I think she should still give up and change her target. Her [current] feelings won’t obtain any results…

Englar: Luo Yue’s Emperor. It can probably be said to be Eastern City’s greatest enemy, and it would be a happier thing for him to be eliminated? It’s just a pity that the pool’s rebirth abilities continue on, so it’s impossible to truly kill him. But according to past events, killing him is unfortunately not a simple task either. For a child to reach the strength of three golden threads and reach the realm of weapon transformation with Heaven-Gathering Flame…How does Luo Yue raise their emperors? Just thinking about it makes me feel chills of disgust.

Yi Ye: Luo Yue’s Magic Sword Guard. I’ve fought him once, he’s stronger than me. He seemed to be the type of fanatic that seeks pleasure in fighting, though I sometimes become that type of maniac too, so I don’t quite have the right to criticize others. The only impression left I have of him is that he’s very strong and very short. I’m not throwing shade at him; I know that his only impression of me remaining is probably unkillable and woman.

Ya Mei Die: Another Magic Sword Guard. A fellow that I’ve heard of quite often, since he is the Magic Sword Guard that Yin mentions the most. Yin always calls him an idiot, but I think that anyone that sees Yin and instantly has an expression that says, “Crap, how could I be unlucky enough to bump into you again” should be counted as within the scope of a normal person. In comparison, Xiao Rou, who immediately got heart eyes from seeing Yin, is a bit more like an idiot…

Ao Ji San: Magic Sword Guard. Never met him. It’s said that he always stays in Luo Yue and doesn’t really come out. Perhaps I’ll meet him on a future battlefield…Who knows? However, he seems to also have three golden threads. The world has another person that I cannot defeat. It truly makes me feel very unhappy.

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5 thoughts on “KSM: Character Profiles (Ling Shi Version)

  1. “It’s just a pity that the pool’s rebirth abilities continue on, so it’s impossible to truly kill him. ”

    This, isn’t this line like a huge spoiler for the reveal during vol 10?? Also wow, I think Ling Shi and Naerxi could probably bond over their hatred of those with three golden threads XD

    Liked by 1 person

          1. Can’t disagree with that although since I was reading from online raws I never got the chance to read the character intros so I was SHOOK when I found out the truth about Yue Tui and her. I mean I still didn’t liker her all that much even after the reveal but it made some of what she did make so much more sense.


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