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Chapter 5: Inability isn’t an illness, treating it can be fatal

The professor that wore a suit just like an English gentleman was using an authentic English accent to explain grammar.

In order to line up with Taiwan’s senior high school curriculum, Fu Xing had chosen to take English class.

While English was a common subject, it still took place in the specialized instruction building like the special ability courses. Due to the effect of the Babel Tower’s Stone on campus, the circumstances made it impossible to differentiate the specific language used for instruction. As a result, any language-related classes had to take place in a special classroom with a separate ward set up.

Fu Xing was absent-minded, his head propped up in his hands. When he idly stared at the markings on his palm, a gloominess would automatically surge through him. “Sigh….”

“What’s the matter?” From the seat next to him, Emerald used Finnish to ask in concern.

Fu Xing shook his head. “Emerald, I can’t understand.” He pointed at his palms with a helpless expression.

Emerald understood his intent and gazed back sympathetically.

After the middle recess, Fu Xing left the classroom and skipped the second half of class in the afternoon to hang around the garden alone and relieve some of his stress.

Out of habit, he walked to the corner near the main bailey and was delighted to find Youny sitting there, reading. Fu Xing immediately strode forwards and sat next to Youny to chat idly topic after topic and sharing about the recent events.

“…In order to help Emerald, I ended up dropping into the female baths, and was even transported to Samukawa’s room!”

“Sounds quite exciting,” Youny replied as he flipped a page of his book.

“Oh, let me tell you something interesting! Did you know that Samukawa’s true appearance isn’t his usual scowling face?”

“Ah, yes.”

“You already knew?” Fu Xing asked, his spirits somewhat dampened.


Fu Xing lay down on the grass, gazing up at the blue sky. “No idea how Samukawa became like that.”

“He angered a certain ancient eudemon and was cursed as a result,” Youny indifferently answered.

“I see.” Eudemon? Sounds a bit mystical. “But this curse isn’t that severe. Don’t curses usually result in people losing an arm or breaking a leg, or suffering in pain until death?”

“That’s because Samukawa had no place in the eudemon’s eyes at all. To the eudemon, Samukawa was just like a chihuahua, a rampant, little demon.” Youny’s lips curled upwards. “Moreover, since the form is restricted, the ability is also restricted. Considering Samukawa’s status as a tengu, coming to teach is already quite frustrating.”

“Is that so?” He did not really understand how the ranks and positions of special animate beings were defined. “Oh, right, then did you know that Samukawa places little rubber duckies in his bathtub when he bathes?”

Youny paused, then laughed as he said, “That I did not know.”

Fu Xing smugly continued, “And also, he even adds bubbles to the water, with peach scent.”

“That really is quite unexpected.” Youny closed his book and looked at Fu Xing. “Did you run into more trouble again this time?”


“There’s a mark on your palm.”

“Sigh, I received another order.” Fu Xing sat up and scratched his head. “Plus, this time the mission is to retrieve a transmorphed pawprint from Brad…”

“Oh, that won’t be easy. Werewolves typically only transform into their beast form when they’re angry or extremely weakened.” Youny tilted his head in thought. “In your case, infuriating him would be easier.”

“Yeah, and then he’d use the transmorphed claw to rip a bloody hole through my chest, wouldn’t he?!” Fu Xing grumbled indignantly, “Why are werewolves so hard to interact with?! Just like the supernatural beings in movies! Brutal and hard to get along with!”

It’s not just him, but Leon too! Even the other people in class all felt strange to him, different from normal people—though they weren’t “people” to begin with. But interacting with these “people” seemed extremely difficult for him to grasp. It was hard for him to understand their thoughts.

“Not supernatural beings, they’re special animate beings,” Youny mildly corrected.

“I know. Sorry, I momentarily slipped up and said the term I was used to before.” Fu Xing paused for a moment. “Speaking of which, why isn’t it supernatural beings?”

“Because we are the same as other life forms, created from nature. That term is what humans wanted to call us due to their own race’s desires.” Youny’s gaze looked off into the distance.

“From the way I see it, humans are the supernatural beings, and a negative existence…”

“It’s not that bad, is it? They should have a good side too.” He knew that quite a few special animate beings harboured negative feelings towards humans. It was just like opposite political positions, with neither side being right nor wrong.

“Special animate beings are very easy to interact with, much simpler and more straightforward than humans. You’ve stayed in human society for too long, which is why you’re still not quite used to it. You will understand after a while.”


Youny chuckled, then suddenly furrowed his brows.

“What’s wrong?”

“I must leave.” Youny stood up and smiled bitterly, “Let’s chat next time there’s an opportunity!”

“Oh, okay.”

“As a side note, your potential is unlimited. Don’t undervalue yourself.” Youny shot a meaningful glance at him.


They had to discuss the Halloween checkpoint setup in Friday’s class meeting. As the class representative, Fu Xing headed over to the library very early in the morning to search for related materials. Shalom’s library was very large, and just as old. A majority of the books had been published two centuries ago.

Despite being ancient, there were some modern parts as well. There was a computer at the entrance for one to search books and easily locate resources.

Fu Xing arrived at the school history section and flipped through the files there. The Halloween trial event had started since the school was established. However, changing it into a test of courage format had happened closer to a few decades ago.

Having already been at Shalom for over a month, he was already used to the lifestyle here, as well as the world of special animate beings. While there were still many things he was ignorant about, he was at least not constantly making a fuss over every little thing as he had in the beginning. He had a general grasp on the subjects he was studying. Although he still frequently lost control when using spells, he could at least activate them.

The only thing that troubled him was his special ability.

Up until now, he still could not transform [parts] or switch forms. This condition was extremely disadvantageous for the Halloween trial.

In the afternoon, Fu Xing brought his textbooks and headed over to the vicinity of forest area near the main bailey in search of Youny, hoping the other person would be able to tell him some tricks.

“Go ask Rocort to help you.” Youny smiled, and after leaving behind this extremely unreliable-sounding suggestion, leisurely left.

Fu Xing felt bored, so he walked back to the dorm. Just as he arrived at the common hall on the first floor, he bumped into Rocort carrying a wicker basket.

“You’re heading out?” Fu Xing asked.

“Yep, I’m going to the field in the south area.”

“To do what?”

“Picnic.” Rocort lifted the basket in his hands and waved it. “Taking a nap after eating while outside in this kind of weather feels great. Do you want to come too, Fu Xing?”

“Sure.” It wasn’t as if he had anything to do anyways.

Fu Xing slowly strode through the campus with Rocort. It was not long before the south area’s small white flowers in full bloom appeared before them. The pair found some shade under a tree and sat down on the ground.

“What did Fu Xing bring a textbook for? Changing classes?” Rocort asked in curiosity as he began to eat the sandwiches he had requested from the kitchens.

“Nah, that’s not it. I wanted to practice on my own.”

“Why practice? Is Fu Xing that stupid?”

If it weren’t for the fact that he knew what Rocort’s character was like, he definitely would have believed Rocort was shaming him.

“Yeah, I’m not as smart as you.” After dropping the somewhat sour reply, Fu Xing thought of Youny’s suggestion.

Ask Rocort for help? Would that really be of any use…But, he had seen Rocort take many classes without any incidents occurring, so it seemed like he did have some tricks.

Desperate times call for desperate measures!

“Rocort, help me!”


“Help me transform!”


“I get the contents of the book and understand the steps the teacher said too. But I always fail when I actually try it. I beg of you, please teach me!”

“I see.” Rocort nodded and pondered this for a moment. “Fu Xing is a jingguai-type. When a jingguai-type transforms, they should be reverting to their original form, right?”

“Mhm, mhm.”

“So it should count as a success if Fu Xing changes into a bat?”

“Yeah, that’s correct.” It sounded easy, but he just had no idea how to do it.

Rocort sat up. “Sure, I’ll teach you.” He lifted Fu Xing’s hand. “It’s very simple. Just like this…”

Isn’t that too fast! “Oi-oi-oi, wait a minute—”

Fu Xing had no time to stop Rocort before the latter closed his eyes and took in a deep breath. Fu Xing sensed a strange flow of energy pass through his palm and enter his body.

Fu Xing’s eyes widened. What is this?

A warm halo of light instantly flashed before his eyes, the illumination instantly fading, making it hard for him to tell if he had truly seen it or if he had been mistaken with his blurred vision. He felt some kind of change in his body that did not quite seem real either, like a sealed door slowly being pushed away from the frame. At that moment, there was a type of emptiness as if he was being removed from space-time.

“Think of a bat’s appearance.”

Rocort’s voice rang next to his ear. Fu Xing dazedly followed the instruction and dimly focused on his own thoughts, recalling the photos of bats he had seen on the internet back then.

“Alright,” Rocort’s voice spoke again.

When Fu Xing returned to his senses and turned his head, he discovered that Rocort had vanished without a trace. Moreover, his line of vision had suddenly become very low; the grass on the ground was nearly eye-level.

“It’s done, Fu Xing.”

Fu Xing shifted his head again to see a single bat standing next to him, speaking with Rocort’s voice.

“Rocort?!” He cried out in astonishment. “You turned into a bat?!”

He had thought that a fairy’s transformation was limited to their skin colour and their height. Or, could this be illusory magic? Emerald had said that fairies were skilled at illusory magic—

“Does Fu Xing want to try flying?”

“Flying?” Fu Xing lowered his head and discovered that his own external appearance had changed.

Below his round, furry stomach were two black, thin and short legs. Connected to his arms were two dark, webbed wings. He touched his head to find two large and pointed ears on top of the round skull.

He had also changed into a bat!

“Thank you, Rocort.” Fu Xing excitedly looked at his new form and flapped his wings. Originally, he had wanted to try roaming through the skies, but the sunlight was too painful to the eyes for the current him. “How do I change back?”

“Same way. Just recall what you felt just now, imagine your human form, and that’s it.” As soon as Rocort said this, his body also returned to its original handsome appearance.

“Oh, okay!” Fu Xing closed his eyes and thought back to the sensation from before. He tried his best to grasp that energy inside his body, but it was hard to get a hold of. It was difficult to gather his strength, as if he was trying to run in water.

“Does Fu Xing like the bat form that much?” Rocort chewed on a waffle as he said, “But it’s not very suitable under the light right now. It’ll be more comfortable later.”

“No, that’s not it!” Before he could even relish in the joy of transforming for the first time, he sank under a wave of fear instead. “Rocort, I can’t seem…to change back…”

“How could that be?” Rocort’s brows knit together. “Turning back should be easier? Fu Xing, recall the feeling from just now, and focus your mind…”

Fu Xing closed his eyes and tried his best to repeat the steps from before.

…An hour passed. The setting sun spilled out an orange glow to illuminate the clouds as it slowly descended between the mountains. There were two long shadows stretched out on the south area’s fields.

One of a human figure, the other of a bat figure.

“What do I do!” Fu Xing anxiously exclaimed, “What if I can’t turn back anymore!”

“Don’t worry, Fu Xing’s current appearance is also very cute!” Rocort hurriedly consoled. “I-I’ll go look for Emerald to help!”


Emerald sat on the sofa in the room, staring at the bat squatted on the coffee table. After a while, he reached out his second finger to poke the bat’s round stomach.

“What are you doing!” Fu Xing used his wing to push away the hand in annoyance.

“This is the first time I’ve seen the condition of being unable to change forms. Although saying this is quite rude—” Emerald let out a snort. “I think it’s hilarious.”

“Emerald!” You’re laughing at this kind of time?!

“Want to go find Grod for help?” Emerald asked,

“Don’t! It’s too embarrassing!” As if he wanted that!

“Besides, this type of scenario is very unusual. They might end up capturing you and dissecting you for research.” Emerald’s roommate, a spider spirit from Yunnan named Dan Juan, calmly voiced this conclusion.

Originally, Fu Xing had not wanted others to know about his situation. However, Emerald had repeatedly ensured that Dan Juan was reliable, so Fu Xing could only reluctantly accept it.

“Emerald, don’t you have a bunch of strange herbs and dried meats? Give some to Fu Xing to eat,” Dan Juan suggested.

“Those medicinal ingredients are super expensive.” Emerald raised a brow.

Fu Xing emotionally said, “I’ll pay! Don’t worry about suffering any losses!”

“Don’t be so mad,” Emerald scratched his check apologetically. “I was just joking.” As soon as he said this, he turned to enter his bed area and came back out with a huge case.

Emerald placed the wooden case on the ground and opened. There were three layers inside, with each layer separated into dozens of small spaces by crossed planks of wood. Each space was filled with various medicinal ingredients and materials used for spells.

“Let me see…” Emerald lowered his head to evaluate the various items inside the case. After thinking for a while, he took out bundle of long, dark brown hay and pulled out one piece. “Try this transformation grass.”

Fu Xing used his small claws to take the blade and swallowed, his face twisting together. “So bitter…”

“You need to grind this into a powder and soak in hot water to have an effect.”

“Then what did you give it to me for?!”

“I just wanted you to hold it first, you were the one that was too rash.”

Emerald tossed the powdered hay into some prepared hot water and gave it to Fu Xing to drink after three minutes.

“Mm, it’s not that bitter anymore.” Moreover, it had a sweet aftertaste. “But aside from becoming tastier, it doesn’t seem to have any effect…” Fu Xing let out a long sigh as he looked at his black wings.

“Then try these and see.” Emerald took out two black pills and directly pushed them into Fu Xing’s mouth.

“Cough! So spicy!” Fu Xing swallowed it after much difficulty.

“Ooooh!” Rocort let out an amazed shout.

“What? It’s effective?!”

“Your nose turned pink.” Dan Juan pushed a glass of water in front of Fu Xing so that he could see his own reflection. “And you now have an extra pair of rabbit ears.”

“What crazy thing is this?!” I really look like a monster!

“Not really, it seems like it would give good fortune…”

“Then try this one.” Emerald poured a faintly blue liquid into a spoon for Fu Xing to drink.

“So stinky!”

“Oh, at least the rabbit ears disappeared. Now you’re just a pink-nosed bat.”

“How is that any use!”

“Then try this one.”

“So cold!”

“And this one.”

“So sweet!” Oh, I can finally understand the hardships of Shennong tasting those hundreds of herbs…

“Then this one?” Rocort used a spoon to scoop up a paste a bit like an ointment from a pink jar, passing it to Fu Xing.

Fu Xing sniffed the fruity, white paste and then took a bite. “What is this?! Although it’s fragrant, it’s really bitter! And my tongue stings!”

“Sorry,” Dan Juan let out a light cough. “That was my hair cream…”

“What!” Fu Xing hurriedly spat out the remaining hair cream from his mouth. “Pffft! Rocort, you were actually messing with me!”

“I saw it placed there and thought it was also medicine. Sorry, Fu Xing!”

“Fortunately, he didn’t grab the other bottle.” Dan Juan smiled and said, “That one has a strong alkali for cleaning.”

Fu Xing glared at Rocort before helplessly asking, “Emerald, do you have any other medicine?”

“You’ve eaten all the useful and useless ones, seems like none have any effect.”

“What do I do…”

“Go and ask Zhu Yue? She’s also a jingguai type, maybe she would know more,” Dan Juan recommended.

What? Zhu Yue! As if I want to embarrass myself in front of a girl! “Um, I think—”

Before Fu Xing could object, the other three had already accepted this suggestion.

“I’ll go find her.” Emerald stood up. “You guys go and wait in the garden behind the common building. That place is a bit more hidden.”

“Alright.” Rocort grabbed Fu Xing as if he was hugging a doll. “Come on, let’s go, Fu Xing.”

“I can walk…fly by myself!”

“It’s not a problem. Fu Xing is a patient that needs to be carefully taken care of,” Rocort said as he rubbed the fur on Fu Xing’s body, occasionally lightly pinching his ears and stomach as well.

What patient, you’re clearly treating me as a pet!


Emerald went to the female dorms to bring rescuers over. Ten minutes later, two helpers arrived.

The first ones were Zhu Yue and Taeharu.

“Sorry, she was also present,” Emerald explained. “Besides, I heard that tanuki spirits are knowledgeable in medicine. Perhaps she can help.”

“Leave it to me!” Taeharu had the face of a Japanese doll, with neatly cut bangs. She had medicinal pot in her arms, and she confidently declared, “This is our clan’s secret mystical medicine that has been passed down through generations. It can cure hundreds of ailments!”

However, it could not cure the unusual condition of being unable to transform.

“I’ll go back and look for some other medicines!” Taeharu’s expression was deeply apologetic as she ran back towards the dorms with the medicinal pot.

When she returned, she not only had medicine with her, but two other people as well.

“I heard Taeharu say there was something interesting going on.” The fox spirit Momiji wore a Japanese-style kimono and gave off a charming air as she spoke with an enchanting smile.

“This isn’t a joke, Momiji,” Dan Juan coldly stated.

“Being so serious will make you less popular among girls.” Momiji narrowed her eyes and shot Dan Juan an amorous look before shifting her gaze towards Fu Xing. “Try the fox spirit’s healing technique.” Momiji reached out to place a hand on Fu Xing’s body. Soon afterwards, her palm began to glow.

Fu Xing felt his body become more comfortable. The soreness from his waste and ache from his back instantly vanished.

Yet, his form did not change.

“No effect, huh.” Momiji curiously patted Fu Xing on the head. “Seems like the issue is pretty serious. I’ll go back and look for other things.”

After Momiji returned from the dorm with a cloth bag, another person came [too].

“Oho? What a truly unique situation,” Rachel chuckled. She was the darkblood girl with long, wavy, auburn hair that had called Brad a “stupid pup” in the classroom back then.

“Just like what I said,” Momiji proudly stated.

“This place isn’t an exhibition of rare creatures,” Dan Juan reprimanded.

“I didn’t come to watch,” Rachel smiled back in response while pulling out a glass bottle and passing it Fu Xing. “Not sure if the darkbloods’ special medicine will be of any use?”

Fu Xing supported the bottle and carefully took a sip of its contents. It stung his tongue so badly that he nearly lose his senses.

“So disgusting….” His throat seemed as if it was on fire.

“I would think so.” Rachel grinned, “After all, it’s for external application.”

“What!” Why not say so earlier! “Then, where do I apply it?”

“Anywhere that has an issue.” Rachel picked up the bottle. “If it’s your entire body that has an issue, then…” She tilted the bottle, and the oily fluid directly poured down onto Fu Xing’s head.

“Argh!” What a horrible feeling.

“Looks like it doesn’t have any effect.”

Everyone sunk deep into their thoughts, and it was completely silent for a moment. Three minutes later, they all chorused together:

“I’ll go back and look for another method!”


The crowd dispersed, leaving only Rocort to guard Fu Xing.

Ten minutes later, everyone that had left each came back with their own “methods”.

“This is Ghostmoth’s Fire-eye. It’s extremely effective for healing wounds caused by special abilities.” A beastman from their class, Jed Jules, wore a clear and bright smile as he said this.

“This is toad grease, it gives great results.” Kuronuma Yayoi, a kappa that always had the appearance of a sexy, Japanese girl, daintily lifted a bottle with her crystal fingernails and waved it in front of Fu Xing.

“A snow elf’s ice crystal,” a female elf named Katrina gently said.

“Want to try this salamander’s horn?” The normally silent and impassive darkblood, Isaac Nyeva, had also come.

“This is magic water from Linglu Palace.” Pheasant spirit Mo Ling held up a cup with ash-coloured powder sunk to the bottom of it. “This can definitely break your curse!”

“This is the one that would work—”, “Try this one first—“, “This one too—”

Almost all the members of Class 1-C had gathered. A crowd of people came carrying their own things, like envoys offering tributes, eager to give. Fu Xing was in the middle, surrounded. He was forced to swallow and rub on all kinds of bizarre medicinal ingredients and was so disoriented that his vision was starting to blur.

Heavens! He suddenly felt that just idly living as bat wasn’t that bad either…Who can come and save me!

That corner of the garden was now bustling loudly with noise.

Atop a white birch tree nearby, a lanky and slim figure quietly stood on the branches while watching with amusement the lively situation below.

Hah, not bad. So many people came to help…It should be enough now. I’ll act before he’s worn down to death.

He stretched a hand out and bent his fingers to lightly snap them together in the air. An invisible energy spread out in ripples, surrounding Fu Xing wave after wave.

“Huh?” Although Fu Xing was distracted from fiddling around with all the weird medicines, in that moment, he felt a different sensation seem to seep into his body.

The next instant, the round bat began to transform. Its limbs elongated, its body stretched upwards. In less than a minute, it turned into a human form.

Fu Xing blinked downwards and surveyed his own body. He had changed back!

“Ohhh! It’s a success!” Delighted cries rang out soon after.

“Thank you!” Although Fu Xing was not sure how he had returned to his original [form], he was still touched as he looked at everyone and sincerely said, “If it wasn’t for everyone’s help, I’d be doomed! I’m really very grateful!”

“I told you my medicine had an effect.” Emerald proudly declared, “It must have been that the medicine had taken up until now to act.”

“No, it’s my grass.”

“It’s my grease!”

“Lies, it’s clearly my magic water!”

After only two seconds of silence, the scene once again fell into chaos.

“Eh, guys, don’t fight.” Fu Xing hurriedly placated, “I’m extremely grateful no matter whose medicine it was. It’s getting late, so everyone should go back and rest…”

“No!” Mo Ling glared at Emerald. “If I don’t prove it’s my medicine that worked, people might have a low opinion of me!”

“That’s what I wanted to say.”

“Fu Xing! Again! Let’s try again!”

“Eat my grease first!”

“And my magic water!”

“And this medicinal water too!”

Fu Xing felt chills down his spine when he saw the bottles and pots being pushed in front of him.

“Spare me!”


The next day, Fu Xing spent all his free time after class ended concentrating on the Halloween activity.

Luckily, as a result of the commotion of his transformation, Fu Xing had gotten quite a bit closer to his classmates. Many people were willing to provide assistance as support, and their work progressed very smoothly.

In Friday’s class meeting, everyone gathered inside the classroom to discuss the upcoming Halloween trial.

Fu Xing stood in front of the blackboard and explained the materials he had searched up, as well as the work distribution. “…These are the main matters to take note of. Anyone that has any thoughts on the checkpoint set-up can speak up.”


A light cough from below reminded Fu Xing. “Oh, right. Also, Emerald helped us scope out the situation the other classes are in. So I’ll ask Emerald to come up and talk about this part—”

Emerald elegantly stood up and walked up to the platform. “The other classes have progressed a bit further than us, but I think that most of them are working to no avail. Class A and Class D are going down the traditional route of scaring people. They plan on dressing up as things like deceased spirits, zombies, and demons. In particular, Class D has been gathering in their classroom to watch horror films these past few days. This is why there has frequently been howls of laughter coming form the fourth floor recently.”

Emerald coughed. “The ones that we need to keep closer watch on are Class B and Class E. From my knowledge, Class B has decided on giving up the points from having a ‘scary checkpoint’ to focus entirely on an ‘attack checkpoint’, using their power to prevent the other classes’ execution groups from reaching the endpoint.”

Here, Emerald lowered his voice and neared Fu Xing. “Speaking of which, Class B’s representative is from the same place as you. Look at just how much trouble you’re able to cause.”

“What the hell does that have to do with me?” It wasn’t as if he had asked the other person to do this! However, Emerald’s words made Fu Xing a bit curious. He did not know that there was actually someone among the new students that had come from the same place as him. Wonder what race they are?

“Mn, next is Class E.” Emerald continued, “The tricky part about Class E is that their members are generally on the older side among the new students, and the abilities seem to be stronger as well. I’ve heard the Class E has four or five students that have accumulated over 200 points.” He looked up and shrugged, unconcerned. “They’re clearly too idle.”

Fu Xing raised a brow. Accumulated over 200 points? He had scanned his ring the day before yesterday; he had only gathered forty points. Moreover, most of the points had been from the human sociology class. Aren’t Class E’s people really…a bit too antisocial?!

After Emerald left the platform, everyone began to whisper to each other, seemingly having no small amount of criticisms and opinions about the enemy’s situation.

“Everyone, there’s no need to worry. We still have two and a half weeks, which is plenty of time,” Fu Xing loudly stated, drawing everyone’s attention back. “The class that won first-place eight years ago took only two days to finish preparing and setting up their checkpoint.”

Speaking of which, that class’s representative had been his older sister. Even though she had clearly only stayed in school half the time, she had managed to plan out and lead the entire class’s activity. It was no wonder that so many teachers still remembered her.

The class meeting continued on, and an hour quickly passed. Everyone dispersed to head off to their next classrooms or the dorms. Fu Xing, Emerald, and Zhu Yue chatted together as they walked. Rocort followed them as well, with a bag of cookies he had brought out from the dining hall, carefully eating as he walked alongside.

“Who knows how the other classes have progressed? I really want to see what kind of checkpoints they set up.” Fu Xing casually reached into Rocort’s bag to grab a cream-filled cookie from the bag and stuffed it into his mouth.

“Don’t worry, we won’t be inferior to them.” Emerald paused for a moment. “Hm, at least, there’s still Class D taking the bottom place.”

“True…” This type of encouragement wasn’t inspiring at all. “Oh right, who is Class B’s representative? Why race are they? Where in Taiwan are they from?” He was very curious about the identity of this person that had come from the same place.

Emerald shot Fu Xing a sideways glance. “What, you want to chase after her? One jar of charm potion is 10mL. With the friendship discount, it’s five euros.”

“You’re totally off! I just—Wait a minute, she’s a girl?”

“Yep. A cat spirit named Flora.”

“Flora?” That name’s way too unique!

“She lives in the dorm next to me. I’ve heard she’s a first generation. The name was probably her name as a cat. Most first gens directly use their old names,” Zhu Yue added.

A first generation was someone that had become a jingguai through their own cultivation rather than having been given birth to by jingguai parents. For example, Fu Xing was a jingguai birthed from jingguai, therefore called second generation.

“What kind of person is she?”

“How should I say it…” Zhu Yue tilted her head in thought. “Hm, she’s like Fu Xing, very similar to a human. But she’s not quite the same as Fu Xing either….eh, I mean that her words and actions are more similar to a human’s. I’m not that close with her, so I can’t say much.”

“I see…” Really makes me curious. “Point her out to me in our next compulsory course.”

They arrived at the dorm area. The male and female dorms were built in different corners, so Fu Xing and the others bid farewell to Zhu Yue when they arrived in front of the male dorms.

“See you tomorrow.”

“Wait, Fu Xing.” Zhu Yue stopped Fu Xing, then reached a hand out towards his face to gently wipe her thumb at the corner of his mouth.

“There were cookie crumbs.” Zhu Yue retracted her hand and lightly flicked off the crumbs from her finger.

Fu Xing felt his face heat up slightly from embarrassment, and he immediately lowered his head as he gave a vague reply. Zhu Yue’s face was very close to his. The evening breeze carried her sweet scent mixed with the taste of the sea, causing his heart to pound.

“Ah, um, thank you…”

Zhu Yue was like a kind-hearted older sister that accompanied and took care of him. He liked her, but not the kind of like between a man and a woman. Rather, it was a [feeling of] pure friendship, simply wanting her to be happy. If only his older sister had even a tenth of the warmth Zhu Yue had!

After watching Zhu Yue leave, Fu Xing, Emerald, and Rocort walked towards the male dorms. Then, as soon as they reached the entrance, they were blocked by a sturdy body fuming with rage.

Brad stood outside the gates. When he saw Fu Xing approach, he walked forwards to cut off his path.

Here we go again…

Facing the furious Brad, Fu Xing gathered the courage to say, “Good-good evening, Brad.” This time, with Emerald and Rocort with him, Fu Xing felt a bit braver. “Is something the matter?”

He understood that there were times when a person would find another displeasing to the eye for absolutely no reason. However, Brad’s hatred directed at him did not seem to be something that could be explained as simply “finding someone to be an eyesore”.

Brad did not respond. His dark blue eyes were filled with flames as he maliciously glared at Fu Xing, as if trying to kill him through his gaze alone.

“Mm, or is that you had some opinion about the Halloween activity that you wanted to tell me?” Fu Xing tried his best to maintain his smile as he asked this.

The next instant, Brad abruptly reached out to grab Fu Xing’s collar and yanked him so that they were face-to-face.

“Oi! You—” Rocort yelled out to try and stop it. Fu Xing was afraid of Emerald getting involved [too], so he shot the other a look to stay quiet.

“You’d better not act too full of yourself…” Brad growled out through gritted teeth.

Despite being at a disadvantage, Brad’s words offended Fu Xing. “What do you mean?”

“Don’t think that everyone falls for your tricks…” Brad sneered, then forcefully tossed him aside before spinning around to leave.

“What in the world did you do to him?” Emerald asked as he helped Fu Xing up.

“I have no idea!”

“Did Fu Xing steal Brad’s food? Or grab his favourite dish?”

“I don’t have a passion for eating raw meat!”

“That’s true. Then this really is bizarre.”

“It always was!”

“Then, how do you plan on obtaining his beast pawprint?”

“Hah, good question.” A halo suddenly flashed around Fu Xing. “That’s right, Emerald. If I make Brad eat the charm potion, will he listen to me as a result?!”

“Eh, that’s a very good point. But if you really did do that, you might be in a lot of pain.”


“Think about what a werewolf in the heat would do.”

Fu Xing froze for a moment before he understood, then shuddered at the stupid idea he had thought of himself. Way too terrifying.


After dinner that night, Fu Xing returned to the dorms and began the extremely boring task of organising the textbooks and teaching materials that had been passed down to him today.

Soon afterwards, there was the sound of the door being opened. Leon had returned.

“Good evening, Leon!” How rare! He had actually met Leon! “Right, your group’s questionnaire still hasn’t—”

Leon did not even lift his head, completely ignoring Fu Xing’s existence as he directly entered his bed area.

“You’re seriously so hard to get along with!” Fu Xing couldn’t help but mutter the complaint as he walked back to his own bed area.

“You are too.”

But Leon’s words made him extremely upset.

“How am I hard to get along with! I’ve always acted with goodwill towards you, yet you’re always raining on my parade.” However, this attitude made him think of a specific person. “You’re quite similar to my older sister. Oh yeah, do you have any siblings?”

Leon fell silent once more, refusing to respond.

“I really want to see how you interact with your family…Do you use that kind of attitude with siblings too?” Fu Xing muttered as he continued to organize the materials from today.

“No.” Contrary to Fu Xing’s expectations, Leon actually replied.

“Eh?” What? He’s responding now? Who would’ve thought that family was Leon’s topic! “Hm, so, you have siblings?”

Leon did not answer. This guy is so troublesome. It’s impossible to get a hold of what the criteria for him to reply to questions is.

“What is your sibling’s name?”


“Is that so…” This was his first time chatting with Leon! Perhaps if he continued talking like this, they could develop a friendship! “Then, why didn’t Lia come to Shalom together with you?”

“Because she’s dead.”

The casual, conversational atmosphere that had been created after much difficulty instantly turned into an unbearable awkwardness.

“Sorry…” Fu Xing did not know how to continue. He had never been able to get out of heavy topics like this before.

Leon did not respond, and the room fell quiet.

He guessed that Leon and Lia’s relationship must have been very good. The Leon that had always regarded him with disdain had actually answered his questions normally this time.

Fu Xing thought of himself and Fu Qing. Although they always bickered, he would definitely feel very sad if Fu Qing died. As he pondered this, he suddenly felt himself dispel [his feelings] towards Leon’s rude attitude in the past.

[I] wonder what kind of person Lia was.

[I] wonder if Lia’s death has any relation to Leon’s antisocial personality…

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One thought on “FXDL V1C5

  1. The part where everyone was trying to help Fu Xing was actually pretty cute. But uhh, was that Youny?
    Judging from the sleeptalking it seems like Leon and Lia had a sweet relationship, maybe she was younger. It seems like since Leon is pretty willing to talk about her, would he actually mind if Fu Xing asked more?
    Thanks for the translation!

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