TRA V1 Epilogue

And that’s a wrap for the first volume! What a crazy start to a series, isn’t it? Look forward to the next volume! If you enjoyed the story, don’t forget to share it with others too~

Translated by: TaffyGirl13

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On an evening two weeks later, Ye Xiao received an anonymous text containing a photo.

“Officer Yu, I forgot to tell you that true mermaids actually do not eat humans. Only ones that have transformed from a human into a mermaid by eating mermaid flesh will eat humans, the price they pay for their greed. However, since I have already arrived at this world, I will try my best to search for my reason to continue living. Thank you for every single word you have said to me. Thank you for everything you have done for me. Good-bye forever.”

The photo attached to the text was a seascape that was more beautiful than one could ever imagine. The clear azure ocean sparkled with gold as it reflected the setting sun. The dreamlike landscape was like heaven on Earth.

“Is this the enchantingly beautiful and mystical territory?”

Ye Xiao murmured quietly to himself and smiled as he closed his phone. For some reason, he was in particularly high spirits.

Perhaps it was because the incident of monsters attacking humans had already ended. Perhaps it was because he had just been commended by his boss. Or perhaps it was because he would receive his salary today?

In any case, he felt exceptionally happy and relaxed, and he unconsciously began to hum a small tune.

Su Mu glanced at him with furrowed brows as he quietly tidied up his case files and put on his jacket to head home after work. However, the instant he reached the office door, he heard a voice behind him.

Ye Xiao ran over, beaming as he wrapped an arm around Su Mu’s shoulders. “Come on, let’s grab a meal together!”

Su Mu shot him a look and unceremoniously swatted the arm away from his shoulder as he coldly replied, “Sorry, I prefer eating alone.”

Ye Xiao laughed out loud. Completely ignoring the other’s wishes, he reached out an arm to try resting it on the other’s shoulder’s again as he generously exclaimed, “Don’t worry! We’re getting paid today, so it’ll be my treat! I’ll treat you to hotpot!”

Su Mu shifted his body to dodge the twisting arm as he expressionlessly stated, “Then first pay back for the last time’s meal, soda, and that one night’s lodging.”

Ye Xiao was taken aback. He blinked, and his face darkened.

“Oi, can you not be so petty? If you don’t watch out, you’ll never find a wife.”

“Shut up.”

“Please, can’t you just act a bit warmer to others? Do you have any idea how scared of you the girls from the logistics group are?”

“Then do you have any idea how annoying you are? You’re noisy enough during the eight hours of work every day. Can’t you at least give me some peace and quiet after hours?”

“Fuck! What’s that supposed to mean? Do you have any idea how long I’ve been tolerating you?! Your temperament is both foul and obstinate, your mouth is even more venomous than vipers, you’re constantly wearing a rigid expression, looking at people with those dead fish eyes—”

Halfway through, Ye Xiao’s words came to a sharp halt as he fell silent. Because those “dead fish eyes” swept across him, the gaze as sharp as a sword.

“I-I didn’t say anything wrong…”

Ye Xiao quietly mumbled to himself as he turned his face away.

Su Mu did not respond.

The two walked out of the main entrance of the police station, welcomed by whistling of the cold wind as they stepped onto the bustling street illuminated by the golden sunset. In the distance, withered leaves danced through the air like a myriad of butterflies, swirling through the skies lit up by the multicoloured sunlight.

Winter was imminent as autumn drew to a close.

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2 thoughts on “TRA V1 Epilogue

  1. Ye Xiao: you wont find a wife like that!
    Su Mu: shut up glare
    Me: Hahaha, Ye Xiao maybe Su Mu didnt need a wife… But hus-
    Su Mu: what?!
    Me: nothing… Nothing… Hahaha…
    Thank you for the chapter Taffy~ looking forward for the next arc!

    Liked by 2 people

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