CCM 423

Double chapter because this chapter was terrible to split and it’s so awkward to stop midway…

Translated by: Taffy

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Chapter 423 – Suo Jia Speedboat Pt. 2

As time passed, the Speedboat was pushed further by the sails made from Wind Dragon wingskin. In addition to the Neptune Wood and Water Dragon backbone reducing the water resistance, the speedboat slowly rose up above the water. Only the tail end just barely touched the surface.

With a fierce whoosh, the Suo Jia Speedboat shot across the water like a dark arrow, drawing out snow-white foam behind it. As fast as lightning, it abandoned the other ships that had just left the shore. The sailors on those surpassed boats could only dumbly stare at the tiny ship swiftly vanishing from the line of sight, stunned speechless.

Actually, the speed of Suo Jia’s previous Camus ships was already quite good. Once they were fully started, the cloud-like sails definitely pushed the speed a lot. But compared to the Suo Jia Speedboat, the difference was immeasurably massive. Just in terms of speed alone, the Suo Jia Speedboat was definitely three or four times faster!

As Nicole, Xiang Yun, Roger, and Miya watched the boats on either side of them recede backwards, they couldn’t help but gape in astonishment. What kind of speed was this? It felt like the little boat was practically flying, so light and quick that it was simply extraordinary!

The Suo Jia Speedboat was basically the fastest ship to exist in history. Every single component of the ship was designed to boost speed. Each material was irreplaceable. The Speedboat was already as fast as a Mysterious Arrow.

The trip that should have needed a month only took a week to cross with the Suo Jia Speedboat. The five of them took turns steering, not feeling tired in the slightest. Rather, it was the exact opposite; everyone was drunk in the thrill of this unconditional speed. Before they had even played their fill, Duofei City already appeared in front of them.

Although they wanted to continue having fun with it, they were not in a rush. Everyone knew that once they finished procuring the gems, they had plenty of time to enjoy the feeling of steering at super speeds.

Suo Jia swiftly reached the shore and headed straight to carry out the exchange. With a bargain, Suo Jia purchased ten thousand each of rubies, topazes, sapphires, and emeralds at ten million each. It was nowhere near enough to fill everyone’s interspatial rings, but they could do nothing else as the money was completely spent. Thus, they could turn back this time.

While the five of them fought over the right to steer, the Suo Jia Speedboat encountered at least twenty waves of pirates blockading them. However, the pirates were powerless because the Suo Jia Speedboat was simply too fast. In comparison, the pirate ships seemed to be unmoving. In the blink of an eye, the Suo Jia Speedboat would whizz past them and quickly vanish into the horizon.

Despite unsuccessfully obstructing the Suo Jia Speedboat, all the pirates could clearly see the merchant group flag that Suo Jia had personally drawn out on the sails!

Ever since obtaining the Sea God’s Trident, Suo Jia had changed the merchant group’s name. Now it directly used Suo Jia’s name, while the flag was an image of the Sea God’s Trident he possessed. The bright silver trident surrounded by a silver halo of light came together to form a mysterious yet powerful logo!

As Suo Jia freely passed through the crowds of pirates as though there was no one there, every pirate mentally noted that this Sea God’s Trident image was an opponent they could never loot, even if they did not know Suo Jia’s merchant group!

With the Suo Jia Speedboat, Suo Jia smoothly finished the trip and sold all the gems. This was only the third checkpoint, but this place was the most famous manufacturer of gems in the world. Many of the buildings located along the shore near the wharf were drawn by these gems and would then deliver them to various cities in the world to sell. As a result, the gems’ pricing was very stable. With enough time for the merchants to circulate the funds, they could bring around as much as needed, and there was very minimal inflation. This was the perk of luxury goods!

Unlike agate, gems were usually set, made into accessories, or inlaid into weapons. Rubies could boost the damage output of fire magic, emeralds could boost the damage output by earth magic, sapphires could boost the damage output of water magic, and topazes could boost the damage output of wind magic. There were also opals and onyx that increased the might of light magic and dark magic respectively.

Aside from these uses, gems were also one of the most beautiful objects in the world, and what women loved the most. They still could not be compared to diamonds, but at the moment, there was no distinct source of diamonds. Diamonds were only encountered on rare occasions throughout. In reality, diamonds were hollow, and were interspatial gems. They were extremely rare. If there was a large enough diamond, Suo Jia wanted to duplicate his third-generation interspatial ring. It was a pity that this hope was too difficult to reach.

Duofei, the manufacturer of gems located within Terror Delta, was terrifying in terms of profits as well. Suo Jia dumped forty thousands gems among ten cities, and his profits reached a shocking fivefold. Taking away all his expenses, Suo Jia’s total assets of four hundred billion had expanded to two trillion in the past half a month.

With so much money, Suo Jia naturally could not rest. He commanded Xiang Yun, Nicole, and Roger to lead a hundred Camus ships to circle around Terror Delta and set out towards Kabryna City. Meanwhile, Suo Jia and Miya would take the Suo Jia Speedboat to return to Duofei.

Xiang Yun and Roger did not particularly care about Suo Jia’s arrangements. However, Nicole refused. No matter what, she insisted on being together with Suo Jia, and Miya was the same. With no other option, Suo Jia could only split them up evenly. Xiang Yun and Roger went one way, while Suo Jia, Nicole, and Miya headed the other. Leading their own fleet, they proceeded towards their own destinations.

In the following month, Suo Jia completed another two transactions, and his assets increased again from two trillion to six trillion. If Xiang Yun and Roger hadn’t left and brought twenty interspatial rings with them, the profits would have been even greater!

On their fourth trip to Duofei, Suo Jia, Nicole, and Miya filled their interspatial rings and then commandeered the Suo Jia Speedboat to head towards Kabryna City at full speed. By calculations, Xiang Yun and Roger’s fleet should have nearly reached there as well. If Suo Jia did not go, they would not have the money to purchase metal.

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  1. and caught up, I hadn’t read this since the fire girls left the MC, though NU says your only at chapter 422 by the way, I’m glad I let this build past the start of the grand line arcs starting since to me it seemed to drag a bit while the team got together. man this reminds me of One Piece …

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