CCM 424

Wow, I was definitely not expecting the long-awaited reunion with the fire-wind warriors to go like this…but this is so hilariously amazing.

Translated by: Taffy

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Chapter 424 – Intense Battle Pt. 1

Within Kabryna City, there were 14,XXX citizens busily working. Over a month had passed since the violent massacre. With everyone’s efforts, the dead had already been buried in a specially built cemetery. A stone tablet had been erected at the entrance of the cemetery, an enormous slab of rock with the calamity carved on it. It served as a warning to the later generations: that if they wanted to protect it all, they would need to be prepared to resist the pirates attacking at any given moment.

Originally, Kabryna City was a residence for people. However…after the massacre, there were nearly no more elderly, women, or children left. Aside from the strong adult men that had been excavating the mines during the event, among the 14,XXX people, only a few dozen women, three or four children, and a bit over a hundred elders responsible for administration remained.

Basically, of the 14,XXX people on the island, the number of adults in their 30s was around fourteen thousand by itself, while the elderly, women, and children totaled less than a thousand.

Under Duo Mei’s efforts, Kabryna City had started rebuilding. Despite having suffered through a baptism of fire, the main parts of the buildings had fortunately not been destroyed. After all…these were white jade buildings. There was no way they could be burnt away by a fire.

Everyone’s current task was to add the roofs that had collapsed from the fire. As for renovations and furniture, those had to be temporarily put aside for now. There were only miners here; craftsmen did not exist.

Duo Mei was at the shore, directing the sailors to unload the food and common items from the boats. In this past month or so, Duo Mei had led her eighteen sisters to travel back and forth to various major cities every day for purchasing common items and necessities. However, the island did have over fourteen thousand people; it was impossible for Duo Mei to completely resolve the issue of food and common items for everyone. At the moment, she could only make sure they did not starve to death. Eradicating the dilemma of inadequate provisions was something she was powerless to do.

Whoosh…Suddenly, Duo Mei’s sharp senses heard an intense rippling of sails come from behind her. Having traveled over sea for so long now, Duo Mei was very familiar with the noise that sails made when wind blew on them.

With her guard raised, Duo Mei turned her head to look out at the ocean. A row of pirate ships with skull flags appeared on the waters and…these pirate ships were currently rushing straight towards their wharf at full speed.

“Oh no!” Duo Mei immediately let out a shout when she saw this. She whipped her head back around and told the workers on the wharf, “Abandon the goods. Everyone is to immediately move to hide in the secret mines!”

Everyone glanced in the direction of the waters upon hearing Duo Mei’s words…and saw the pirate ships with skull flags. Instantly, all goods were dropped down as the workers fled towards the mines outside the city as quickly as possible.

Duo Mei spun around, not paying any more mind to the citizens. They knew this place better than anyone else and did not require anyone to guide them. It would be more than enough if they could just hide. Now, Duo Mei’s next action was to consider ways to deal with the current dilemma!

Kabryna City had been rebuilding for over a month now. Duo Mei absolutely refused to see these outsiders damage it. After all, destroying was easy, while building was beyond difficult.

However, Duo Mei watched as more and more ships began to appear on the horizon in groups. A few ships turned into a dozen ships, then into several dozens. Black ones, white ones, blue ones, red ones, yellow ones…various colored ships covered the entire skyline!

Duo Mei watched the ships continue to spring up in large numbers and she couldn’t help but close her eyes in pain. She was very confident in her and her sisters’ strength, but the incoming enemies were just too powerful. Over a hundred enormous Camus ships was simply an unrivalled existence.

The pirates on all those ships were a force that Duo Mei’s party could not hold up against. Forget being decimated, even if the enemy lined up and let themselves be killed, they would die from exhaustion. How could they possibly win?

Moreover, Duo Mei knew very well that someone possessing such a massive fleet had to be a super tyrannical person that her group couldn’t compete against.

Despite all this, Duo Mei had no plans of leaving. If she did have to leave, it would only be after she had taken down a chunk of the enemy. With the indestructible armor that Suo Jia had created for them, they would be a force to be reckoned with no matter how powerful the opponent was. While they would be unable to beat back the enemy, they could still make them pay a price without a question.

The ships continued to approach closer and closer. Finally…the pirate ships began to steer into the wharf. One of them was exceptionally gigantic, with particularly luxurious decor. It was obvious at first glance that this was the flagship. Leading the rest, it entered first and slowly stopped at the dock. 

Duo Mei and her sisters blocked off the checkpoint entrance from the wharf to the plaza, coldly staring down the large crowd of pirates alighting the ship. They raised their battle qi, prepared to battle.

Whoosh…. The sea breeze blew past and Duo Mei suddenly narrowed her eyes. She watched an unusually tall young man carrying an excessive number of seven weapons on his back walk out from the pirate ship with a dignified face. Behind him was a sloppy-looking young man wearing casual western-style clothing with crimson pants. As a whole, he appeared to be transparent and harmless.

However, while the two guys did not appear to particularly stand out, as a warrior, Duo Mei could clearly sense a type of pressure coming from both of them. One was overbearing, the other was chaotic. Despite the different styles, Duo Mei sensed that they were equally terrifying!

Duo Mei had encountered experts before. But the peak experts they had met since entering the Greater Trade Routes were not even qualified to carry shoes for these two people. And among all the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes, the only one that could compete against these two guys was Duo Mei herself. After all…with the support from two Epic-level suits, Duo Mei was several times stronger than her sisters!

Rustle…rustle…As the sea winds blew, the two tall and straight figures walked over towards Duo Mei’s party. There was also a one-eyed pirate behind them in addition to an extremely fat pirate with a fierce scar on his face.

Finally, when they were about twenty meters away from Duo Mei’s party, the two men stopped in their tracks and coldly surveyed them. After a long silence, the young man with seven weapons on his back coldly declared, “Hey! I request you let us through; we need to pass!”

In response, Duo Mei immediately reached behind her. With a clang, she unsheathed the Six-Winged Heavens Blade and frigidly replied, “You can pass if you want but…you must pay a suitable price!”

“Hm?” The young man wearing crimson pants tilted his head in confusion. “Pretty young miss, we don’t seem acquainted. Why do you want to obstruct us?”

“Tch…” Duo Mei clicked her tongue and flatly announced, “I don’t want to waste my breath with you. I know that having you retreat like this is completely unrealistic. But I stand by my words: You can only pass if you pay a suitable price!”

The young man carrying seven weapons frowned at Duo Mei’s tone…and then the tall figure abruptly leapt forward. As he moved, his hands instantly drew a large broadsword from his back. While his body charged forwards, he lashed out at Duo Mei with an incomparably powerful swing!

A painful expression flitted across Duo Mei’s face when she saw the attack. It was just a simple forwards slash, but Duo Mei felt that it was impossible to dodge. She knew very well that if she attempted to evade, the opponent would immediately send another attack that would defeat her in a flash!

Faced with this world-shaking situation, Duo Mei fiercely gritted her teeth together and tightened her grip on the Six-Winged Phoenix Heavens Blade. Then, with a delicate shout, she brandished it with all her strength to meet the other’s broadsword.

Clang! Following the intense sound of metal colliding with metal, Duo Mei’s body was sent flying backwards. Even if it was Duo Mei, she could not possibly counter this insane impact. After all, as a fire-wind warrior, she simultaneously cultivated in both elements; this meant that neither of the elements were unrivalled alone. It was only through the two combining together that she could go up against a peak expert!

Duo Mei glanced at the young man that was still in an offensive stance and she couldn’t help but inwardly commend him. As expected of a leader that possessed such a large fleet; his strength could definitely be described as terrifying. That brute and powerful strike had basically been unblockable, especially with the cutting energy that flowed through the blade making it beyond excessive. If Duo Mei had not shifted her body while flying backwards, she could not have guaranteed that she would not suffer serious damage.

However, as the oldest of the sisters in the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes, as well as the most powerful one of them all, Duo Mei naturally would not admit defeat like this, nor would she ever let herself be defeated. Aside from the young master, Duo Mei would not bow down to anyone!

While in midair, Duo Mei clenched her jaw and activated her battle qi at full power. An enormous, red and gold cloak billowed up behind her and then split into six sections that spread out from her back. With her body surrounded by red light, Duo Mei looked like a phoenix that had just risen from flames, suspended in the air.

With a slight smirk, Duo Mei suddenly waved the Six-Winged Heavenly Blade in her hands. Her body seemed to freeze for a beat before beams of lights with an indescribable oppressiveness streamed down through the air like comets to strike the young man!

Boom! Two blows came into contact with each other, but it was not a metallic ring that burst out this time. For her attack, Duo Mei had not only activated the power from the Six-Winged Heavenly Armor just now, but also her fire-wind battle qi and energy from Explosion Fruits. Everything from her speed to force of impact were boosted by several fold. At this very moment, Duo Mei had reached her peak state!

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