Translated by: TaffyGirl13

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Chapter Two

I’m fed up with this world…

Call your store manager out!

What kind of service is this—

How do people like you not feel shame for living in this world?

If I had a child like you, I’d be better off telling him to go die instead!


The piercing, venomous words turned into incomprehensible noise. It felt like a sharp blade had directly stabbed through the eardrums, then was painfully dragged down to slice open the throat so that it was impossible to speak. Finally, the blade entered the chest, viciously penetrating the heart and sawing back and forth.

Even if there was no enmity, it was similar to a foe that had murdered one’s family; the clear resentment, the excessive malice, were all like that of the most hateful enemy. There was a longing to tear them into shreds and then more shreds right then and there, only for the sake of spitting out these words of loathing.

But just a few minutes earlier, they had clearly just been strangers.

A stranger just brushing past on the street without even meeting their eyes, someone that would not be recalled at all.

They would change, be substituted, and then repeat once more.


“By the way, what happened on the train really reminds me of an obnoxious customer I met at work.”

After they retrieved their pre-rented SUVs, the group headed straight towards the guesthouse in a grandiose manner.

The driver of the car Yu Yin was riding followed the car in front while chatting, “Recently during my part-time job, I bumped into a classic. He ate an entire meal and only when he had side dishes left did he claim it didn’t suit his taste, then forced us to change it out. Then he really did finish the entire second serving, and wanted the manager to pay for his dessert as compensation for the terrible-tasting thing he had eaten at first.”

“Haha, I’ve bumped into those before too. Ah Yin probably has less in his part-time job, right?” The classmate sitting in the last row clapped a hand on Yu Yin’s shoulder.

“The seniors at the company help keep them off.” Yu Yin’s current part-time job was at a more standard company, so his luck was not as bad as his classmates working in the service industry. “But I occasionally get them too. They cause a ruckus when they can’t get the manager or whatever…Xiao Yu has met them before as well, right? I remember Dad once mentioned you had a translating commission where the person wasn’t satisfied with what he was given. He wanted you to add things, but then later backed out, as I recall?” Even when working at home, encountering all kinds of weird customers was inevitable. However, Yu Tong paid very close attention to these things and would immediately reject any commission that was too strange.

Yu, who was sitting on the side and gazing out the window, nodded and then continued watching the scenery.

“How nice. Our manager sometimes even watches in amusement from the side, only telling us to go apologise after the customer has made a fuss for a while.”

“Yeah, yeah, every time something happens, it’s always the part-time student that gets doomed first.”

“Sometimes, it even feels like I’m actually the troublesome customer’s enemy or something. Like I killed their entire family without even knowing.”

“Yeah, that’s so true!”

After opening up the topic, the originally somewhat unacquainted people in the car each chimed in and chatted together. The atmosphere instantly turned warmer, and everyone began to exchange their monstrous and multicoloured experiences from work.

When they crushed some rocks on the road, the car jolted. Yu Yin noticed that Dong Feng next to him was not catching up on sleep, instead seemingly listening to the others talking.

“Have you encountered any before?”

Yu Yin half curiously asked in a low voice.

Dong Feng shot him a sideways look without replying.

Yu Yin felt that the other’s expression was clearly saying, “You guys are”. Knowing his place, Yu Yin did not continue the conversation.

After taking a small detour due to a wrong turn, it was not long before they finally arrived at the guesthouse they would be staying in.

With the mindset that they had to go to the sea if they had come all the way to Huadong, Li Lin Yue had naturally booked a guesthouse near the ocean. It had several single-floor rooms as well as an extremely large courtyard where they could have barbeque together at night. The owner of the guesthouse had even offered them a beautiful price. Since the environment was beautiful and secluded, even the people that had originally grumbled about the remoteness turned to speaking praises when they arrived.

“Let’s go walk by the sea first.”

They tossed their luggage there and without tidying their belongings, ran straight over to the Qixingtan Beach nearby. Even Dong Feng, who had planned on holing up in the room and rotting there for a few days, followed them out after some thought.

Because of the season, the oceanside was still very chilly. Quite a few had complained when preparing to head out. However, when they saw the shore, they forgot basically every complaint. While stepping on the rocks that covered the entire shore, some people kicked off their sandals and began to shout while jumping and running wildly to play around in excitement.

Dong Feng hugged his jacket closely to him while crouching next to the water and watching the ice-cold sea strike his feet again and again. As he felt the bone-penetrating cold, as well as the tiny pebbles hitting his flesh along with the rolling waves, he thought that it really was no ordinary pain.

The slightly damp ocean breeze increased the chilliness.

Despite this, looking down at the countless round pebbles made one feel comfortable and relaxed.

“Be careful. The gap between the shallow and deep sections around here is huge. Don’t step too far out.” Yu Yin did not forget to inform Dong Feng this while stretching together with Yu.

“I know.” Before Dong Feng could respond with something else, he noticed people walking over to them. The girl with a gentle and somewhat shy smile walked up. Before heading out, Li Lin Yue had introduced everyone; this girl’s name was Meng Pin Si. Originally, Li Lin Yue had wanted to matchmake her with Yu Yin, but the latter was never available…Or rather, even when he was, he did not initiate anything. As a result, their first meeting was dragged out until this trip.

“This is for you. Otherwise, it’s too cold and easy to get sick.” The girl pulled out a few heat pouches and bent down to carefully place them into Dong Feng’s pockets. “Do Ah Yin and Xiao Yu want them? I brought a bunch with me since I was afraid everyone’s excitement would get too much when they saw the ocean and end up catching colds.” As she spoke, she pulled out a few packs from her purse.

“I don’t need any,” Yu Yin smiled in reply. Next to him, Yu also shook his head before shifting his gaze back to the vast ocean.

“Mn, if you need them, you can come get them from me.” With this brief exchange, she was pulled away by the other girls.

Yu Yin watched his classmates playing together in a mess and shook his head in amusement. Then he pulled up the zipper on his jacket—as expected, it really was cold. While the oceanside was great, he was starting to feel chilly.

Right when he was about to call for Yu and Dong Feng to head back first so that they wouldn’t get sick, he suddenly glimpsed a head of hair crash into his feet with the waves. Without any warning, he was severely startled by the pale face amidst the tangled mess.

It was a girl’s face. Most of it was already rotted or chewed off by sea creatures. The knotted hair was mixed together with various junk and grasses; some of it had even made its way through the worn-out holes of the oral cavity. The seawater flowed out from the empty eye sockets, while the single remaining eye stared straight at him.

A second later, the hair and face vanished into thin air.

“What’s wrong?” Upon noticing Yu Yin jump backwards, Dong Feng stood and headed towards him with Yu.

“Nearly got a heart attack.” While the shore was relaxing, Yu Yin had not forgotten that there were quite a few of those things here. In the past, he could not see so clearly and it was fine. But the one that had appeared just now had frightened him quite a bit. Fortunately, it hadn’t scared his soul out of his body.

[Seeing] extremely clearly really was not a good thing. Even with mental preparations, it was difficult to avoid the blow.

Yu squinted and pointed around Yu YIn’s feet. There were a few slender strands of hair looped around his feet.

“…” Yu Yin very calmly pulled the strands off and let the waves wash it away

“I’m heading back to the guesthouse first.” Looks like this type of person needs to be careful even when choosing a place to have fun…Dong Feng thought this as he picked up his shoes and began heading back. Since there were so many people nearby, there likely would not be any issues.

“Oh, right, the fishing grounds next door will raise their nets later. Everyone said they wanted to go check it out and buy some food for the barbeque at night as well. If you’re interested, you can join them.” Yu Yin himself had no plans to go as he loudly called out, “You haven’t seen it before right? The fishing grounds here gather their nets twice a day at set times. It happens in the morning too.”

“Got it.” Dong Feng waved and directly swaggered back to the guesthouse while listening to the waves.

Yu Yin watched to confirm Dong Feng was walking back. When he finally shifted his eyes, he just happened to see Yu staring at him by his side. “What’s the matter?”

Yu shook his head. He bent down to pick up a pebble and tossed it into the ocean.

The freezing waves swallowed the pebble. Then the rising tide whisked even more broken stones to cover their feet.

“Cannot take.” 

Yu’s quiet voice accompanied the rush of water. That was when Yu Yin realised that there were a few people with Ah Guan nearby trying to put pebbles in their pockets. “Oi, don’t take them!” He shouted in that direction. The university students shrugged with baffled expressions. “If you keep taking them, there won’t be rocks left! What are you even bringing them with you for? Put them back, put them back. Just take photos. If you want to pick things up, just go pick up trash instead!”

Ah Guan chuckled and flashed him the middle finger. However, they still tossed the rocks they were hoarding back into the ocean and told the further friends to put them back as well. A crowd of them really did go crazy and start competing who could pick up the most trash, inciting various hoots and laughs.

Meng Pin Si, who was standing off to the side, flashed him a small smile.

“Seems like her favourable impression of you has deepend.” Li Lin Yue popped up out of nowhere and hugged Yu’s shoulders from behind while equivocally grinning at Yu Yin. “Actually, Xiao Si has had a bunch of things happen with her family recently, so I forced her to come out for a change of mood. Otherwise, she’d continue never smiling like every time I saw her before. It’s really…”

“What happened?” Yu Yin had indeed gotten the faint sense that the girl did not seem as happy as the others. Moreover, she stood further away when looking at the sea, rather than mingling and playing with the others.

“Just~one of her little brothers was working part-time at a restaurant to earn his own tuition. A while ago, the shop had an obnoxious customer that wouldn’t stop requesting extra service and stuff. In the end, he angrily called out one of the female staff for bad service, and the little brother couldn’t stand watching so he tried to make the customer see reason. Ultimately, he blurted out ‘could you just stop being so fussy’ in his anger. The stubborn other party had a friend film this and later rooted for him.” Li Lin Yue paused before continuing, “During the settlement discussions, the other party even wanted her brother to kneel and apologise in addition to paying compensation. Since his boss just happened to be terrified of things happening, they made her brother pay out of his own pocket to gift the customer. It’s really unreasonable.”

“…That’s too much.” Despite saying this, Yu YIn felt that these types of things seemed to happen more and more frequently. Too many people abused shops’ mentality to avoid trouble and excessive advocacy of egoism. As long as anything did not go their way, it was the other’s fault. It was no wonder that disputes only grew in number rather than dropped.

“The little brother resigned afterwards, but they’re still dealing with the matter.” Li Lin Yue had thought the customer was really too fussy as well. The dispute had gone on for so long and yet they continued to hold a vice-like grip—it was truly complicated.

“Should I ask Li-dàgē or Dad and Uncle if they can introduce anyone that could help?”

“I thought the same, but Xiao Si said she would rather not trouble anyone else. If it really doesn’t work, she’ll come seek help from you guys then.” Li Lin Yue had actually said something similar before. She shrugged, “I’ll thank you in advance on her behalf.”

“Idiot,” Yu YIn smirked.

Li Lin Yue pulled away and flashed a beautiful smile before patting him on the shoulder. “Since you’ve come out to play, then let loose and properly have fun. Everyone’s supporting you.”

“Yeah. You should tell the others not to go too overboard and to watch out for their safety.”

Yu Yin looked out at the unending waves crashing against the uneven sea surface to focus on a pale arm sticking out. It barely waved in their direction once, then again, and ultimately sank back into the waters without a sound.

“Don’t worry. The careless people can just go and drown.”

Despite saying this, Li Lin Yue still walked over to her companions and didn’t forget to shout at them for being careful.

“Let’s go over and take a look too.”


In the evening, Dong Feng was woken by the clamour outside.

The rooms they had been assigned to were pale warm colours. The soft and comfortable beds in addition to the yellow lights that had been adjusted appropriately made him instantly lie down the moment he’d returned and lose consciousness moments later.

With blurred vision, he yawned and glanced at the time showing on the clock atop the cabinet. He guessed he had slept a few hours, having missed the fishing grounds’ net retrieving.

When he looked out the window, he saw that there were several barbeque grills set up in the guesthouse’s courtyard. A few girls and guys were rounded together and trying out various raw foods to grill…While I was sleeping, those guys probably took the car and went out to buy more things. The floor had boxes of food and drink; he could also see Yu in the centre of the group, earnestly teaching the others unskilled in cooking on how to do it.

However, he did not see Yu Yin. When he walked out and grabbed a random person to ask, he found out that Yu Yin had gone back to the beach after preparing the grills.

Seeing that Yu was very busy, Dong Feng did not bother calling him and put on a jacket to directly circle around the crowd and leave. When he turned the corner, he spotted Yu Yin’s back in the distance. The latter was wearing a light tan parka while standing right by the ocean.

Around here, the waves were quite loud. Shouting out the other’s name could just fall on deaf ears, so he could only continue advancing.

“What are you doing?” The sky was starting to turn dark. After slowly getting closer, Dong Feng finally noticed that Yu YIn was holding small paper boats.

“How should I explain…” Yu Yin fiddled with the boat in his hand and gazed out at the gradually darkening ocean surface. He had no idea how to describe the scene he was currently looking at.

“I’ve seen a number of paranormal-related books. You can just say things straight.” Despite not being too interested, Dong Feng had put aside time to find some information to read after meeting these people. That way, he could be prepared if there came a time when it was necessary.

The scene before them—there were many things watching them from beneath the black sea. There had not been so many during the daytime, but they had gradually started gathering. Most were still underwater. Some stuck their arms out of the water and gently waved them to attract attention. The dim gazes below the water were fixed intently on the shore.

They did not feel malicious, but did not carry any trace of benevolence either.

Loose strands of hair floated up, densely wrapping around them as they continuously got tossed through the air by the waves. Gradually, they darkened the air like millions of wriggling, slim water critters.

“Then what are you still standing here for?” When Dong Feng heard this description, he thought it sounded very much like a scene from the Hungry Ghost Festival when ghosts were looking for bodies to take over. In that case, it should’ve been better to stay as far away as possible.

“I asked Fang Yi Xun and Teng Qi…two other friends, and wanted to try this.” Actually, Yu Yin knew he should not be standing here. However, he did not believe that these things gathering here could be ignored either. Most were definitely not from here originally, but rather had floated over from other places.

Dong Feng frowned, unsure of what the other was going to do. Regardless, Dong Feng stood there and watched Yu Yin bend down. Then Yu Yin carefully pulled out from his pocket a box of matches from an unknown source. After lighting a match, he pressed it into the paper boat. The flame was instantly blown out by the ocean breeze, and the boat along with the match were placed into the tide.

It was strange; the paper boat immediately sank into the sea. Then a small glow suddenly lit up from the dark water; Dong Feng nearly thought he had imagined it. The next second, the glow vanished in the darkness, disappearing with the boat among the waves.

“Seems like lighting it on fire is better still.” Yu Yin tilted his head to observe the glow gradually growing distant into the darkness. Fang Yi Xun had taught him to light it before releasing it, though he had no idea if it being blown out would have any effects.

“…” Dong Feng rubbed his eyes and stayed silent.

“That’s fine for now. Let’s go back and help prepare dinner. If we hang outside for too long, we’ll be strangled to death by the others.” Yu Yin pressed down on Dong Feng and unobtrusively turned him around to avoid the rotting palm washing up with the second wave. Then they began to move towards the direction of the guesthouse. “Ah Guan and the others bought plenty of seafood back. Plus we ordered a barbeque meal in advance, so eat up! The stars are beautiful at night here; we can gaze at them while eating. You rarely go outside, so you probably don’t have many chances to see them like this.”

Despite the strong urge to reject, Dong Feng swallowed his words back down.

The atmosphere of the guesthouse courtyard was very lively. Every person was happy, and it did not seem very appropriate to shatter their joy at this time. Because they were still able to feel this joy…

As expected, when they returned, a bunch of people hooted at them for running off to shirk work. Li Lin Yue even fiercely forced Yu Yin to train his eyesight by picking out fishbones. Eventually, he was laughingly shooed away by the girls helping out.

The night was still chilly, but once the aroma began to waft from the grills, Dong Feng felt the temperature seem to increase quite a bit too.

He gripped the warm cup in his hands and raised his head. Indeed, he could see the faintly glittering stars in the curtain of night. In an area like this with little light pollution, the stars continued to attract friends to appear.

If it were not so noisy, he would be very happy to stay like this.

After making sure the food preparation was proceeding smoothly, Yu, who similarly disliked crowds, avoided the people that wanted to pull him into chatting and merriment. With his plate in hand, he arrived at the vacant spot next to Dong Feng and quietly ripped apart the steaming meat sandwich.

Dong Feng had originally thought the other had come to eat. As a result, he did not expect Yu to hold out half of the meat sandwich in front of him. “A bit.”

“I don’t want to eat even a bit.” The aroma of grilled meat made him nauseous. While he had been eating recently, it was mainly all very bland, nothing with this strong of a flavour. Dong Feng squinted and turned his head away.

Not thwarted, Yu carefully split the half again. “A tiny bit.”

“…” Dong Feng glared at the quartered food with zero intentions of taking it.

Yu then split it once more and earnestly said, “Don’t eat, just shove it in.” This was a phrase he had learned from Yu Xia.


Yu Yin strode over with a plate of seafood just in time to see Dong Feng eating in tiny bites with Yu monitoring the scene. He found it slightly amusing and coughed to conceal his laugh before sitting down at the table furthest from his companions. “Eat more. There’s other stuff here too.”

Dong Feng rolled his eyes to gesture for the other to stop joking around, then wiped his hands clean and returned to his room without a backwards glance.

“Eating something is still better than nothing.” Yu Yin shrugged as he stated this conclusion. It was truly a pity that Dong Feng disliked eating; the food prepared tonight was honestly very luxurious. He didn’t even know where his friends had gotten so much. The saltwater fish was super fresh, mostly bought directly from the fishing grounds today. It was basically like eating it straight from the catch.

“Mn.” Yu did not deny this as he stole away the grilled shrimp on the plate.

After eating their fill, a few people grabbed flashlights and childishly ran out to explore. Some brought beer to go stargazing at the beach.

Seeing that the two younger ones were unwilling to go out again, Yu Yin went out to stroll around the downtown area with Li Lin Yue and some others and bought some famous snacks while he was there.

They returned and took turns bathing. Since they were in a triple room, there was one large bed and one small bed prepared. There was even a beautiful screen considerately set up in the middle. Without a word, Dong Feng directly whooshed the screen out to divide the space between the two beds.

Yu YIn could not persuade the other to eat a deep-fried sandwich, so he and Yu finished the late-night snack together.

Unlike the other lively rooms, they were the first to turn off their lights.

That night passed just like this.

At the time, it still felt peaceful…


Was that really the case?

Yu Yin was shaken awake. The room was very dark, with only the bedside lamp on.

Yu, who had been sleeping next to the wall, retracted his hands and furrowed his brows.

“What’s the matter?” Yu Yin pressed down on his forehead as he sat up, only to realise that he was covered in cold sweat. It felt like he had gotten a nightmare, but his mind was heavy, even spinning and throbbing slightly as his thoughts were in disarray. It was impossible for him to immediately organise his memories.

Yu raised a finger and glanced at the screen. The person on the other side hadn’t seemed to wake up.

Yu Yin could more or less guess what had happened. While he was having a nightmare, he had likely woken up Yu next to him. He apologetically held his hands out together towards the other, then grabbed  a cup of hot water.

Yu used his cellphone to tell the other that he had shook Yu Yin for at least half an hour, but the latter had been in too deep a sleep. Right as Yu had planned to wake him using other methods, Yu Yin’s eyes had suddenly opened by themselves and he had woken up.

It was 3:10 AM.

Yu Yin finished drinking his water and then patted Yu’s head to let him go back to sleep while he headed to the bathroom.

Yawning, he stepped down onto the floor and almost instantaneously sensed something wrong. The soft carpet on the wooden floor felt like it had strands, and he immediately felt it when his feet touched it. Yu YIn lowered his head and moved his feet aside to see that there were several strands of hair sticking to the bottom of his feet.

The off-white carpet had curved hair on it as well. While it was not too great of an amount, its length was not something that matched his or Yu’s hair. It was even longer than Dong Feng’s hair. He figured that Dong Feng couldn’t have been feeling slaphappy enough to run over to their bedside in the middle of the night and pluck out hair…Well, even if he did pluck it, this amount would give him a bald patch.

Noticing Yu Yin’s movements, Yu got back up from where he had laid back down and leaned over the edge of the bed. Then, he spotted the not too abundant yet plenty conspicuous strands of hair.


“If we don’t clean this up a bit, I don’t think the guesthouse’s owner will let us stay here any longer.” Yu Yin felt like he was really starting to get more collected.

I just knew it wouldn’t be resolved so easily!

Yu Yin covered his face and decided to go to the bathroom first.

When he came out from the bathroom, the dim light was enough for him to see Yu had covered himself with the blanket and gone back to sleep.

Yu Yin yawned and decided to sleep some more as well. However, he suddenly felt a certain line of sight that caused any remaining sleepiness to simultaneously dissipate—then he spotted a pale palm pressed against the glass window behind the barely open curtains. While the light was insufficient, he could see it very clearly. Based on the size, he could surmise that it was male, a bit similar to the one he had seen on the train.

Seemingly knowing it had been discovered, the palm slowly slid down the glass. As the skin rubbed against the glass surface, it made a subtle yet abnormal noise. Eventually, it disappeared below the window.

Yu Yin quickly strode over to open the window. A chilling gale swirled through the night air of the courtyard facing the room, but nothing was there. The tables, chairs, and umbrellas arranged outside clattered as the wind touched them.

He sighed and reached out to close the window. But just then, he abruptly saw a face looking straight up at him from under the window.


The upturned lips were so crimson that it practically looked like blood would flow out from them.

In that moment, he was shocked awake.


Yu Yin’s eyes shot open and immediately realised that everything just now had been a dream. However, it had been too realistic.

He pulled off the blankets and saw that the clock in the room was pointing precisely at 3:10. Without caring if he would wake Yu next to him, he quickly jumped off the bed and yanked open the pale green curtains with a whoosh. Then he scanned the vast courtyard through the glass.

There was nothing in the dark courtyard. The umbrellas stowed away in a corner against the wall rustled slightly with the wind.

“What’s wrong?”

He turned his head around to see Dong Feng and Yu rub their eyes as they woke from the noise and got off their beds.

Yu Yin lowered his head. Aside from the pots below the window and the scenery beyond, there was nothing else. The carpet in the room was as clean as it had been when they’d first entered in the afternoon, without a speck of dust.

“…Nothing, I was probably just being oversensitive.” Yu Yin shook his head and exhaled while wiping away his cold sweat.

“Are you sure it’s nothing?” Dong Feng narrowed his eyes in slight doubt.

Yu poured a cup of hot water and passed it to Yu Yin.

Yu Yin accepted the warm cup. Right as he was about to say thanks, he suddenly caught a glimpse of the bed the two of them had just been sleeping in. The covers were flat and smooth, as though they had just been straightened. Only the right side, which was also where he had been sleeping, had a bulge underneath.

Yu followed his line of sight, eyes widening as well.

Based on Yu’s reaction, the blankets on the bed had definitely not been that way just now. And the three people staying in the room were over here…

Dong Feng swiftly walked over and directly grabbed a corner to whisk the blanket off. There was nothing on the bed.

“Is it still in here?” Dong Feng had originally been in a bad mood from being woken in the middle of the night. But now, his tone turned fouler, as though he had encountered a detestable prank.

“I’m not sure.” Yu Yin really could not tell, as he couldn’t see it. He had no idea if it had really run off or if it was just deliberately not letting him see.

“Ghost scam!” Dong Feng switched on the room’s main light and scanned the space. He did not find anything unusual; most of the items were in the exact same positions he had remembered seeing them in before sleeping.

“Er, actually, it basically is a ghost…” Technically, since this thing is a ghost, it’s not a scam at all. While Yu Yin really wanted to say this, he was still feeling quite guilty. He had no idea why it had suddenly popped up, and it had disturbed the other two as well. It was no wonder Dong Feng was unhappy.

“It has nothing to do with you. Don’t look as though it’s your fault again.” Dong Feng frowned and glanced at the time. “If it’s not inside, then let’s go back to sleep.” If they had no clues, there was no need to waste time on it.

“Why don’t you guys sleep…”

“We’ll all sleep.” Dong Feng pulled the screen away and pushed his smaller bed up to theirs. “Didn’t whatshisface give you guys amulets? Both of you put them on and go to sleep.”

The obedient Yu immediately pulled out amulets from their luggage and placed it around Yu Yin’s neck without allowing naysay. Then he pushed Yu Yin back onto the bed.

After putting on the amulet, Yu Yin undoubtedly felt the surroundings become more peaceful. He had no room to say anything more, so he compliantly got under the covers and sleepiness soon swept over him again.

After waiting a while and confirming Yu Yin had fallen asleep, Yu carefully sat up.

Do you have any ideas?

Sitting up on the other side, Dong Feng silently signed these words with his hands.

Yu pondered this for a beat, then shook his head. He had not noticed any abnormalities from the person that lived together with him. Or rather, before heading out, Yu Yin had been rushing his product with Li Lin Yue and the others as usual. Thus, he signaled this conclusion to reply back.

This meant they could assume it was very likely caused by the train or the oceanside rather than being related to his original lifestyle.

It was fine if from the train, but the oceanside was too wide of a range. Dong Feng had not forgotten the scene that Yu Yin had described to him. Even without brain cells, it was obvious how troublesome it would be. Who knew how many guys had tragically died in the sea over the years, or swam over with the waves?

In any case, let’s investigate tomorrow to look for relations.

After thinking about it, Dong Feng decided that as they had no clues, it was better to rest first and energize themselves. They could wait until daytime to figure out what to do and the direction to go in.

The two discussed tomorrow’s business briefly, then each returned to under the blankets. Turning off the bedside lamp, they fell into deep sleep.

Yu Yin waited until the two younger ones were sound asleep before slowly opening his eyes. He had not actually fallen asleep earlier.

He knew that they would be worried.

He had originally wanted to eavesdrop on their discussion, but they had actually used incomprehensible sign language! He had stared at them for a long while without any idea of what thoughts they were exchanging. That’s clearly a communication method from a different dimension! 

…Whatever, I’ll just wait until tomorrow.

Yu Yin gazed past the sleeping Yu to look at the windless room. The curtains that had been drawn closed again swayed slightly, and a corner lifted up.

A pale white palm pressed against the glass gently slid down, making a subtle noise.

Then the curtains fell back down.

Everything returned to silence.

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