This volume is such a pit…I just want to binge-translate it all as though I don’t have like 3 other series to translate. The first scene of this chapter is one of my favourites—I can imagine it perfectly in my head haha.

Translated by: TaffyGirl13

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Chapter 2: Who knocked over my darling jam?

As soon as the Aquarius meeting ended, Fu Xing excitedly raced back to the dorms to share his task with his roommate.

“Lelelelelelelelelelelele-on~!” Fu Xing hummed an odd tune as he pushed open the door and called out his roommate’s name. With some strange dance steps, he twirled into the room.

Leon, who was sitting at his usual spot by the window to read, slowly closed his book with a pulsing vein at his forehead. “I thought I had gotten used to your stupidity, but it appears I still have a long way to go.”

“Look, look!” Fu Xing proudly held open the meeting pamphlet to show off his duty to Leon. “I’m responsible for transporting Shalom’s Star!”

He flipped to the next page, which had pictures of Shalom’s Star and its sealed storage box with a special charm on it. “It’s super pretty, isn’t it? Leon, if you win, you can wear it!”

Leon coldly glanced at the image. “Not interested…” He hated being the centre of attention.

“Really? But Grod said he already entered your name for you. Your vote count is currently in the top ten.” At the moment, the one with the highest number of votes seemed to be Shiran.

Leon furrowed his brows. While he was discontent with Grod acting on his own, he did not have the right to object.

“Look, look, the gemstone on the medal,” Fu Xing pointed at the light cyan gem embedded. “Is a crystal formed by a wood elf king!”

“A crystal from a royal elf?” Leon’s interest was suddenly piqued.

“Is there something wrong with that?”

Leon remained silent.

A crystal created by a royal elf could affect the power of various seals and spells.

It could both strengthen and weaken. If he could obtain that crystal, it would be extremely helpful when he snuck out of the campus…

“So you’ll be responsible for transporting the medal on the day of the school banquet?” Leon probed calmly.

“Nope. The medal is under the care of Aquarius’s president. He’ll send it over tomorrow, and the transporters will then be in charge of delivering it to Shalom’s elite safe room.”

Aquarius’s president?

Leon thought back to that arrogant male he had seen at the emergency meeting back when he and Shiran had switched bodies.

Doesn’t that count as taking school property by force? How detestable.

“Then you’ll directly bring it over?”

“No way! It’s such a precious item!” Fu Xing couldn’t help but laugh. “What if the transporters didn’t clean their hands after going to the bathroom and then got it dirty?”

Aren’t you missing the main point…

Leon nodded and continued asking, “So what kind of vessel is it being kept in? What type of anti-theft mechanisms does the vessel have? Are you sending it straight to the safe room, or are you transferring it to someone else?”

Fu Xing paused for a moment. “Leon, you’re asking so many questions all at once…”

Leon felt his heart skip a beat.

Had he raised suspicion because he had pressed too many questions?

Fu Xing scratched his head in distress. “If you ask so much, it’s a bit hard for me to answer.” Then, he openly held out the pamphlet from the Aquarius meeting to Leon. “Just take this and read it yourself!”

Leon was taken aback as he took the exquisitely printed instruction pamphlet. Every one of the pages with the Aquarius insignia branded on it clearly explained all the task details.

“Your questions should all be covered in there. If it isn’t, I wouldn’t know the answer either.” Fu Xing turned to enter his area, rummaging around to find some late-night snacks.

He had been starving when he had finished the meeting, but the dining hall had already closed. Luckily, thanks to Rocort, he now always stored some food in his room.

“Fu Xing…”

“Hm? Do you want some sweet corn sticks too?”

“No…” Leon’s eyes were fixed on the large, bright red words on the top page as he read aloud, “‘Classified Document: Please Do Not Read If Not An Aquarius Member’?”

“Ooh, yeah.” Fu Xing grabbed a yellow corn stick, chomping on it noisily as he walked. “There’s a rule that says we cannot let outsiders read this document. Apparently they’re afraid of people with their own intentions using it to do illegal things.”

“And you’re still giving it to me to read?” Leon raised a brow. “This even indicates the various cores of the defense system. Any person that’s slightly capable could find the weakest points of the spells to break through.” 

Such as himself.

This is a complete mess! He had wanted to steal intel from Fu Xing, yet why had it ended up more like him teaching Fu Xing how to guard against thieves? Damn it!

“Yeah?” Fu Xing nodded. “So?”

“Do you not understand the gravity of this matter—”

“I know. The document cannot be given to outsiders since it might be exploited by people with other intentions.”


“But Leon wouldn’t.” Fu Xing’s mouth formed a foolish smile. There was a spot of yellow crumbs next to his lips that made him look very stupid. “I wouldn’t randomly give confidential documents to others for them to see. It’s because I trust Leon that I’m lending it to you.”

Leon stared blankly at him.

In that moment, a feeling of shame and complete defeat attacked his heart.

Damn it…

He was no match for this innocence and simplicity that bordered stupidity.

Leon let out a long sign and closed the pamphlet. Without even glancing at it, he passed it back to Fu Xing.

Forget it, I’ll follow the proper way this time…

“You said that the winner can keep the medal for an entire year?”

“That’s right.”

“Who else is in the top ten?” An entire year is enough.

“Shiran, Rocort, and Momiji. The southern campus’s Margaret and Ryner are on there too. The others aren’t from our year, so I didn’t pay much attention. In addition, there are a few whose vote counts that are still growing, like Emerald, Brad, and Zhu Yue, who are all in the top twenty.”

Leon contemplated this.

Top ten, is it…In other words, I have to eliminate at least ten competitors to win the crystal…

Fu Xing looked at Leon. “Leon, if you think it’s a bother, I can tell everyone not to vote for you.” Based on Leon’s personality, he must find this type of thing very annoying.

“No.” Leon met Fu Xing’s gaze. “I want to win.”


“Are you willing to assist me?”

“Eh? Ah?” Was he dreaming? Leon had actually asked him for help?!

“You don’t want to?”

“Of course not! I will help you with everything I have!”

Fu Xing was beyond overjoyed to receive a request from Leon for the first time. He felt as though he had finally proven the value of his existence.

“I’m so surprised. I thought you would definitely hate this kind of thing…”

Leon paused.

That was typically the case. With his character, he would directly seize anything advantageous to him using all kinds of methods—rather than following the rules to compete against others

But this time…

He turned his head to glance back at Fu Xing, who was happily flipping through the Aquarius meeting notes while fiddling with the staff armband. Leon inwardly sighed to himself.



“Are you the only one transporting Shalom’s Star?” If so, it’s too dangerous.

“There’s Isaac too. We’re partners.”

Leon’s gaze seemed to harden, but he did not speak.

Aside from strengthening and weakening spells, the crystal of a royal elf had another, more direct function.

To detect a soul’s evil intent and demonic energy.

If a bloodthirsty follower of a sinister soul was allowed near the crystal, the crystal’s body would darken in colour; the heavier the heart was, the blacker the colour became. As a result, royal elf crystals were used to arbitrate at the court of law for special animate beings. Whether one was guilty or not would be instantly evident upon touching the crystal.

Many centuries ago, back when the Bloody Countess Lee Kirst had been on trial, a sky-blue, royal water elf’s crystal had instantly turned into a dense pitch-black like obsidian. It had taken over ten days to return to its former state.

Now they want to repeat the show of the sorceress’s trial?  Looks like the world of the special animate beings still has apprehensions about “him” and cannot trust him…

Playing these kinds of dirty tricks gave an extremely unpleasant feeling.

“Leon! Why don’t we make election posters? And a mascot! That way we can gather more popularity! Also, also! I think you can hold a handshaking and autograph event! It gives a more intimate feel!” Fu Xing excitedly shared his ideas, occasionally gesticulating by waving the half-eaten corn stick in his hands. The yellow dry crumbs continued to spray all over Leon.

Leon wrinkled his brows and let out a long sigh.

He seemed to have made the wrong decision and pushed himself into an absurdly ridiculous pit.

The next day, at noon. The rendezvous between the end of night and the beginning of day.

Fu Xing and Isaac wore Aquarius’s custom-made pure white tuxedos with blue trim, as well as an armband specifically for their service. Upon arriving on time at the main bailey’s upper level reception hall, they respectfully stood at the entrance to await summons.

When the clock struck noon, the doors opposite them opened on both sides. The room was mainly deep blue, with a chandelier suspended in the centre that reflected a multifaceted brilliance. This dyed the entire room with a luxurious atmosphere.

Fu Xing and Isaac carefully stepped into the room and stopped roughly seven steps away from the seats of honour. They placed their right arms horizontally in front of their chests and bowed at the waist. “Aquarius’s special transporters, He Fu Xing and Isaac, awaiting errands.”


Fu Xing and Isaac straightened and anxiously waited for their next instruction.

There were seven people seated in the room. Fui Xing recognised Shiran, Headmaster Sanbi, as well as two professors. The other three were people he had never seen in the school before.

The person sitting right in the middle on a velvet-covered wooden chair looked at Fu Xing with a disapproving haughtiness. Then he let out an extremely derisive scoff and shifted his gaze over to Isaac with an abundance of interest.

Like a wild beast currently contemplating how to tyrannize its prey.

“Sir Lansely, please begin the ceremony,” Sanbi reminded.

Lansely chuckled and stood. He used a single hand to straightforwardly pick up the wooden box in front of him and walked up to Fu Xing and Isaac. Then he softly recited a spell.

The runes carved on the box emitted a glow. The light in the shape of the runes surrounded Fu Xing and Isaac, then shrank inwards until it passed through their bodies and vanished.

“Go on and take it.”

“Ah, yessir!” Fu Xing and Isaac exchanged a look, uncertain of who should accept it. Fu Xing clumsily reached out to hold the wooden box.

“Transporters, receive this command.” Sanbi, who was standing on the side, suddenly declared, “Complete this assignment with your own life.”

“Received.” Fu Xing and Isaac bowed and then turned to deliver the item to its next destination. 

“Wait,” Lansely suddenly called out.

The two stopped in their tracks and hesitantly looked back.

“Will you not confirm the contents?” Lansely smiled as though he was waiting to watch a good show.

The professors next to him, as well as Sanbi, immediately stiffened in expression.

“Sir Lansely…” Sanbi disapprovingly stated, “We just witnessed you place the medal into the box and place the seal. There is no need for any additional steps.”

“Would it not be alright to confirm once more?” Lansely brushed this statement off and brazenly strode up to Fu Xing. Fu Xing hurriedly raised the box up.

Lansely lightly stroked the wooden box and it emitted a brief gear-like sound before opening.

The brilliant medal appeared before everyone’s eyes. The gemstone embedded was even more dazzling than in the pictures.

“Since you have already confirmed the item is inside the box, could you close it and allow the transporters to carry out their assignment?” Sanbi voiced in a displeased tone.

“We can see it, but it could be an illusion. Physically touching it is the only way to truly verify.” Lansely turned to look at Isaac, a smirk forming on his lips. “You, pick it up and check.”

Isaac hesitantly stared at Lansely, then turned to look at Sanbi, momentarily at a loss.

Sanbi sighed and nodded, expressing his agreement.

Isaac slowly reached out in trepidation to lift the medal out from the box and place it in his palm.

Fu Xing noticed that at that moment, everyone’s eyes were gathered on the medal. Their eyes remained locked onto the gemstone with various emotions: curiosity, unease, cruelness, and more.

What’s going on? Don’t tell me it really is an illusion?

Lansely was intently focused on the medal, seemingly waiting for something to happen. The smile on his lips was terrifying.

Fu Xing also peered at the medal and discovered that the gemstone’s radiance had begun to faintly waver.

Isaac’s face remained icy from beginning to end, making it impossible to discern any emotion. However, the hand gripping the medal trembled very slightly.

The gemstone’s glow rippled for a few seconds, then stopped and returned to its former state without any further reaction.

The crowd froze for nearly a minute, then collectively looked relieved.

“Can it be placed back, Sir Lansely?” Sanbi reminded a second time.

Lansely stubbornly stared at the medal. After a moment, he conceded.

“Tch, what a pity…” He quietly spat out and shot a spiteful glare at Isaac. Then he spun around to return to his seat. “Go carry out your duty.”

Isaac returned the medal into the box and Fu Xing quickly closed it. The two gave a simple salute and swiftly left the scene.

“What was that?” Fu Xing asked as he walked with lingering trepidation. “Isn’t that Lansely person a bit too terrible?!” Regardless of tone, attitude, or the events that had occurred afterwards, that person gave off a very uncomfortable feeling.

Isaac remained quiet, his expression very heavy.

“He was seriously bizarre just now. Even Headmaster Sanbi said that there was no point in confirming again because the item was already inside. It’s not like it could’ve gotten stolen! Don’t tell me he was afraid someone would just magic it out of thin air?!” Fu Xing continued to complain, “Why was he bothering us! Do we look like we have nothing to do?!”

“He was testing…” Isaac muttered.

“Huh? Testing?”

“Testing my soul’s innate character…” Because there was an issue with his bloodline, his ancestor.

Using this kind of petty trick to test him was hurtful. However, he had seized this opportunity to prove his innocence at the same time.

“Soul’s innate character?” Fu Xing did not understand. “What’s that? Is that something like moe, trap, or yandere?”

Isaac lightly smiled, his mood relaxing significantly.

“Fu Xing…”


“You really are an otaku.”

“Leave me alone! Who even taught you that term?!”

Isaac only chuckled in reply.

The two quickly headed to the elite safe room. This elite safe room was located next to the warehouse. The outside was a marble cylindrical building with a tapered top. 

When they reached the front door, the brownie that should have been guarding the room and opening the door was not at their post.

Fu Xing and Isaac waited outside the entrance for ten minutes, but they still did not see any figure appear.

“Isn’t this guy fooling around too much?!” Fu Xing could not contain his angry words. “What if someone took this chance to sneak in and steal something??”

“Don’t worry. The brownie is only in charge of the door key and recording people going in and out. Each safe inside has an additional key as well as a high-level spell as protection. Even if someone got in, they wouldn’t be able to do anything.”

“Is that so? That’s good then.”

Fu Xing continued waiting for a while, then impatiently asked, “Is there not a spare key?”

“There is. The key is kept under the care of the general affairs committee. I remember the manager is Peiris.”

“Now it’s Samukawa in charge,” Fu Xing huffed back. Then he pulled out his cellphone and used the school internet to search for Samukawa’s dorm phone number. “I’ll try calling his dorm.”

It’s so late, I wonder if Samukawa is already asleep?

When Fu Xing thought back to their accidental invasion of Samukawa’s chambers, he couldn’t keep the corners of his lips from rising.

Would that guy be wearing pink pajamas with teddy bear print and a fuzzy sleeping cap?

He dialled the number and waited in silence. After a dozen or so seconds, he received the beeping noise of a cut line.

“The call won’t go through.” Fu Xing frowned and continued searching. “Tch, I can’t find his cellphone. We should just send a message to the emergency communications system. The brownies at the IT centre will directly find him once they receive the message. There will definitely be a response within five minutes.”

Since last semester, Shalom had undergone a digital transformation. Not only did the campus now supply wireless internet, but there were now multiple network platforms installed in conjunction. It was extremely convenient.

Apparently, it had been Fu Qing’s suggestion. Good job, Sis!

Another ten minutes passed after sending out the message. Two sorry-cut figures remained outside the warehouse in the late night.

“What the hell! Now what?! Are we supposed to wait here for an entire day?” Fu Xing frowned. He glanced at the warehouse next to him and got a flash of inspiration.

“Let’s go to the warehouse! I have the verification and key to enter! That place has an anti-theft system too, so it’s safer than staying out here.” He was finally able to take advantage of the fact that he had been spending every day cleaning there! “We might as well just stay there for the night!” The more I think about it, the more exciting it feels! It’s like camping out next-door!

Isaac hesitated for a few seconds. “I might not be able to stay. This place doesn’t have an underground passage connecting to the dorms and the instruction buildings. With my current state of dress, I don’t have any protection to move around in the daytime…”

“That’s true too.” Fu Xing was a bit crestfallen. It looked like he could only keep night-watch alone tonight. “How about I just stay behind then. Can you help me go to the dorms and grab things?”

“I can.”

“Thank you! I’ll write you a list of items!” Fu Xing was very grateful. “Then I’ll just directly go to the warehouse now! Thanks for the trouble!”

Isaac took Fu Xing’s paper and watched Fu Xing’s back before lightly smiling and turning to leave.

He was very envious of Fu Xing. Always so optimistic, always able to find joy in sorrows.

I hope I can be like Fu Xing too…Would everyone’s impression of me be a bit better that way?

Would they forget the bloodline I bear?

The two people left in different directions. Neither of them noticed that there was a splash of dark-orange liquid spread over the underbrush not far from the guard room.

It was a brownie’s blood.

1:15 AM. Leon was reading when there was a light knock on the door. He assumed it was his own noisy and stupid roommate returning from duty and had forgotten the key.

He sighed and put down his book to walk towards the door in exasperation. When he opened the door and the one that appeared before him was the tall Isaac, Leon was slightly startled.

“Hello, good evening,” Isaac politely stated.

“Good evening…” Leon replied. “Do you need something?”

“Fu Xing asked me to help him grab things.”

The other party was the famous “Darkclaw” Leon, who was the the head of the Sagveiss family, one of the six great darkblood clans. Isaac’s nerves were taut as he responded prudently.

“Fu Xing?” What’s that guy up to now? “Why?”

“He will be sleeping in the warehouse tonight. May I ask if I can enter?”

Leon moved aside to let Isaac in.

“Thank you.”

As Isaac stepped in, Leon walked back to sit in the living room. He picked up his book and continued reading as before.

Rustling came from Fu Xing’s bed area as things were being gathered.

Whoosh— The sound of the cabinet being opened.

Clatter— The sound of the cabinet’s messy contents all tumbling out.

Thump, thump, thump, thump! The sound of the falling items hitting Isaac.

Leon furrowed his brows as a faint trace of guilt arose in his heart.

He should have reminded Isaac that Fu Xing always randomly tossed things into places. The room was full of landmines. 

“Excuse me, may I ask…” Isaac appeared at the doorway in a sorry state with a piece of paper gripped in his hand.

Leon raised his head.

“I am extremely sorry for interrupting you, but, may I be bold enough to request for guidance…” Isaac glanced at the paper he was holding. “Do you know where Xiaodingdang corn sticks are stored? On an additional note, they must be original flavour. Also Tawandang roasted seaweed, both squid flavour and caramel flavour.”

“There is a white sack in the drawer on your right. That contains all of his snacks.”

“Thank you.” Isaac turned around.

A while later, Isaac’s respectful tone voiced another question. “Excuse me for interrupting you again…” 

Leon raised his head.

“May I ask where Fu Xing’s PSP is?”

“If you don’t see it on the desk, then it’s on the bed.” That guy is always playing it in bed until he falls asleep.

Isaac stared blankly for a moment. “Thank you.”

The Sagveiss’s Darkclaw doesn’t quite seem to be like the rumours say…

A few minutes later, Isaac walked out of Fu Xing’s area with one hand carrying a large bag stuffed with various shopping bags, and the other hand holding a rolled-up comforter.

“I am truly grateful for your assistance.” Isaac half-bowed before turning to leave through the front door.

“Why is he sleeping in the warehouse?” Leon suddenly asked.

Isaac stopped in his tracks and stared at Leon.

The other was still focused on the pages of the book, seemingly indifferent. However, the sharp-sighted Isaac noticed that the book in Leon’s hand was still on the same page as it had been when Isaac had first entered.

Isaac simply explained, “There was a bit of a mishap during duty. Fu Xing volunteered to sleep in the warehouse to take care of things.”

Leon let out a light huff. “That guy is an expert in attracting trouble.”

A laugh escaped from Isaac’s lips.


“You seem to be skilled in helping Fu Xing deal with the aftermath.”


“Oh right, there was one more item on Fu Xing’s list. However, I am unable to bring any more things. Perhaps if you have time, you can bring it to him.” Isaac placed the piece of paper on the living room table. “I apologise for having bothered you tonight.”

“I won’t be seeing you out.” Leon’s face remained cold as he stared at his own book without looking up.

About three minutes after Isaac left, Leon “suddenly” felt thirsty. He stood and walked to the table to pour a glass of ice water. After downing it one gulp, he “conveniently” picked up the piece of paper to study it.

The crumpled paper contained a list of crooked words. It was obvious that it had been written on an unflat surface.

Pajamas, cup, comforter…then a string of snacks.

The final item on the list was written in bolded text: Roommate + Playmate Leon

Next to this item was an extra explanation in parentheses: If you can bring this, there’s no need to grab the Rilakkuma pillow.

Leon took in a deep breath, then let out a very long exhale in exasperation.

Damn it, there’s a limit to how much you can make fun of me…

Leon put down the paper and fell deep in thought for a while before releasing another long sigh. He spun around to stride into his own bed area and picked up a coat.

He Fu Xing was truly an expert in finding trouble.

And he seemed to truly be getting more and more skilled in dealing with the aftermath…

The next day.

After playing video games and eating snacks for an entire night, Fu Xing had fallen into deep sleep splayed out like a starfish on the moved over sofa without permission. However, he was awoken by a furious roar.

“He Fu Xing! What the hell are you doing!”

“Ah?” Fu Xing hazily stood and rubbed his eyes. “What? Is it class time? Oh, it’s Samukawa!”

“Could you explain what’s with all this?!” Samukawa scanned the messy ground and the bedding on the sofa. “You spent the night here yesterday?!”

“Ohhh, yeah.” Fu Xing yawned and got off the sofa. The Rilakumma pillow that had been randomly bunched behind him fell to the ground.

Samukawa’s eyes widened as he locked onto that brown pillow. “Isn’t that the-the limited item from the Sanrio 50th anniversary commemoration? How do you have it?!”

“Oh, one of my mom’s students owns a boutique—Eh, Samukawa, why do you know so much?”

Samukawa gritted his teeth when he realised his tongue had slipped. Then he hurriedly put a poker face back on. “A relative’s child once mentioned it, and I just happened to remember.”

“Is that so…” Fu Xing sniggered.

“You still haven’t explained why you slept here.”

“The medal was supposed to be delivered to the safe room yesterday. But the brownie standing guard wasn’t there. I figured that since the warehouse has an anti-theft system, I’d bring it here first and personally safekeep it.” At this point, Fu Xing proudly blurted out, “I hugged it in my arms the entire night, you know!”

“You—” Samukawa was about to fiercely lash out when a certain object on the ground caught his attention.

Instantly, his complexion paled.

Fu Xing looked down at his own feet. “Oh, I bought those paw slippers at a night market. If you like them, I can get a pair for you next time.”

“Is that thing next to your feet the item you were hugging the entire night?” Sweat formed on Samukawa’s forehead as he coldly murmured this.

“What?” Fu Xing’s gaze shifted to the side a bit and spotted a brown object.

The box’s lid was open at a 90° angle from the body, like a dead fish soundlessly denouncing him with a gaping mouth. The dark red flannel padding on the inside of the box shone with a gentle glow.

The medal that should have been laying inside was nowhere to be seen.

Fu Xing and Samukawa were as rigid as statues as they stared at the sealed box on the floor.

What…what happened here? How did the box holding the medal open? Where’s the medal?

Fu Xing immediately bent down to flip the comforter open and gave it two hard shakes.

“What the hell are you doing!” Samukawa snapped out of his daze when he saw Fu Xing’s bizarre action.

“I wanted to see if it was stuck in the comforter…”

“You-you…” Samukawa ground out with a clenched jaw, “You idiot! Do you understand the situation at all?!”

“I do! The box was opened, the item is missing, so I’m looking for it!” Fu Xing boldly shot back.

“Is your skull a sewage system that is filled with shit? This sealed box was made by a dwarf. Even tossing it into a smelting furnace wouldn’t destroy the sealing enchantment and open the box!”

“Eh, how amazing.” And so?

“Someone stole the medal!”

“Um, then, who stole it?”

Samkawa glared at him.

“Idiot! How fucking stupid can you be?! Do you understand the severity of this matter?! It’s not just an issue of compensation; how do you plan on telling the wood elf king that his gift was lost! Do you know that this could even become a reason to start a war?! You retard!”

“Calm down, calm down!” This was Fu Xing’s first time seeing Samukawa this angry, mixing curses in from hysteria. In a rush to placate the other, he grabbed the Rilakumma pillow and shoved it into Samukawa’s arms. “I’ll give this to you, I’ll give this to you! Don’t be mad! Calm down a bit!”

Samukawa clutched the Rilakumma and viciously glared at Fu Xing. Fu Xing originally thought this move would be ineffective, but Samukawa’s rage unexpectedly did seem to drop bit by bit until he recovered his rationale.

“You…explain everything that happened yesterday. Describe every single detail clearly, starting from when you entered the reception hall,” Samukawa frostily stated as he held the Rilakumma pillow under his arm.

Fu Xing recounted from the beginning, making sure to include every detail he remembered. When Samukawa heard about Lansely’s actions, he frowned in disapproval.

Upon reaching the part about the guard missing, Samukawa spoke up. “The guard was gone? Did you go to the Affairs Bureau to ask the brownies’ manager?”

“Um, no…” He had no idea that was what he was supposed to do. “But I called your dorm and messaged the emergency communications system without receiving any response. Professor Samukawa, is there a problem with your landline?”

Samukawa paused, stammering for a moment. “Ahem, that seems to be the case. I did not receive any notifications…”

“Is that so?”

“Yes,” Samukawa guiltily replied.

In reality, Samukawa had cut his dorm’s telephone line. He absolutely hated being disturbed in his private time.

The most important reason was that he was a luddite. He was a complete amateur when it came to computers and the like; he could not even use the Internet. Emergency notifications system? Hmph! He still had yet to connect and log in once—how could he possibly have received a notification?

Fu Xing continued to tell Samukawa about the later development. After Isaac had brought him things from the dorm, he had enjoyed himself quietly by curling up and snacking while playing his PSP until he fell asleep.

“When did you fall asleep?”

“Let me think…Ah, right.” Fu Xing picked up his PSP and turned it on. Then he swiftly pressed the keys to change the page.

“He Fu Xing, are you trying to coerce me into ending your life?”

“That’s not it, I’m checking the game logs to see when the last game I played was…Got it! 3:27 AM.” 

Samukawa glanced at his watch. “It is currently 8:43 AM. During this nearly 5.5 hours gap, did anything abnormal occur?”

Fu Xing scratched his head. “Probably…not…”

Samukawa was seriously about to blow his top.

“Samukawa…what do we do now…”

“You made this mess; it has nothing to do with me.”

“How can you be so heartless…” Fu Xing wailed. “Besides, if you had picked up the call, we would’ve gotten the spare key ages ago and placed the object inside the safe room already…”

Samukawa turned around and resentfully muttered, “Tch, why can’t you be a bit dumber.”

Strictly speaking, he was indeed half responsible for this matter. He had originally thought He Fu Xing would not realise, but it looked like the other was not as stupid as he had imagined.

Samukawa took a deep breath and began to ponder countermeasures.

While the wood elf king’s crystal was said to be precious, it was not the most valuable thing compared to the other objects being stored at Shalom. Besides, this was a newly ascended elf king; his resources and influence were not enough to become that great of a threat to Shalom.

However, if this matter was spread, it would have negative effects on Shalom’s reputation. Moreover, suffering this loss in this manner was…

Before the wood elf’s side even began to move, Samukawa could guess that Lansely might cause trouble first, seizing this opportunity to meddle with Shalom’s operations.

He had felt Lansely coveting for Shalom for a while.

“Samu-Samukawa?” Seeing Samukawa fall silent, Fu Xing couldn’t help but call out to him.

Samukawa looked up. A sense of calm and a farsighted wisdom that was beyond the years of his childish appearance showed on his face. “You cannot let anyone else know of this matter.” The more people talked, the harder it would be to avoid mess-ups.

“Mhm, ok. And then?”

“There are seven days left before the banquet. During this period, we must…”

“Find the medal?”

“No. There isn’t enough time.” Samukawa’s brows knit deeply together as though he was making an extremely difficult decision. Finally, he sighed in surrender. “The fastest method is to directly create a new one to hand over.”

“You mean forge a counterfeit?”

“Not a counterfeit.” Samukawa exhaled. “It’s genuine, a genuine good that is many times higher in quality.”

He had a crystal formed by the light elf queen. Ever since he had obtained it from Rocort during last year’s new student trials, he had carefully collected it in a sealed space-time only he knew of.

Who would’ve imagined it would need to be taken out and used in this kind of situation…

It was truly a pity, like losing a glass bead and replacing it with a real diamond.

Whatever. That thing wasn’t mine to begin with. Rocort would probably also be willing to offer that crystal for Fu Xing’s sake.

“The functionality of the sealed box’s spell relies on absorbing energy from the elf crystal inside. I’ll place the elf crystal in first, then activate a simple colour-changing spell so that it looks identical. After the box is closed, it can be placed in the safe room. The other parts of the medal will need to be created by a fire-type fairy smith. If we’re quick, we can get it in three days.”

Fu Xing nodded. “Then it’ll be fine?”

“If only it was that simple.” Samukawa’s face was stern as he solemnly stated, “Wood elves are neutral-type elves. Their crystals have no effect on any races. However, the replacement is a light elf crystal, which is extremely harmful to dark races.”


“If a darkblood touches the crystal, it would be equivalent to throwing them under the midday sun.”

“What! Th-then what do we do?!”

He thought of Leon. If Leon wins the medal, then wouldn’t he—

“This is the trickiest part. After all, we can’t control the identity of the winner. Furthermore, if we really do find the wood elf king’s crystal later, the winner won’t necessarily want to swap it.”

“Actually, it’s not that complicated.” A third person suddenly interjected. “As long as Fu Xing wins, it’s fine.”

Fu Xing and Samukawa started in fright and whipped their heads around in unison. Zi Ye stood at the doorway, wearing the long winter uniform coat that did not match the season and a camera hanging around his neck.

“Since when have you been standing there?!”

“Since Samukawa said ‘fucking’.”

Doesn’t that mean you basically heard everything?!

“What do you want?”

“Don’t worry, Fu Xing is my friend. I won’t harm him…”

Zi Ye looked at Fu Xing. Although his snow-white face still lacked emotion, it was much softer than before. “As long as Fu Xing wins, there won’t be any issues. In the following year, even if the original crystal cannot be found, finding another royal wood elf’s crystal wouldn’t be difficult.”

“Easy for you to say! How could I win?” With his character, just getting on the list would have others laughing at him!

“You can if you find the right helper.” Zi Ye peered at Fu Xing. “The southern campus’s dream spirit is skilled in charm magic. You can ask her to help you cast a spell to win over everyone’s favour.”

“She wouldn’t necessarily help me though.” He thought of Margaret’s enticing smile. Just talking to her felt like a massive gracious favour.

“You have something she wants…”


“In any case, it’ll definitely work.”

“I see…” Fu Xing stared at Zi Ye. While he had no idea where the other’s confidence came from, he had no other choices at this point.

Just have to keep trying everything in desperate times…

“What exactly did you come here to do? How did the guard outside let you in?” Samukawa, who was standing to the side, finally seized this chance to cut in.

“It can be considered as carrying out official business.” Zi Ye raised his hand to show a pale blue spiral pattern on the back.

“An order for the new student trials!” Fu Xing recognised the symbol. Back then, he had been made into an awful mess because of that thing. “Your task is…?”

Before Fu Xing could finish asking, he saw Zi Ye lift the camera in a practiced movement and aim it at Samukawa before pressing the shutter. The action was so abrupt and fluent that Samukawa missed the chance to hide.

“What are you doing?!” Samukawa was furious.

“Grod gave an order. Objective: Close-up photo of Samukawa.” As Zi Ye said this, he pressed the shutter again as though it was the natural thing to do.

“Stop taking photos!”

“Grod said that Samukawa has been acting secretive and moving strangely these days. Samukawa even controlled a familiar from a distance to take his place when attending public events, so Grod was very worried.” 

Samukawa was stunned.

My familiar was seen through by Grod…and that rotten transvestite is actually worried about me?

A wave of warmth attacked his heart.

He seemed to have mistaken Grod. It looked as though the other was not as despicable as he had thought—

Zi Ye continued, “Grod was worried if you had gotten some shameful illness and that you had hidden yourself to secretly get treated.”

Samukawa’s tiny bit of fuzzy good feelings towards Grod instantly vanished.

“The damn rotten transvestite! What kind of bullshit is that!” Samukawa bellowed, “He Fu Xing’s spell hasn’t been completely broken yet. Before then, I don’t want to show my true face to others.”

“Oh, so that’s what it was.” Zi Ye nodded. After a few seconds of silence, he picked up the camera and pressed the shutter again.

“Are you picking a fight?!”

“Grod said at least three photos.”

“Don’t take anymore!”

The first class bell rang. This signified the time for the brownies to start work.

“I will deal with the medal.”  Samukawa immediately commanded, “As for you guys, hurry up and use your scant brain juices to think of how to win the voting contest.”

“Got it.”

Fu Xing quickly bent down to tidy up his things and return to the dorm. After tossing everything into bags and folding the comforter, the only thing left was…

Fu Xing awkwardly said, “Um, Samukawa, that…” His gaze shifted to the bear pillow that had been under Samukawa’s arm the entire time.

Samukawa shot Fu Xing a look. “You said you’d give it to me a moment ago, didn’t you?”

“Er, yes…”

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    I also imagined this scene perfectly in my head.

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