CCM 425

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Translated by: Taffy

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Chapter 425 – Intense Battle Pt. 2

Indeed, as one could probably guess, the young man with seven weapons on his back was precisely Xiang Yun. At the moment, Xiang Yun’s internal shock could not be described with words. While he had evaluated Duo Mei quite well, he hadn’t imagined Duo Mei’s strength to instantly rise to such a fearsome stage. In terms of just strength alone, she had definitely reached a realm where she could fight eye-to-eye with Xiang Yun!

Duo Mei’s attack was not a simple downwards slash. The moment it touched Xiang Yun’s weapon, a violent explosion instantly appeared from the point of contact. Under the massive destructive force, Xiang Yun’s Life Protection immediately collapsed. If this had been another person with a slightly weaker Life Protection, this blow would have pretty much resulted in instant death.

Once the blow landed, Duo Mei dived down and immediately rose back up. Her body lithely moved through the air to perform a spinning slash. Flames blazed around her body, and she faced Xiang Yun to raise the Six-Winged Phoenix Heavens Blade up once more.

Seeing this, Xiang Yun’s expression immediately stiffened. Although he was still certain he could defeat the opponent…there wasn’t much possibility of easily defeating her anymore. Xiang Yun knew that if he did not use his full strength, he would not only fail to secure the victory, but he might even fall under the enemy’s hands!

Xiang Yun helplessly shook his head, then lightly sheathed the broadsword in his hand. His eyes locked onto the airborne Duo Mei as his right hand shifted back and forth above his seven sheathed weapons while he pondered which one to use.

Finally, Xiang Yun’s hand stopped at the largest warblade in the middle. As expected…it was the Pope’s Cross Blade. This warblade was the best choice for a strong attack!

Clang! Xiang Yun abruptly withdrew the Pope’s Cross Blade on his back, his heroic spirit surging outwards. Xiang Yun’s blood began to race as he recalled how he had defeated the Northern Pope back in the day by ultimately beheading the opponent with his own blade.

Duo Mei watched Xiang Yun lean back and let out a long whistle as his aura continuously expanded. She knew that if she did not attack now and his aura was allowed to consolidate completely, she could not defeat this enemy!

Duo Mei gritted her teeth. After a brief pause, her body lit up once more and she whizzed down at Xiang Yun with a bang. No matter what, she had to cut down Xiang Yun’s aura.

Yet Xiang Yun did not even budge despite facing Duo Mei’s world-shaking blow. He continued whistling into the air up until Duo Mei was five meters away from him. Then the Pope’s Cross Blade abruptly shot up from the ground and lightly touched the side of Duo Mei’s Six-Winged Phoenix Heavens Blade, subtly changing her trajectory.

Duo Mei automatically paled in horror when she sensed the enormous power shift from Xiang Yun’s blade. Just then, Xiang Yun yanked the warblade back. The instant it brushed past Duo Mei, an explosive slash flew out at her.

If it were any other person facing such a penetrating attack, they would definitely struggle escaping the fate of defeat. However, Duo Mei was no ordinary person. With her fire wind battle qi and the power of the Explosion fruits, she moved her weapon at the last minute to block the violent slash. Then, her body swiftly shot backwards to counter the force from Xiang Yun’s blade.

Only after her body had been thrown a hundred meters back did Duo Mei finally manage to stop. She sank down slightly to land atop a rundown building in shock as she stared at Xiang Yun standing proudly in the distant plaza. Duo Mei knew that in terms of capabilities, she was not necessarily at a disadvantage; however in terms of experience and battle skills, there was too vast of a gap between them. At the present time, Duo Mei was not enough to be his opponent at all.

However, Duo Mei clearly would not walk away in defeat like this. She shot back up and returned to the plaza. With a cold glare at Xiang Yun, she declared in a low voice, “You’re very powerful and have unprecedented strength. However…if you think you can enter the city like this, then you could not be more mistaken!”

Duo Mei raised her arm. Immediately, the thirty-five Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes that had been standing behind Duo Mei all rose into the air. Their large capes blew up behind them to form six wings. Immediately, Xiang Yun’s frown deepened.

If the opponent did not have companions, Xiang Yun would not fear them at all. However, Xiang Yun knew that there was no way he could completely hold back all thirty-six Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes flying in the air.

Duo Mei frostily looked at Xiang Yun and announced, “If you willingly retreat now, you can avoid suffering tremendous casualties. Otherwise, I can very easily slaughter your subordinates even if I cannot defeat you. Please leave. This place does not welcome you!”

Xiang Yun bitterly furrowed his brows, his expression forced. He just could not comprehend why these abnormally formidable girls wanted to obstruct them. Although he had offended quite a few people in the past, he did not recall ever offending a woman, particularly a woman this strong.

Just as she had stated, despite being unable to defeat Xiang Yun or Roger, defeating them would depend on if they gave any chances. These flying girls were simply an ordinary sailor’s worst nightmare, especially with those excessively destructive explosive slashes. Even Camus ships could not withstand those. If they really did break out into a fight and those girls continued to disrupt them, he was afraid they would not have a single ship left.

Of course, Xiang Yun had also considered retreating. But Suo Jia had already handed this task to him. If he just walked away in defeat, he would not have the face to see Suo Jia after being so useless.

Xiang Yun weakly looked up at Duo Mei hovering in the air. He knew she now had a good grasp of his strength. They would absolutely not give him the chance to fight in close quarters. And these girls undoubtedly possessed a capability in speed that Xiang Yun did not. In actuality, just the fact that they could fly made it impossible for Xiang Yun to pursue and attack them.

Fweet! Right as Xiang Yun and Duo Mei were locked in this stalemate, a sharp whistle suddenly rang out from the sea. When Xiang Yun heard this familiar whistling sound, his eyes lit up and he whipped his head around to look. A white line had appeared where the ocean met the sky.

Roger blurted out a hoot when he saw this and happily shouted, “Everything’s fine now. Boss is here! Hehe…now all dilemmas will be easily resolved!”

When Duo Mei heard Roger’s words, she glanced back at the white line on the ocean now nearing them at a miraculous speed. She gritted her teeth and resolutely yelled, “My sisters, heed my command! Begin attacking immediately and destroy as much as possible!” As Duo Mei cried out, she leapt out first to launch a blow at Xiang Yun’s back across from her.

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  1. Wow that was a very long wait but damn another cliff, what would Sou jia think when he sees his group being decimated by the same people that back stab him. ouch he might think it was ordered by the king to find him.

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  2. He will definitely think they were sent by the king. Thanks for the chapter. It always brightens my day when I see you posted another one.

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