Emerald shot up my bias list after this chapter. And poor Fu Xing is really starting to struggle with the charm spell…after only a single day.

Translated by: TaffyGirl13

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Chapter 5: Fake shota, real tsundere

Fu Xing placed his palm on the warehouse’s wooden door where Samukawa had set up a sealing spell. The enchantment confirmed the arriver’s identity and the door slowly moved with a hiss.

When the warehouse door opened, a childish voice immediately lashed out.

“What the hell have you been up to?! Where did you run off—”

“Sorry, sorry, something came up in class.” Fu Xing scurried into the room and saw Samukawa staring at him with an indescribable expression. “Is something the matter?”

“Bastard! Who let you go off and fool around with others! You should be placing this business as the top priority! Do you understand?! Damn it! Come here right this instant!”

“Yeah, yeah, I got it.” After being tossed left and right the entire day today, he felt exhausted and had no energy to rebel.

“Where did you run off to in the afternoon? I couldn’t contact you at all!” Samukawa violently criticised with his arms crossed over his chest.

“I accidentally left campus.” Fu Xing gave a brief explanation of what had happened in the evening.

So tired…such a pain…

“Are you an idiot?! You really have no idea how to think for yourself!”

As Samukawa let out this furious roar, he snapped his fingers and a pair of thick wings with feathers as black as night sprouted on his back. His small fingers drew out a rune in the air and three feathers flew in front of him. Their surroundings lit up with blue-green flames, and the light was instantly sucked into the feathers, causing the three to combine into one.

“Take it and keep it on you!” Samukawa commanded as he gave the feather to Fu Xing.

“What is this? A feather duster?”

“Idiot! This is a tengu-reinforced feather! Keeping it on you can help you avoid evil and keep you safe! Stow it away properly right now!”

“Oh.” Fu Xing blankly placed the feather in his pocket.

“Why are your clothes wet?!”

“I ran into a bit of rain on my way here just now and didn’t bring an umbrella…” So annoying, can I just not talk anymore? I’m really tired.

“Fool!” Samukawa angrily reprimanded. He snapped his fingers and a winged bunny familiar immediately flew outside at high speeds. Less than a minute later, it came back with a pile of things.

“This umbrella! Take it!”

“Oh, ok.” Can’t be bothered to ponder it.

“Go change into these clothes!”

“Oh, ok.” Can’t be bothered to argue.

“Also! I’m returning this Rilakkuma pillow to you!”

“You don’t like it?”

“I…My nephew doesn’t want it anymore!” Samukawa ridiculously asserted.

“Oh, ok.” Can’t be bothered to ask further.

“Drink this cup of ginger tea!”

“Er, I don’t—”

“Drink!” Samukawa commanded as fiercely as possible.

Fu Xing did not dare to disobey and he immediately took a sip. “So hot!” He immediately burned his mouth.

“Idiot!” Samukawa grabbed Fu Xing’s chin without hesitation and opened his mouth to seriously examine it.

Fu Xing was surprised. However, because he was too exhausted to think about much, he did not really react.

His eyelids slowly closed.

Samukawa bit his lip as he peered intently at Fu Xing.

Fu Xing’s simpleminded appearance was somehow unusually—adorable.

“Fu Xing, did you find Margaret?” Zi Ye’s voice suddenly rang out.

Samukawa was abruptly reminded that there was an uninvited visitor in the warehouse still. He quickly let go of Fu Xing, and the abnormal and bizarre emotions subsided.

Fu Xing rubbed his eyes. “I did, she helped me cast the spell.”

“You’ve already had the charm spell activated?” Samukawa asked.

Fu Xing struggled to stay focused. “Speaking of which, I feel like everyone around me turned weird after the spell was activated…”

“Mhn, indeed.” Zi Ye meaningfully stared at Samukawa, then turned his head away to let out a small chuckle.

Samukawa shot a glare at Zi Ye, then turned to look at Fu Xing again. “The spell charm just needs to make you win the vote. You don’t need any other meaningless effects! What kind of enchantment did you ask her to cast, you idiot?”

“Margaret said the spell would boost people’s favourable feelings towards me. It’s not supposed to cause any excessive or intense emotions!”

“Are you sure?”

“I don’t know. Because after the spell activated, Leon, Shiran, Brad, Zhu Yue, and many others started treating me very differently from usual.”

Naturally, this included Samukawa as well.

“Really?” Samukawa snorted in annoyance. “Why does everything always end up going wrong when it comes to you, He Fu Xing?”

Fu Xing’s head dropped. He also wanted to know why.

“Regardless of whether it was the soul swap during the friendly matches, the medal being stolen, or even the transportation portal…why is it that there’s always so much chaos by your side?”

That’s not all. Fu Xing inwardly thought to himself.

Since entering the school, his life had been constantly filled with mistakes and abnormalities. He was very well aware of it.

He did not know if this meant that he was ill-suited to be a human or a monster; instead, he was only an amateur in both with an abundance of failures.

Depression attacked his mind. With exhaustion as a catalyst, the feeling of powerlessness doubled its intensity.

“Oh right, why aren’t you affected?” Samukawa curiously turned towards Zi Ye.

Zi Ye gently covered his own eyes. “Because these eyes can see spells.”

Incorporeal enchantments and wards appeared as fluctuating lights and shadows through his scarlet eyes. Even vestiges of spell activations were plainly visible.

He could see the beautiful lines criss-crossed in a complex manner that the dream spirit had left on Fu Xing’s body. It was quite powerful. However, the base structure had traces of being disrupted by chaotic waves.

“Sounds pretty nice.”

“Those people that call me a child of evil do not think so,” Zi Ye indifferently said in a low voice, his face void of emotion.

Samukawa’s brows furrowed together slightly, but he did not comment.

Fu Xing glanced at Zi Ye.

The offspring of a special animate being and a human was referred to as a child of chaos. But Fu Xing was not like Zi Ye, who possessed such powerful abilities.

Don’t tell me that my ability really is bringing disaster to whatever is around me?

Fu Xing forced himself to shake this thought away, then said, “How’s the situation with the medal?”

“The fire fairy has already started to work on it. It should be done the day after tomorrow. When the time comes, we just need to place the gemstone onto it.” Samukawa’s face relaxed a bit. “How has your investigation of Leon Sagveiss been going?”

“Eh, I still haven’t found a chance to ask him about it. But I don’t think he took it…”

“Do you have proof? Why did he appear near the warehouse that night!”

“I don’t know…”

Samukawa snorted impatiently. “Leon Sagveiss’s vote count has increased again. Regardless of whether he’s the criminal or not, he will only be left with a road to ruin if the real Shalom’s Star cannot be found.”


“Go find the dream spirit tomorrow and see if the enchantment can be fixed. If your vote count isn’t enough, ask her to strengthen the spell while you’re at it.”

“Mn…” Fu Xing replied with his head hanging down.

He was so tired, so fed up. Why did everything go wrong when it came to him?

Samuawa saw the exhaustion on Fu Xing’s face, so he sent him off. “Go rest. I’ll come find you if something comes up tomorrow.” Then his gaze shifted to the pillow in Fu Xing’s hands. “You can give the Rilakkuma pillow back to me after you’re done.”

“Didn’t you say you didn’t want it anymore?”

“I…My nephew might not have thought things through. He’ll probably want it again later.”

Fu Xing rolled his eyes.

How indirect.


Four more days until the school ceremony came to a close.

A new face appeared on the gold-gilded, black velvet announcement boards on the first floor of the main bailey and the main instruction buildings. These boards used a spell to track the real-time counts for the Shalom’s Star ballot vote.

It was a mediocre face of an Asian youth that looked a bit simpleminded.

This unusual change made many students feel surprised as they passed by. Though even more students ridiculed it and regarded it with disdain.

“He Fu Xing? The clumsy-looking Aquarius reserve member from 2-C?”

“Probably applied for himself.”

There were two ways to register for Shalom’s Star. The first method was being nominated by others; they just had to submit a photo to Aquarius in addition to a single ballot vote to complete the participant [application] process. The other method was personally applying. One just had to submit their own photo without a ballot vote to complete the process. Majority of the people on the list had been added by nomination.

“Makes me think of the lost child flyers on bulletin boards…”

“78 votes? Did these people get hit in the head before voting—”

The harsh criticism was sharply cut off. Because the subject in question just happened to appear.

With his bag on his back, Fu Xing exhaustedly passed in front of the main instruction building’s announcement board. When he noticed his own photo, he couldn’t help but choke.

It had only been a single night, yet he had already received 78 votes. As expected, the power of the dream spirit’s enchantment was amazing. However…

When Fu Xing saw the familiar photo of his roommate that had climbed up in rankings yesterday, he felt a tug on his heart.

I absolutely must not let Leon win…He did not want to watch his roommate disintegrate into ash upon obtaining the prize, instantly turning the award ceremony into a funeral.

Fu Xing sensed numerous gazes directed towards him, and he slowly turned his head.

When he crossed eyes with the group that had been criticising him in front of the announcement board, they were clearly dumbstruck, awe written on their faces.

“Er, hi. Good morning.” Fu Xing took the initiative to voice the greeting in an attempt to win even more favour.

However, this action was unnecessary in front of a dream spirit’s charm spell. The students that had just turned up their noses at the photos earlier all wore good-natured and happy expressions when they saw Fu Xing’s revered presence.

“Good morning. Have you eaten breakfast yet? Do you want to grab some together?” A male wereleopard from Fu Xing’s year enthusiastically invited.

“Good morning. Thanks, but I’ve already eaten…” Fu Xing felt overwhelmed by the favour.

“Good luck! I’ll support you!” A third-year female water elf stretched out her hand to express her friendliness.

“Thank you!” Fu Xing was touched as he clutched her hand. “I’m very grateful!”

This action made others feel faint displeasure, a displeasure stemming from jealousy.

“Didn’t you just say that anyone voting for him had no brains?” A female snake spirit sneered out to drag her companion under the water. The other party shot her a hateful glare.

“Would talking less kill you? If your mouth is so big, why don’t you go swallow an elephant?”

“Shut your rotten mouth, you sewage-water elf.”

“Er, it’s fine. I’ve heard more offensive things before anyways, haha!” Fu Xing awkwardly scratched his head. “Don’t quarrel over this kind of thing…”

The crowd immediately stared at him with compassionate admiration.

What a loving and forgiving person!

“I’ll vote for you!”

“I will too!”

“Good luck! Don’t get knocked down!”

Amidst the cheers, Fu Xing voiced his thanks as he walked towards the classroom.

When he arrived, the remote corner that he usually went to silently sit at became surrounded by quite a few people. Now, there was a rare scene of the back right corner being the centre of the crowd, with the number gradually dwindling as the seats got closer to the podium. Originally, Fu Xing had expected the professor to be annoyed by this, but the professor immediately smiled warmly in understanding upon seeing Fu Xing. 

The people were like magnetic powder that were drawn towards He Fu Xing by an invisible force.

The name “He Fu Xing” continuously spread outwards like the circular ripples formed by a stone being thrown into a tranquil lake.

By noon, He Fu Xing’s vote count had increased into the triple digits.

His rank jumped to the top twenty.


At lunchtime, Fu Xing headed to his usual spot in the dining hall to wait for Emerald and Rocort so they could eat together. In the short span of ten minutes, he politely rejected about twenty people that wanted to eat at the same table as him.

“Fu Xing!”

Rocort’s voice arrived before his person. When Fu Xing turned his head, Rocort had pounced over and pulled him into his arms.

“Let’s eat, let’s eat!” Rocort dragged Fu Xing up from the chair and linked their arms together before moving towards the counters. “What does Fu Xing want to eat? Today’s desserts include macarons, glutinous rice balls in sweet rice wine, matcha daifuku, dorayaki, German pudding, orange cake, madeleines, square cookies, brown sugar cake, and baked mochi cake. Fu Xing, which one do you like? We can grab it together!”

“Eh, anything is fine. Just eat what you like to eat.”

“I like all of them.” Rocort looked back at Fu Xing with a bright smile. “But I like Fu Xing the most. Fu Xing is soft and fluffy like Russian pastila. It’s a pity you can’t be eaten. If Fu Xing was torn into pieces like pastila, he would die from blood loss, hahahaha!”

“Rocort…” Why does this guy always spout out terrifying words with an innocent expression?

“Wait a minute, Rocort.” Emerald caught up from behind and grabbed Rocort’s shoulder to stop him from dragging Fu Xing off.

When Emerald saw Fu Xing, he was dumbfounded for a second.

“Hi Emerald. How have things been going?” This was Fu Xing’s first encounter with Emerald since the activation of the spell. He quietly observed Emerald as he wondered how the charm spell would affect this miser.

Emerald peered at Fu Xing without any major visible changes in expression.

“It’s going well, I’ve sorted out most of it.” Emerald calmly strolled up to the counter with his friends. “And what about you? It’s only been a night since we last saw each other, yet you’ve charged up the rankings?”

“Haha, is it very surprising?”

“It is. I never thought you were actually someone with such solid assets that you could bribe so many people.”

“Oi, oi!” What the hell is that!

Emerald doesn’t seem any different from normal. Could the spell be ineffective against him?

“Fu Xing, what do you want to eat?” Rocort, who usually ran straight to the sweets section, was currently carrying a plate to stand at the entree section waiting to select food. “I want to eat the same things Fu Xing eats.”

“Er, this place shouldn’t have anything you like to eat.”

“That’s fine!”

“I want to eat a ton of vegetables today though.” Fu Xing purposely pointed at the area with vegetable dishes. “And I want to try every one of them.”

Rocort wrinkled his brow, but he immediately put on a brave and resolute face. “That isn’t a problem!” Then he used his actions to show his resolve, swiftly grabbing a bunch of salad until it formed a green mound at the centre of his plate.

Fu Xing and Emerald gasped in amazement.

Rocort proudly declared as though he was showing off a treasure, “Hurry up, Fu Xing, come grab some. I want to have the same things as you.”

“Er, but…”

“Sorry, but Fu Xing won’t be eating at the self-service section today,” Emerald suddenly blurted out. “He’s going to order a customised meal today.”

Rocort’s face instantly turned as green as the vegetables on his plate.

“Emerald, don’t say whatever you want. I don’t have that much money.”

Ordering a customised meal meant making up one’s own menu and directly requesting anything they wanted from the main chef. However, it required an extra cost…and it was very expensive.

“I know. It’s obvious just from looking at your shabby appearance.”

“Then why are you—”

“I’ll pay for the bill,” Emerald commented casually, like he was merely talking about how great the weather was.

Fu Xing and Rocort both stared at Emerald with wide eyes.

What? Emerald’s treating? The stingy-as-hell person that even steals toilet paper from the school bathrooms? The person that even collects rent fees for borrowing his class notes? The one that chooses what airlines to take by assessing the cost of insurance if an accident occurred? That person that views money as their life? That Emerald? 

“Is there an issue?” Emerald raised a brow.

“Er, that’s really expensive! It’s money! Money that you can’t get back once you use it! Are you sure, Emerald?”

Fu Xing spoke as though he was explaining to a preschooler, which caused Emerald to frown.

“Don’t treat me like a fool. I’m not you.” Emerald snorted, “I treat friends well once in a while too.”

“Thank you!” Although Fu Xing knew it was the effect of the spell, he still felt extremely grateful.

“What about me?” Rocort asked. “Can I order a set of imperial daoxiangcun sweets?”

“Finish eating the vegetables you’re holding first.”

Thus, Fu Xing ordered Taiwanese snacks. It was simple, but it reminded him of the tastes of his hometown. With a foul expression on his face, Rocort got a large glass of water to wash down his half-chewed salad into his stomach.

“Why did you want to participate in the ballot vote for Shalom’s Star?” Emerald asked.

“I didn’t register myself. Someone else nominated me and submitted my photo to request for me to join.”

“But you didn’t apply to repeal it either.” If unwilling to participate, the person involved could withdraw from the contest at any point. “I thought you had no interest in these types of things.”

“Eh…since someone already nominated me, I’d feel bad for withdrawing…”

Emerald nodded. “I see…”

“I voted for Fu Xing too!” Rocort refused to be given the cold shoulder, so he forcibly cut in. In the end, he choked on some cauliflower, causing his face to turn green like vegetable juice. With his mouth now full of vegetable taste, Rocort was finally unable to endure any longer, and he dashed out in search of an “antidote” from the sweets section.

“What were you busy doing yesterday? I didn’t see you at all starting from noon. I originally wanted to give you the numbers list so that you could see if the prices were reasonable.”

“Er, I was busy over at the warehouse all day yesterday to help Samukawa with business…” Fu Xing made up a reason to beat around the bush. He couldn’t possibly tell Emerald about visiting Margaret or leaving the school, or else the matter of the medal being stolen would be exposed.

Emerald paused for a while, then nodded. “Is that so…”

“Mhm, yeah…”

“It’s only been a day since we last saw each other, but it seems like so much has happened.” He rubbed his forehead and looked at Fu Xing. “Are you under a lot of pressure?”

Fu Xing guiltily lowered his head. “I’m okay…”

“If needed, I will try my best to help you.” Emerald stood and smiled. “If you think it’s needed.”

“You’re leaving?”

“Mhm, I still have a bit of stuff I need to deal with.” Emerald picked up his bag and grinned. “Bye, Fu Xing.” Then he confidently left.

Fu Xing stared at Emerald’s back as he left. Something felt a bit strange, but he couldn’t place his finger on what.

Rocort came back with a huge tub of ice cream in his arms that he ate as he walked to the seat.

“Where’s Emerald?”

“He left.”

“He did? Didn’t he have a bunch of things he wanted to discuss and look into with you?”


“Emerald said so himself. He ran over to the warehouse yesterday three times to look for you, and he had something to do so he couldn’t go to your dorm during the night. I thought he’d take this chance to talk with you for a long time.” Rocort gulped his ice cream down. He looked as though he had just been revived, like a stranded fish on land that had just been tossed back into the water. 


Then didn’t that mean his lie had immediately been seen through?

Why hadn’t Emerald exposed him?

Fu Xing frowned and furiously scratched his head, completely messing up his black hair.

Annoying! So bloody annoying! Why is everything such a pain?! Why am I always causing trouble?!

He hated this school ceremony!

He hated himself like this!

Four more days left. This damned school ceremony just needs to hurry up and end…


After lunchtime ended, Fu Xing headed towards the instruction building in a dispirited mood. By taking advantage of the charm spell, he quickly learned of Margaret’s whereabouts from the crowd surrounding him.

When Margaret was invited to step outside the classroom with Fu Xing, she was attacked by jealous gazes. She had absolutely no idea where the hostile intent was coming from.

But the moment she saw Fu Xing, she could only stare at him in astonishment.

How did the charm spell become like this?

“What the hell did you do?” Margaret dragged Fu Xing into a remote hallway and quickly asked, “How did the charm spell become like this?!”

Sheinspected the enchantment structure and discovered that the base spell power had changed into an irreversible arrangement, manifesting an effect that she could not predict or comprehend.

“Er, shouldn’t I be asking you that?!”

“You really didn’t do anything?”

“I don’t have that kind of ability.” Fu Xing said in frustrated despair, “I’m only a rotten and useless bat spirit that has no skills aside from ruining things.”

Margaret could see how dejected Fu Xing was but she was at a loss on what to say. She was very skilled at coaxing people to feel joy, but she was not proficient in comforting others. Besides, she had no need to do so, nor was she willing to do such things.

However, as though affected by the enchantment, a feeling of sympathy rose from the bottom of her heart. As a result, she tried to do what she was most unskilled at.

“Don’t say that.” Margaret somewhat awkwardly said, “Be a bit more confident in yourself.”


“You aren’t useless, just incompetent.” Margaret earnestly said, “Although [your ability is] scant, it’s not equivalent to zero!”

Fu Xing didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Thank you.” Despite the words being hurtful enough to leave quite a heavy blow, it still just barely achieved a comforting effect.

Fu Xing pulled himself together and gave a general description of how the people around him had changed and responded to him in the past two days. When he mentioned Emerald, Margaret’s expression shifted slightly.

“I have a pretty good idea of what happened.” Margaret said, “There isn’t really any issue with the spell. Most people’s responses are within the range of expectation. The issue only lies on those that are closer to you.”


“The enchantment originally was set with the criteria of ‘going from zero to one’. In other words, to make those that originally did not think anything of you and believed you as someone non-essential to form positive impressions of you. It would not change anyone that originally had negative feelings towards you, since it would have a reverse psychology effect with stronger side reactions. Plus it would be very unnatural.”

“Then what about the responses of Rocort and the others? They were already close to me!”

“The ones that clearly changed were all people that thought well of you from the beginning.” Margaret continued to explain, “According to the original set-up, they should not have been affected. However, this is where the spell went wrong. Instead, it strengthened their favourable opinions of you, turning it into strong affection.”

Strong affection?

Fu Xing thought back to how his companions had reacted.

Rocort was more attached to him, wanting to do everything the exact same way he did; Momiji’s enticing, implicative jokes were more obvious and she initiated body contact more frequently; Taeharu regarded him with the same worshipping gaze she used on Momiji; Zhu Yue seemingly raised his position in her strange delusions (he wasn’t sure if he should feel happy or worried about this); Dan Juan attempted to instill some knowledge into his nano-sized brain.

Brad became more polite and courteous, unlike the pompous manner he’d previously used to deride him and beat him. At first glance, it looked like they were more estranged than before; however, Fu Xing knew that this was how Brad treated Zhu Yue—with silent respect and support.

The taciturn, cool, and reserved Leon talked much more, and had lost his temper and stalked off because of Fu Xing. Leo’s words were filled with reprimand and anger, but Fu Xing could detect the care and worry contained within the scolding in the same way that Fu Qing treated him.

Samukawa, the arrogant fake shota, had only been struck by the spell for a brief instant. Yet his constant gift-giving actions were enough to surmise that he might possibly fall victim to an extortion scheme from a beautiful woman in the future.

A smile automatically formed on Fu Xing’s face. It felt like he had discovered everyone’s little secrets.

There was only one person left that he could not explain or understand.

“Then, why was Emerald the only one that became distant? Was he not affected?”

“Distant?” Margaret was curious. “Isn’t he good friends with you? Yet you’re saying that he immediately acted distant when he saw you?”

“Er, I don’t think it was immediate.” Fu Xing pondered the earlier scenario. “His attitude didn’t have any clear fluctuations; he was as collected as normal. But he suddenly took the initiative to treat me to lunch today without caring about the cost!”

“If you can make Emerald spend money, your position in his heart is quite high.” Margaret’s tone was a bit sour. “And then?”

Fu Xing was silent for a while before he struggled to admit, “I lied to him…Emerald knew I deceived him, yet he didn’t expose me and just left.”

Margaret’s expression suddenly became complicated.

“You deceived Emerald huh…tsk tsk, that’s his Achilles heel too. Emerald absolutely loathes being deceived. Looks like his emotions towards you have already turned negative.” She chuckled self-derisively, “He’s clearly just a shark without any business morals, yet he has this bizarre obsession with virtue. A single act of deceit will make him completely break ties with a person. He will leave all the people that deceived him and never interact with them again. That is his revenge.”


“Personal experience.” Margaret smiled thinly to feign easy-goingness, but Fu Xing could see the sorrow behind her eyes.

“The spell itself cannot be fixed. It will lose effect in four more days anyways, and it isn’t that major of an impact, so just leave it as is.” Margaret’s face now showed her dampened spirits and a sense of helplessness.

“But I still haven’t helped you.” Doesn’t that mean she’ll have done all this in vain? “What do you want me to help you with? I will try my best!”

“Forget it, you can’t help anymore now anyways.” Margaret snorted, “Unlike Emerald, I don’t haggle over every cent. You can just drop the matter of compensation.” With this, she turned around to leave.

“Wait.” Fu Xing suddenly understood something. “The matter you wanted me to help with is related to Emerald, isn’t it?”

“It’s irrelevant now.” Margaret kept her back facing Fu Xing as she sighed. “You’ve already become disliked by Emerald, just like me. He won’t listen to you—”

“Wait a minute…”

Was that how it was? He did not believe so. Although he had only been friends with Emerald for over a year, he felt that the Emerald he knew was not that type of person.

“Hm?” Margaret raised a brow in reply.

“I don’t…think that’s the case…” Fu Xing slowly voiced his own guess. “Everyone displayed different responses to the spell’s effects. Each person’s way of showing affection to the person they like was reflected.”


“I think that this is how Emerald displayed his affection…Maybe Emerald thinks that if there are lies between two people, the lying party must feel pressure or unhappiness that leads to simplification of matters through deceit.”

Emerald was very pragmatic and placed heavy importance on efficiency. If there was something that could not be redeemed, something that could be taken upon, something that he could not control through his own efforts, he would let it all go without any meaningless resistance.

Emerald does things his own way and strongly values freedom. Similarly, he won’t want to limit others nor become the chains that restrain their freedom…

“I heard that wind elves hate being bound, and hate binding others. Maybe that’s precisely why he chooses to avoid…”

“Are you under a lot of pressure?”Are you under a lot of pressure when you’re with me?

“If needed, I will try my best to help you.” The wind elf bitterly smiled, “If you think it’s needed.” If I am needed.

The spellbound Emerald expressed his concern towards Fu Xing in this way.

Margaret’s face was void of emotion. “Is that what you think?”

“Ahem…” Fu Xing lowered his head in embarrassment. “Although Emerald is stingy, he isn’t narrow-minded…he’s just a bit difficult to deal with, I guess.”

Hmph.” Margaret let out a heavy snort to conceal the wavering of her heart.

“If he really disliked you, I think he would choose a more obvious revenge rather than ignore you…” Fu Xing continued. “That’s what I believe…”

Then, when she had cheated Emerald that year and Emerald had left without a farewell, had that also been a display of love?

She thought that Emerald had done it out of anger, but it looked like she had been mistaken. In the past, she had always tried to diminish Emerald’s fury, to curry favour with Emerald. But it was evident that he did not need these things; all he needed was the simplest apology.

“So dumb…” I couldn’t even understand such a simple thing as a damn dream spirit…I’m so dumb…


“I’m fine. Thank you.” Margaret took a deep breath and her face returned to its beautiful and aloof calmness. However, she now also carried a relaxed self-confidence and vigour, as though she had broken free from a knot in her heart and had been reborn.

“What?” Fu Xing was completely lost.

“In three days, there will be a large influx of foreign guests. The ballots they hold are the key to victory. The current enchantment is still not enough.” Margaret grabbed Fu Xing’s head and pulled him forwards without consent. “The charm spell needs time to progress, with the precondition that it is revised.”

“Er, where are we going?”

“To the guest hall, the southern campus representatives’ dorm.”

“But…” That doesn’t seem very appropriate?

“Don’t look down on the southern campus. The people there are ten thousand times more cutthroat than the people here. If you want to earn a place, you must have outstanding strength.” Margaret turned around to flash a flirtatious smile. “I will help you win.”

Don’t underestimate the lascivious dream spirits. My ancestors once toppled an entire empire and destroyed an entire civilization without using a single bit of physical power. They relied entirely on their ultimate charm.

The past her had only used this talent to pursue greater material benefits. It was basically like using an 8-core computer only to play Solitaire and Minesweeper.

It was about time for her to test her skills a bit.

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