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Chapter 8: Tsunderes and whatnot are really just a new form of social impairment, aren’t they?

When he returned to his senses, he was standing in the center of the bustling western garden plaza.

Eh, how did I end up lost in a trance again?

Fu Xing shook his head to sweep away the remaining fuzziness from his mind. For some reason, the hidden bitterness that had built up in his heart had significantly dissipated.

While there were still worrying matters, he no longer felt like he was unable to breathe. Instead, he had the strong desire to resolve everything with eager drive.

The black clouds above him had dispersed, leaving only fragmented wisps and slight drizzle.

What happened? Despite not quite understanding his own change, he had no intention of probing further into it.

It’s time to pull yourself together, He Fu Xing.

Right as he was about to turn back to his classroom, he spotted Yu Tai walking over to him.

“Finally found you. Kyle and the others—” Yu Tai’s words suddenly halted, as though he had noticed something abnormal. He moved closer to Fu Xing to carefully scrutinise him. “Where did you go just now?”

“Er, I seem to have been wandering around campus.”

Yu Tai raised a brow. “Seem to? Are you an old person with Alzheimers? You don’t even know where you’ve been?”

“I suffered a small lapse in concentration; it’s been happening often lately. But it’s no big deal…” He was already dumb enough; he didn’t want to make his image even worse…

“Your spiritual condition feels off…” Yu Tai closed his eyes to perceive the elusive abnormal fluctuation. “Did you meet with someone?”

“Nope, I was just strolling around the school. Is something the matter?”

Yu Tai opened his eyes as he gave up on looking into the strange fluctuation, simply regarding it as a magnetic resonance left behind by some upper-level special animate being among the visitors.

“Kyle and Muzter want to speak with Isaac. Tonight.”

“So rushed?”

“Do not forget your promise. The members of two major darkblood families will be present. Don’t screw up your ballots.”

Fu Xing took a deep breath. “I will try my best.”

“I’ve already passed on the message, so the rest is up to you. I suggest you quickly deal with Shiroizumi and Hu Rong as well.” Yu Tai snorted, then turned to walk in the opposite direction of the crowds.

“You’re not going to walk around?”

“Not interested.” Yu Tai titled his head back to gaze at the sky. “I’m bored to death. I just hope it ends sooner.”


With the work allocation table in hand, Fu Xing found Isaac, who had been sent to the southern area to receive guests. 

Isaac had been arranged to tidy up plates in the tea room. The shirt tail of his uniform was untucked, his sleeves rolled up to his elbow. The two buttons at the collar were undone, and his brown hair was sticking out everywhere from sweat. He looked extremely casual, his disheveled appearance carrying a masculine handsomeness.


Upon hearing the call, Isaac turned his head. His originally gloomy and collected face immediately shifted into a smile when he saw who had arrived. 

“Fu Xing!” He easily placed the items in his hands down and quickly walked towards Fu Xing in delight. “Are you done with your work? How’s the class doing? I haven’t had a break between duties, so I didn’t have the chance to check out the class’s booth.”

“Erm..um, could I talk with you privately?”

“Sure.” Isaac smiled, then turned to notify the senior leading the class before walking out with Fu Xing to the far corner of the hallway.

“What’s wrong?”

“Uh…hm…” Fu Xing struggled to think of how to start. 

What should I say? I guess I should start with some casual conversation first. I can gradually shift into the main topic once our chatting creates a good atmosphere. That way, it won’t be abrupt to the point of damaging our friendship, and it can also comfort him to relax his guard.

Alright, I’ll do just that! It’s absolutely perfect!



“What is a Child of Sin?”

Isaac was slightly taken aback. However, he did not show that big of a reaction, and a bit of helplessness showed on his steadfast expression.

“…Was it Kyle and the others who told you?”

“No, they didn’t say anything…”

“Then why?”

Fu Xing gritted his teeth. Forget it, I might as well just say it straight out!

“Kyle and Muzter want to talk with you. Will you agree?”

“…Why is Fu Xing interceding for them?”

“Er, that’s…”

“Did they threaten you?” His usually reserved and tranquil face instantly turned frosty.

A frightening oppressiveness and murderous intent immediately surrounded them, making Fu Xing involuntarily take a step back.

Isaac was always introverted and mild, well-behaved and considerate. Even during the day, he would risk the danger of being burned by the sunlight to attend class, which had made Fu Xing nearly forget his identity: Darkblood Isaac Nyeva…

“No-not at all!” Fu Xing hurriedly explained, “It’s more like I owe them a favour. Because they helped me with something.”

“Kyle and Muzter helped you?” Isaac found it quite unbelievable.

Fu Xing vigorously nodded. “Mhm, they did!”


“If you really don’t want to face them, that’s fine too! I’ll come up with something myself!” Rather than having a friend make a painful decision, he would prefer to accept complete responsibility!

“It’s fine. If Fu Xing wishes for it, I can go.”


Isaac woodenly nodded, then quietly murmured in embarrassment. “Even Kyle has helped you…I also want to help Fu Xing…because Fu Xing is my friend…”

Oh god! Isaac! My heart’s about to burst!

“Don’t worry, if they bully you, I’ll immediately send someone over to cover them with sacks!”

“Fu Xing, thank you…”

The first challenge was smoothly dealt with. With Isaac’s agreement to meet, Kyle and Muzter’s request was completed.

“What do you guys need to talk about?” Now that Fu Xing felt a bit more relaxed, he was beginning to recover his curious nature. “Kyle and the others seem very…respectful of you?”

While their previous attitudes had appeared to be nasty, there was the strong intent of pushing him to do something under those sharp words.

Isaac indifferently replied, “They wish for me to return and lead the right wing faction, and become the head of all families.”

“Isaac…is your family very rich?”

“We’re not poor, but the main point isn’t wealth.”

“Then what is it?”

“It’s because of my bloodline. I am the final descendent of the Lady of Sin.”


“In response to your previous question.” Isaac took a deep breath. “My full name is Isaac Kirst Nyeva. I am the last direct relation to Bloody Countess Lee Kirst, the Lady of Sin.” He paused for a moment before hesitantly continuing, “Aside from Grod and a few professors, Leon is probably the only one that knows. After all, it isn’t anything glorious…”

Fu Xing was stunned.

Direct relation to Countess Lee?!

Ah, no wonder Leon had firmly denied the claims of Countess Lee causing mayhem back during the specter disturbance…

Because her grandson is right here.

“Fu Xing,” Isaac worriedly looked at Fu Xing. “Do you dislike me?”

“How could I!” Fu Xing was shocked back to his senses. “I’m just a bit surprised.” 

Isaac smiled. The two of them returned to the tea room.

“Um…” Fu Xing suddenly thought of something.


“I’m sorry, but I accidentally kicked a hole through your grandma’s painting last time we went to her home…”

Isaac chuckled with a brilliant smile. Fu Xing laughed together with him.


After he directed Isaac to head towards the meeting location, Fu Xing immediately rushed to his next destination: the medical centre.

His urgent footsteps rang out through the long, snow-white corridor, passed through the levels of stairs and doors, and finally arrived at the check-up room he visited most often.


The instant the door was pulled open, a voice cut through the air.

“Sis, can I ask you a favour?”

“No,” Fu Qing firmly responded without even looking up. She had one hand propping up her forehead while she peered intently at the monitor.

“You haven’t even heard me say it yet!” Fu Xing stepped inside the room and freely sat next to the desk.

“Some answers can be given before knowing the question subject.”

“Can you please be Ryner’s female companion at the banquet in two days?”

In a routine manner, Persi immediately passed over a cup of freshly prepared green tea mixed with cough syrup with less ice. Fu Xing flashed a thumbs-up and lifted the cup to take a sip.


“Why reject?”

“Why accept.”

“Ryner is a great person!” Fu Xing began to lobby for the other person relentlessly. “He’s handsome and tall and strong, plus he’s the leader of the northern werewolf clan! Don’t you think his dark blue eyes are very alluring? Just imagine having that sturdy arm hooked around your waist and dancing together with him. And think about the feeling of your cheek leaning against those firm pectoral muscles—ah, how intoxicating!”

“…Are you coming out of the closet right now?” Fu Qing furrowed her brows and looked at Fu Xing. “You seem to be thirsty for his body. Do you need me to help arrange a date for you and Ryner?”

“Not at all!”

“Good luck.”

“Don’t give me that kind of weird smile!”

“Why are you helping him?”

“I owe him a favour.”

“So you sold out your older sister?”

“I was just helping him ask.” Fu Xing sincerely said, “If you really aren’t willing, I’ll pass the message on.”

He Fu Qing let out a long sigh. My foolish little brother probably caused another mess he needs to clean up after…

“If it’s just the night of the banquet…”

“You accept?”

“If he wants me to accept, tell him to come see me in the examination room tomorrow morning.”

“Er, what are you going to do to him?”

“I want to have a deep understanding about my dance partner.” Fu Qing smirked, “Very deep. Extremely deep…”

Fu Xing knew the meaning behind that smile. That was the expression his sister wore when she found a new plaything.

Good luck, Ryner.


After setting things with Fu Qing, his next stop was the warehouse.

“Is Zi Ye here?” Fu Xing stepped into the warehouse that was several times messier than usual. He scanned the surroundings in search of said person.

“Here.” Zi Ye’s voice slowly floated out from a corner. Then a snow-white figure unhurriedly stood from a tall pile of boxes. He hugged one of Samukawa’s winged black rabbit familiars in his arms.

“Let’s go find Yu Tai together!”


“To help me.”

Zi Ye paused for a second. “Ok.” Then he grabbed Fu Xing’s hand to leave.

“Oi oi oi! You’re trying to leave?” Samukawa’s shout immediately sounded out. His short figure blocked the two of them as he furiously stated, “This place is awfully busy right now. You need to stay here. Don’t even think of—”

His next words sharply cut off because of the item Fu Xing pulled out from his backpack.

Fu Xing was holding a light brown teddy bear right in front of Samukawa’s face.

“Steiff Teddy Bear, reissued limited edition. There are only 1911 of them in the entire world. Certificate and serial number attached.” This was the present that Lin Lin had bought for him during her trip overseas; he really cherished it!

Samukawa was dumbstruck as he stared at the doll in disbelief. As though possessed, he unconsciously reached out towards it.

Fu Xing immediately lifted the teddy bear up high so that Samukawa could not do as he pleased.

“This in exchange for two days of work.”

“No! Now is the critical period. One day!”

“Then I’ll give it to someone else.”

“One and a half days! That is the final limit!”

Fu Xing furrowed his brows. “Alright.” He lowered his arm to pass the teddy bear to Samukawa.

Samukawa carefully held it like it was the most precious treasure as he happily peered at it. It took him a few seconds to realise that he had lost control, and he immediately stopped smiling to sternly hold the teddy bear behind him.

“This is for my nephew.”

“Yes yes yes, I know!” Fu Xing huffed back, his brow arched in exasperation.

Once Fu Xing had dealt with Samukawa, he led Zi Ye straight to the southern campus guest hall, arriving at Yu Tai’s dorm room.

Knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock—

An urgent string of knocking on the door sounded out. In return, the door was flung open in annoyance.

“What the hell—”

“It’s me. Also Zi Ye.” Fu Xing pulled Zi Ye up to his side.

“Good evening.” Zi Ye stretched his arms out with this quiet greeting.

Yu Tai was extremely annoyed by the abrupt disturbance. He glared at Fu Xing and lashed out angrily, “Such a rude person. What do you think—”

“Zi Ye, do you dislike Yu Tai?” Fu Xing suddenly asked.

This question broke off Yu Tai’s anger before it could burst out. He stared at Zi Ye while apprehensively waiting for the answer.

Zi Ye slowly replied, “Not at all.”

Yu Tai secretly sighed in relief, then prepared to open fire again. “He Fu—”

“Does Zi Ye like Yu Tai?”

The canonfire was once again forcibly cut off.

Zi Ye was silent for a few seconds. “…Perhaps.”

Yu Tai was stunned, momentarily at a loss on how to react.

“Great.” Fu Xing dragged Zi Ye up to the door and then pushed him inside, right into Yu Tai’s arms.

“Take your time chatting. I’ve already delivered the person here, so the rest is up to you.”

With this, Fu Xing closed the door and quickly strode away to head towards the communal hall at the top of the building.


Fu Xing opened the door to see Shiroizumi, Hu Rong, and Ryner currently sitting inside, doing their own things to pass the time.

“Have you realised your own inability and come to beg for forgiveness?” Hu Rong fiddled with a pointed awl made from a skull. “The price for duping us is very high…”

“My inability doesn’t need to be realised, it can be seen with the naked eye!” Fu Xing self-derisively shot back. “If you want Dan Juan to loosen his guard around you, then change your appearance and your tone first. Dan Juan dislikes anything that’s unorthodox.”

Hu Rong frowned and angrily stabbed the awl into the wooden table. “Say that again and your brain will be just like this table.”

“Who cares! It’s been completely broken since forever anyways, one or two holes wouldn’t make a difference!” Fu Xing threw all caution to the wind and continued, “I don’t know why you made yourself like this, but if you wish for your relationship with Dan Juan to improve, strive to make yourself more like a human first.”


“Also! Dan Juan is sensitive about how others perceive him, and has a very tall ego. As long as you utter one or two sentences of praise about his intelligence, it’ll make him so happy that he’ll shoot silk from his ass.”

This metaphor made Hu Rong’s expression twist. “Can’t you use more elegant phrasing?”

“I thought this kind of wording would suit your tastes better,” Fu Xing chuckled. “I think Dan Juan still cares a lot about you.”

“How are you so sure?”

“Maybe he’s a bit afraid of you. But if he didn’t care about you, he would completely ignore you. During the joint class time, he would stare at you once in a while, then look regretful. Was the relationship between you two always so terrible?”

Hu Rong was silent. After a while, he brokenly muttered, “When we were little…it wasn’t that bad…”

There had once been a period of time when they had even referred to each other as friends.

However, the chief’s orders and the mountain clan’s customs had to be obeyed.

“Do not get too close with the spiders! They are only servants.” His mother had warned him like this.

If one did not want to comply with the practices, they could only take their leave.

Dan Juan had chosen to leave.

This had made Hu Rong feel as though he had been abandoned, betrayed.

He resented Dan Juan, as well as those around him. His actions gradually grew disordered as he grew more rebellious. It was partially to vent his anger, and partially to express his own weak revolt.

Fu Xing watched Hu Rong, who did not speak any further. Then his eyes shifted over to Shiroizumi.

“If you like Momiji, just say it directly. If you don’t want her to be stolen away, then give her freedom.”

“You think you understand everything?” Shiroizumi coldly scoffed. “Is there any worth in considering your suggestion?” 

“At least my relationship with Momiji is better than yours.”

Shiroizumi frowned and glared at Fu Xing for a few seconds before he let out a light snort.

Fu Xing immediately turned towards Ryner. “If you want to invite Fu Qing, report immediately to the medical centre. She’s waiting for you there.”

“She accepted?”

Fu Xing’s forced smile could not be described in words. “That depends on your behaviour.”

Ryner cocked a brow, his expression morphing into one of extreme intrigue. He had yet to realise the tragic future awaiting him.

“I’ve passed on my messages. I’ll be leaving now!” Fu Xing walked towards the door, then paused for a moment. “I hope everyone has a fun time at the school ceremony.”

“Are your words always so simple and direct?”

“Not necessarily. Actually, I’m very, very talkative and noisy, to the point where it’s unbearable.” Fu Xing glanced at his watch. “I’m just a bit tired and rushed on time.” Then he pushed open the door and immediately left.

Although it had been a bit arbitrarily done, the third challenge had been barely dealt with.

As he dragged his exhausted body around, he saw that the first day of the school fair was about to end. Most of the booths around him had already turned off their lights.

He returned to his dorm room with heavy steps and switched on the light.

There was no one inside.

Fu Xing heaved a long sigh, then forced himself to cheer up.

Two more days left.

He would turn the current situation around. Rise up, He Fu Xing!


The next day, Fu Xing woke up early in the morning to quickly finish his tasks from Aquarius. Then, it was past noon.

He skipped lunch and flew straight to the northern area’s building, to 2-C’s booth.

“Everyone, I’m back!” Fu Xing pushed open the door and loudly announced his existence, drawing everyone’s attention.

“Fu Xing?”

“Fu Xing, aren’t you busy? All the members of Aquarius are still on duty, aren’t they?” Zhu Yue asked in a troubled tone.

“I’m done!”

“Then Samukawa’s side—”

“I’ve requested time off from Samukawa. I wanted to come back and help you all.” Fu Xing walked over to an empty table and picked up the remaining dishes. “Where should I put these? Do they need to be washed?”

Zhu Yue took the plates and cups from Fu Xing’s hands and gently smiled. “It’s fine, you really don’t need to force yourself.”

“I’m not forcing myself at all!” Fu Xing turned his head to sweep his eyes over the entire class, his gaze stopping on his companions. “Friends should be helping each other in the first place, right?”

Emerald, Momiji, Taeharu, Brad, and Dan Juan stopped their work to stare at him.

“Besides…” Fu Xing surveyed the booth and clicked his tongue at the appalling sight. “This kind of booth is too terrible! If it keeps going like this, we’ll definitely end up in last place!”

“You already knew?” Dan Juan blurted out.

“Hmph, when it comes to being in last place, I’m a veteran that’s much more experienced than you!” Fu Xing smugly declared. 

“That’s true.”

Fu Xing immediately shifted his attention to Emerald at the cash register. “What’s our current income?”

Emerald was slightly astonished, but he calmly replied, “Seventy euros. We sold nine drinks and two cakes.”

Momiji chuckled and came over to mockingly comment, “Your complexion isn’t bad. Did Margaret give you some kind of stimulating service?”

“How could that compare to the energy that Momiji’s smile brings?” Fu Xing beamed brightly. “In my eyes, Momiji is the most upright and most enchanting person.”

Momiji was stunned as her heart burst with joy. “You damn brat.”

“Do you have any wise ideas?” Brad indifferently said, “Go ahead and tell us.”

“This type of store isn’t right!”

“The goods have already come in, and the shop is open. It can’t be changed anymore.”

“There isn’t any issue with the items, it’s the people that aren’t right.” Fu Xing peered at the female classmates that were assigned to act as servers, his eyes shrewd and fierce like a seasoned quarantine inspector. “Why are you wearing uniforms? That won’t do!”

“What else would we wear?”

“You have to wear something that would attract people!”

“Like the emperor’s new gown?” Momiji chuckled as she mentioned, “Japan has those kinds of shops. A single cup of coffee can be sold for fifty euros!”

“Er, that’s too heavy of a taste. Plus that would definitely be reported as a violation of decency,” Fu Xing tactfully rejected. “The main point isn’t how much they’re wearing, but that they need to evoke people’s dreams and imaginations.” He whipped out his PSP and swiftly pulled up his game screen. “This outfit, this outfit, this outfit, and this outfit. At least change to these kinds of uniforms!”


“We have to wear cat ears even when we aren’t cat spirits?”

“This qipao doesn’t seem bad at all.”

“Is a sailor suit any different from a uniform?”

“Taeharu would look adorable in this type of lolita-style dress.”

Everyone began discussing it all at once. Although doubts and affirmations were mixed together, the previously bleak and heavy mood in their tones was gradually swept aside.

“But who would be able to make these clothes in a short amount of time?” Yayoi brought up the critical question.

The room fell silent for two seconds.

Zhu Yue hesitantly said, “If it’s spinning and weaving, I recall that spider spirits are naturally gifted…”

Everyone’s attention slowly shifted to Dan Juan, who was standing in the corner wiping glass.

“What?” Dan Juan frowned as he replied with a glare and an unfriendly tone.

“Help us out, Dan Juan. We’ll leave these clothes to you!”

“Why the hell do I need to do such a thing!”

“It’s rare for you to be able to contribute to the class. Don’t be so heartless!” Momiji added with a smile.


“Or Dan Juan can have one himself?” Taeharu innocently suggested.

Their expressions stiffened awkwardly.

Fu Xing tactfully pointed out, “Taeharu, Dan Juan might not suit that very well.” The suggestion made his hairs stand on end.

“No, not necessarily.” Emerald unexpectedly refuted calmly, “Dan Juan’s legs are very slender and long. He might not look bad in a qipao.”

“How do you know?”

“I observed for a bit when you were bathing once.”

“Is there something wrong with you?!” Dan Juan’s face was bright red. “What were you watching me for?!”

“I’ll be honest, at the time, I had just received a batch of leg-shaping socks. I originally wanted to ask you to be an ‘after-use’ model,” Emerald confessed. “Since we’re already on the topic, I might as well just ask, could you please assist with the next batch of lace leggings?”

“As if I would!”

“Don’t worry, your face won’t show. I just need the bottom half of your body.”

“I won’t let you use the bottom of my body either!”

“Oh! I’m dead!” Zhu Yue murmured, as though she had been shot. She bent over with her arms wrapped around her stomach, her shoulders unable to keep from shaking.

Emerald and Dan Juan looked at each other.

“What is she laughing at?”

“It’s better if you don’t know.”

As the sound of discussion continued to rise and fall, 2-C reverted back to its usual merriment and liveliness.

The work was reallocated. Fu Xing assisted Dan Juan with creating the clothes while helping with outside. He had also sent out Momiji and Rocort to roam around the campus with their newly completed signboard to draw back customers.

In the evening, ten sets of finely woven, beautiful and exquisite cosplay uniforms were revealed before the crowd. The female classmates responsible for being outside changed into their outfits, winning stunned responses.

Momiji, now in a maid uniform, and Rocort, now in deacon’s clothing, went out to make their rounds again that evening. Then, like a magic piper, they led back a large group of entranced people to enter 2-C’s shop.

Forget outsiders, even Brad had fallen into a long trance upon seeing Zhu Yue wearing cat ears and a sailor suit, despite being in the same class. He unconsciously followed behind Zhu Yue like the dung of a goldfish.

With 2-C’s reversal, its turnover and popularity rapidly surged upwards.

Fu Xing’s interactions with Emerald and the others seemed to change. However, he could sense the invisible barrier separating them, an obstruction between their hearts.

Night arrived, with still no trace of Leon to be seen.

Twas the eve of the finale, an endpoint that carried both anticipation and regret.

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