FXDL V4 Epilogue

Translated by: TaffyGirl13

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Epilogue: When massive chaos acts on a waited opportunity, even black tea cannot calm you down; you will only feel pain in your balls

The school ceremony that had lasted for over a month in total had finally drawn to a close. Shalom’s peacefulness was finally restored.

Margaret’s spell gradually faded away and vanished over the three days following the school ceremony’s finale. Everyone’s interest in Fu Xing subsided as a result, and everything returned to the old normal.

His interactions with his friends also went back to usual.

“Ah, it’s finally ended.” Fu Xing had his head resting on his hands as he lay underneath the heavy shade. He lazily flicked a leg up as he enjoyed the afternoon breeze. “Although a lot of things happened, it was still pretty interesting from an overall standpoint!”

Youny smiled and flipped a page of his book. “You seem to have taken pleasure in it. You didn’t find it bothersome?”

“It was alright. Even though my constant problems flustered everyone, I was also able to see different sides of them because of it, which counts as a type of gain.” 

Fu Xing recalled the scene of the banquet and his lips couldn’t help but rise.

When Leon had poured the ballots into his own box, he had nearly burst out into tears on the spot.

He had the best roommate in the entire world!

“Regardless, congratulations on winning Shalom’s Star.” Youny smiled thinly, “That’s a difficult reward to earn.”

“Yeah. The gemstone is huge and pretty, but isn’t very practical to use…”

The light elf crystal was a fatal weapon against darkbloods, which scared him so much that he did not dare to take it out and play with it as he pleased. He definitely was too afraid to wear it, terrified of it accidentally touching Leon and causing the other to instantly pass on. Looks like I’ll just have to wait until I go home for the holidays. I can lend it to Lin Lin for her to wear to school for fun.

“Do you have it with you?”

“Yep. Do you want to see it?” Fu Xing opened his backpack and took out a small cloth bag. He dumped out Shalom’s Star and passed it to Youny.

“Thank you.” Youny reached out to take the gemstone.

But the moment his delicate, white fingertips touched the medal’s gem, they glowed red like blood had stained them.

Fu Xing’s eyes widened in disbelief from the situation before his eyes.

“What is going on? There weren’t any issues when I wore it before. Why—”

He abruptly recalled the words Samukawa had said the night they had retrieved the ribbon from Fram—

“The ribbon has a spell. Touching ‘that’ would leave a magnetic resonance; the ribbon’s spell uses this to make the criminal’s fingers glow red.”

“Ah, hmph, I fell for that fairy Fram’s trap…” Youny smirked as he stared at his fingertips and voiced his disapproval.

“Youny, how did you…You’ve touched the elf gemstone before?”

“Indeed.” Youny calmly shook his hand, and the red glow instantly disappeared.

“Why have you…”

“Because I was the one that stole Shalom’s Star.” Youny chuckled like a child whose prank had been found out. “However, now it will be returned to its rightful owner.”

Fu Xing’s mind was in complete chaos. “Why would you do that…”

“What I wished for was not the wood elf’s crystal, but to draw out Samkuwa’s high-grade artifact he had personally hidden.”

Youny snapped his fingers. A bright and sparkling gemstone glowing with a pale green light appeared between his fingers. He gently removed the gemstone embedded on the medal to exchange it.

“Thanks to this, I can move around the campus in a semi-physical form.” Youny softly rubbed the removed gemstone. The colour-changing spell on the shining surface was wiped away. The pale green glow dispersed, revealing a resplendent rainbow light. “This brings me a step closer to the day of change.”

Of course, when Samukawa had taken out the light elf crystal as a substitute, he could have stolen it again whenever he’d wanted. However, doing so would have very likely inadvertently alerted others. As a result, he had simply decided to go with the flow and take advantage of the opportunity to test Fu Xing’s ability. In addition, he had killed time by watching the farce.

“Thank you, Fu Xing. This was the most enjoyable school ceremony I’ve ever had!” Youny’s smile deepend.

It was the sunny smile of an angel, yet the sight only made Fu Xing feel chills down his spine.

“Youny, you—” Fu Xing stood, but Youny stopped him and pressed him back down.

“Return, my king piece. Stay submerged.”

Youny shifted his hand over to Fu Xing’s head, causing an intense dizziness to fall onto him.

Fu Xing felt his vision blur as his mind muddled together. A few seconds later, things gradually cleared up.

“Er, what was going on just now?” Why did I space out again!

“The sun is probably too strong. Keep good care of Shalom’s Star, don’t lose it again.”

Fu Xing glanced down at the Shalom’s Star that had been placed on his leg and he hurriedly picked it up to place it back in the bag.

Youny idly read his book. “Is there anything else interesting?”

Fu Xing shook his head. “Er…ah, right, it seems there will be a school trip! I heard it was travelling around the whole world too! And most importantly, it’s completely free! It’s super generous!”

“Really.” Leaving the academy was equivalent to leaving his range of control. However, that no longer mattered. After all, with the queen’s crystal, he could pass through the academy’s ward in a semi-physical state. “I very much look forward to it.”

The summer bugs and songbirds sang, drawing up a lively clamour underneath the luscious verdant green.

There were many things imperceptibly spreading and building up in that tranquil afternoon.

The bugle horn of the revolution was just about to be blown.

The movement of the new world would soon unveil.

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