Cheating Craft 20

Translated by: Taffy

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Quiz 20: Indescribable Solution

The old man began to ask, “First question: Currently, fresh water most suitable for humans to use is…”

After he finished his question, the students all began to move their pens.

But up front, Meng Ming didn’t understand the question at all, and couldn’t write anything. He snuck a glance next to him, and saw that unexpectedly, Zhou Lun Yu had also quickly begun to write on the board!

As Zhou Lun Yu wrote, he suddenly turned around to say to Meng Ming, “Don’t look at mine!” This scared Meng Ming, and he immediately turned back around.

Zhou Lun Yu is a C-type, how is he writing this!? …How!? Meng Ming thought. Source of freshwater…? I don’t know what to write…”

There really wasn’t any point in analyzing the question; Meng Ming had never learned it, so he couldn’t possibly answer it.

But if Meng Ming didn’t write, he’d immediately lose! …If I don’t write something soon, Bai Jiu and my classmates will see through me. I can’t pay attention to Zhou Lun Yu! I need to first write the answer! Meng Ming began to panic slightly. He quickly scanned through various methods that came up in his mind. 

The only thing he had in his hand was a piece of chalk.

Can I use this… An idea came to Meng Ming. He grasped the entire chalk, and used his finger to grind down on it, instantly turning the chalk into powder.

“Aiya! I broke it by accident.” Meng Ming said theatrically.  

The old man asked, “Zhuge Meng Ming, do you not know how to use chalk?”

“No, I don’t…” Meng Ming said with a helpless expression. “Then, can I not write it…”  

“Here!” The old man passed Meng Ming another piece of chalk, “Use this one. Don’t exert too much strength on it.”  

No way, he still has one… This was beyond Meng Ming’s expectations. This move won’t do…  

Meng Ming didn’t know that chalk was cheap, and that the school had boxes and boxes of it…

Meng Ming helplessly turned to face the blackboard again. Zhou Lun Yu had already finished writing the answer. He whispered to Meng Ming, “If you can’t write it, just admit defeat. Don’t try to show off.”

Meng Ming was both furious and powerless. It hasn’t even ended yet! As if I’ll concede! Of course he wasn’t willing to surrender, and he continued to frantically try to come up with a solution.

Time passed very quickly. After only a few words, all the students had already finished writing. They all lifted their heads to look at the blackboard. But none of them had imagined that Meng Ming still hadn’t a single word at the front.

Discussion erupted once more

“Why didn’t he write a single word?”

“Did Zhou Lun Yu do something to make him unable to write?”

“He probably didn’t know how to write it in the first place….”


These whispers of discussion made Meng Ming break out into cold sweat. He could only blankly hold the chalk as he faced the blackboard in extreme embarrassment. He couldn’t think of any solution, nor could he turn around to look at Zhou Lun Yu….

If my vision could curve around, everything would be fine… All the stares at Meng Ming really made him want to leave. There’s a solution, but… I really have to make a bet that cuts off my means of retreat…

Just as Meng Ming was hesitating, he suddenly saw a black bug fly in front of him, and land with a ‘pa’ on the blackboard.


The black bug stopped in front of his vision and began to crawl around the board. Its tracks…

They’re words?! Could it be… He suddenly recalled the bug user Qiu Min Ke behind him. It’s him, he’s helping me? Or…  

That’s right! Meng Ming remembered how Qiu Min Ke had tensed up earlier in the afternoon when he had heard Zhou Lun Yu’s name…in other words, he also wanted to dig out the skills that Zhou Lun Yu used. That’s why…he was currently helping Meng Ming; he wanted to bait Zhou Lun Yu to act!

Time doesn’t wait for people. Meng Ming couldn’t bother thinking too much about it. He looked at the bug and thought: I’ll just follow it and start writing!

Meng Ming followed the pattern the bug flew and crawled in, and wrote down words, one after another,  

“Correct. But why did you have to think about such a simple question for so long?” The old man asked.

“Eh, actually, it’s because I just figured out how to use chalk.” Meng Ming chuckled with a bitter smile.

Hearing this, the whole class laughed out loud.

Regardless, he had managed to trick his way through. But Meng Ming thought to himself: Can Qiu Min Ke’s actions really force Zhou Lun Yu to act?

Zhou Lun Yu’s face remained expressionless; he didn’t seem at all surprised by Meng Ming answering the question.

Just like that, Meng Ming continued to answer the old teacher’s questions by following the bug’s movements. For the following questions, both Meng Ming and Zhou Lun Yu smoothly wrote all of their answers. During this period of time, Zhou Lun Yu had been silently writing on the blackboard, occasionally glancing at Meng Ming’s expression and actions.

These subtle interactions made Meng Ming feel like Zhou Lun Yu seemed to be scheming something.

He couldn’t figure out how Zhou Lun Yu knew how to write everything. But Meng Ming believed that securing his own situation under these circumstances was already good enough. 

The rest of the class was diligently writing the whole time. The two students at the blackboard didn’t make any mistakes either. As the end of class approached, the old man asked one final question:

“The last one is simple: Which country catches the greatest amount of saltwater fish in the world?”

The students all continued to write. Meng Ming and Zhou Lun Yu also began to move their chalks. But finally, a long awaited discrepancy in the answers appeared from the two people’s answers in the front!

“Oh…” The old man looked at the completed answers on the blackboard and said in complete bewilderment, “Student Zhou Lun Yu’s answer is correct! Student Zhuge Meng Ming…you wrote, Mongolia…?”  

The rest of the class stared dumbly at Zhuge Meng Ming’s answer. They just couldn’t understand how this bizarre answer had come to be.

“Mongolia? That’s a landlocked country, how could it catch saltwater fish? Have you lost your mind?” The old man asked. 

Hah? No way… Meng Ming was shocked, and he stared at his answer again. He clearly wrote everything according to the bug! Qiu Min Ke, that bastard, he played me?!

Zhou Lun Yu had an expression that seemed as if he had long since understood what was going on. He snorted at Meng Ming as if to say: “I won again.” Then he tossed the chalk in his hand, and turned around to walk away.

Meng Ming almost blew up in anger. Only after the old man called at him to return to his seat did he regain his senses.  

“How did Zhuge Meng Ming answer wrong?”

“In addition, the answer is wrong beyond reason…”

“Did he do it on purpose?”

The students in the class had grown accustomed to gossiping. 

Zhou Lun Yu’s answers were all correct, Meng Ming had one wrong. That meantMeng Ming had lost once again!?

Meng Ming helplessly returned to his seat. Even Huang Qiao Yi scooted over and whispered, “Brother Meng Ming, why were all your answers correct except for the last one?”

Meng Ming wasn’t able to answer the question.

He also didn’t understand why Qiu Min Ke had helped him in the beginning, yet given a completely irrelevant answer in the end. From what happened earlier, it seemed that Qiu Min Ke helping Meng Ming answer the earlier questions wasn’t him intentionally playing around with Meng Ming. Could it be that even Qiu Min Ke didn’t know the answer to the last question? …Then why write an answer that was definitely wrong? He was clearly just playing around with me! ….Didn’t he want to force Zhou Lun Yu to show his hand? What exactly did Zhou Lun Yu do when he was at the front?!

Meng Ming thought back and forth, but felt that pondering this further wouldn’t lead to any solution. He decided that he’d catch Qiu Ming Ke after class to force a confession out of him.

Less than 2 minutes later, the bell rang to signal the end of class. But at that moment, many curious students surrounded Meng Ming’s seat! This included Lin Jing Xuan, who liked to join in on the fun—

“Classmate Meng Ming, why did you write Mongola?”

“That’s right, is there any special meaning behind it?”

“It must’ve been on purpose, right!?” 

Meng Ming didn’t know how to reply to these interrogations.  

Zhou Lun Yu didn’t leave his seat next to the window. He only glanced at Meng Ming being surrounded by everyone in the back row, and sniggered to himself.

That “Mongolia” hadn’t been Meng Ming’s own answer at all. He had been played around with due to his panic. He really didn’t know how he was supposed to explain it to his classmates. 

“The so-called Mongolia,” Shi Yun, who sat on Huang Qiao  Yi’s right, explained as he bobbed his head around, “Is a country that raises livestock, located between China and Russia. Sire Zhu called it a country with a major fishing industry presumably because he wanted to express Mongolia as a sea, moreso an inland seaThus, we describe our geography teacher’s hairstyle as Monmongolgol!” 

The surrounding people couldn’t stop laughing. Some of them even believed these words as true—the old man that taught geography was indeed missing a chunk of hair!

Meng Ming didn’t quite understand, and could only laugh as well to deceive them. But nobody realized that just now, the lecturing old man had also wanted to ask Meng Ming why he wrote “Mongolia”, and had long since mixed into the crowd of people to listen in as well! After this explanation, the old man finally spoke:

“Alright then. Zhuge Meng Ming, if you aren’t satisfied, then I’ll wear fake hair next time I come to class. Is that ok?” He then immediately turned around to leave the classroom….It was only then that the students finally noticed his existence. They broke out into a cold sweat and dispersed.

“Brother Meng Ming, you provoke teachers so easily…” Huang Qiao Yi said.

“It’s not like I want to! It’s all that bastard’s fault, so infuriating…” Meng Ming glared at Zhou Lun Yu.  

After everyone scattered, Meng Ming stood up, wanting to speak to Qiu Min Ke. But unexpectedly, as soon as he stood up, he saw that Qiu Min Ke was standing next to his table was his hands crossed!

Qiu Min Ke looked at Meng Ming with a serious expression.

Why did he come here?

Just as Meng Ming was about to ask, Qiu Min Ke beat him to it and said:

“I also want to know what methods that Zhou Lun Yu uses.”

That’s why he had helped Meng Ming, in hopes of figuring something out.  

“But that Mongolia,” Qiu Min Ke said in a low voice, “Is definitely not something I intended to write.”  

What…?! Meng Ming was shocked, “It wasn’t written by you?”  

“That’s right,” Qiu Min Ke replied. His expression seemed even more strained than Meng Ming’s. “I didn’t tell it to write Mongolia, but it wouldn’t listen to me at all. In the end, it wrote that word to trick you.”  

“Then that means…”  

By chance, both of them simultaneously looked at Zhou Lun Yu sitting next to the window. 

How could it be him again…?!

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