Cheating Craft 21

Finally end of Volume 2! Be excited for Volume 3, it’s definitely my favorite volume ;)

Translated by: Taffy

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Quiz 21: Dimension Threads

The sun hadn’t completely set yet, and its fading rays lit up all of Lin Xian. The city, which wasn’t that populated, had started to stir. Those getting off work and school were rushing about. Compared to surrounding cities, Lin Xian had much fewer cars. There were more uniformed students walking about on the streets, as well as some youths wearing suits. It was a fragmentary scene, and one would occasionally see a bike or two pass by.

It was currently the season where Lin Xian was warm every day. 

If one looked down from the two story cafe, they’d be able to see the students currently entering and exiting the stationery store on the nearby street. As some girls walked out with some newly bought items, a serene smile broke out on the face of a girl called Huang Qiao Yi. 

Wu…it’s been a while since I felt so relaxed…

Normally, she’d go home as soon as school finished, and go back to school soon afterwards. This was the boring life of an L-type that she had already become numb to; nothing new and refreshing ever happened. Today was a rare occasion where she felt a warmth amidst her normal apathy.

This was because Meng Ming had suddenly entered the scene and changed her whole life. Now, she had come into contact with the mysterious C-type realm.

Aside from Huang Qiao Yi, there were two males sitting at the table.

“I say, why do you two always have sour expressions on your faces?” Huang Qiao Yi really didn’t want to see those stifled expressions on their faces any longer. Since that day, neither of them had smiled once, and always acted depressed.

“Brother Meng Ming…look at how beautiful it is outside. It’s so warm, and the tea smells so nice…the two of you are totally ruining the beautiful scenery like this.”

This cafe was less than 2 kilometers away from Lin Xian Central High. The surrounding environment was quite refined, and the view wasn’t blocked by any skyscrapers. The sunset beautifully lit up the streets. The cafe’s second floor had many chairs and tables set up, but they were all empty. The only people there were three Lin Xian Central High’s students sitting nearest to the window.

Qiu Min Ke was one these three people, and was currently sitting gloomily. In the beginning, the only sentence he would ever say to Huang Qiao Yi was: “Hm, what did you say?” Then he gradually got used to her volume.

Among the 3, only Huang Qiao Yi had a placid expression. Unfortunately, she didn’t understand how to fix the atmosphere.

The tea in their cups was the cafe’s most famous tea: Black Lantern. The leaves had been gathered during the clear dawn on Mt. Qingxiu. Its fragrance alone was enough to cure people of their thirsts. A light sip instantly relaxed the entire body and mind.

“Just. Drink. Tea.” Huang Qiao Yi took the initiative to declare.

Smelling the tea’s fragrance, the two felt that the irresistible aroma seemed to be enticing them in. They also agreed that contemplating their matters was slightly shameful, so they just let go of their thoughts. With a sigh, they raised their teacups.

The tip of their tongues had only just touched the tea, but the delicious flavor had already relieved them from their previous tension.

This tea….!

It gives such a comforting feeling when drinking it….

This was the first time they had ever tasted a tea like this before, and their moods suddenly became much more carefree. Their taut faces also gradually relaxed.  

“Sigh, have you guys finally stopped thinking about it?” Huang Qiao Yi was finally relieved from that heavy atmosphere.

“Mm.” Meng Ming said as he raised his teacup to smell it, “It doesn’t matter what methods Zhou Lun Yu used. Sister Duan He invited us here just to discuss that, no?”

“….” Qiu Min Ke looked out at the street. “Duan He asked us to come here, so why haven’t we seen a single trace of her yet?”  

“Send a text to push her.” 

Because of Zhou Lun Yu’s appearance, Duan He had specially gone to look for Class A after school had let out. She had told Meng Ming and Qiu Min Ke to go find seats at the cafe and wait for her, as she had matters to discuss with them. She claimed that she knew Zhou Lun Yu’s techniques, and wanted to share them, as well as discuss another matter.

Incidentally, Qiu Min Ke had also seen Zhou Lun Yu a few days ago. Just like that day Meng Ming had experienced in the library, Zhou Lun Yu had suddenly found Qiu Min Ke’s cultivation grounds at home. When Qiu Min Ke saw that Zhou Lun Yu had harbored malicious intentions, he had tried to make his insects attack Zhou Lun Yu. However, all the bugs were instantly killed; not a single one was spared. This was why Qiu Min Ke had felt extremely fearful of Zhou Lun Yu a few days ago.

Neither of the two knew why Zhou Lun Yu had come looking for them, nor what kind of tricks he was using. 

The sun lowered further into the west, causing the layers of clouds and the street to gradually turn red. The tea became lukewarm, so Huang Qiao Yi steeped another pot of it.

This kind of tea leaf didn’t count as expensive in Lin Xiang, but its value would suddenly increase like the stock market if it was shipped to other cities. Nobody outside China would be able to drink this unless they had a certain amount of assets.

“Sorry to make you wait.” A female voice came from the entrance of the second floor lounge.

“You’re too late…”

“We’re already steeping our third batch of tea.”

“The one that arrives the latest has to pay.”


Duan He said in somewhat of a pompous tone, “Ha, I’m sooo sorry. I was coming to tell you Zhou Lun Yu’s matters out of my own good will, yet you try to take money from me?”

This sentence was extremely effective. When the two guys heard this, they immediately fought to offer her a seat and pour her some tea.

“Sigh, this tea is still as fragrant as before.” She happily said as she took a light sip.   

It was Duan He that had told them to come to this cafe. She had definitely come here before, and was probably a frequent customer.

“Then let’s get to the main point.” Duan He placed her teacup on the table as she said to them, “There are two main topics today. Firstly, let’s talk a bit about Zhou Lun Yu’s cheating methods. After thinking about it for so long, based on its current appearance, what methods do you guys think Zhou Lun Yu uses?”

If it was just based on appearance, there were a few unfathomable matters

Firstly, Zhou Lun didn’t know anything at all, and yet he could quickly find a well-hidden item;

Secondly, he could rapidly exterminate bugs, and make them cower from fear;

Thirdly, and most importantly, it was said that he knew what other people were writing despite not being able to see the actual paper, and copy the exam perfectly.

“In geography class, while Zhou Lun Yu was writing the answers on the blackboard, he definitely knew what the seated students were writing. That’s the only reason why he was able to write the correct answers on the blackboard.”

“I feel like he must have ESP?”

“That’s impossible…”

It was the effects of the tea that had dispersed their previous anxious atmosphere, and let them start going off on tangents.  

Duan He found it amusing how their thoughts were all over the place. “After such a long time, you guys have only come up with these things? Forget it, I’ll just tell you….”

They all fell silent, not even touching their teacups.

Duan He said, “Zhou Lun Yu uses red threads.”


“Red threads?”

“What’s that?”

Duan He knew that nobody would understand just these words alone, and seriously continued to explain, “Do you guys know traditional Chinese medicine? Feeling someone’s pulse.”

They nodded to indicate their understanding.

Duan He said, “In traditional Chinese medicine, there is a high level method for feeling one’s pulse: Pulse Measuring Thread Suspension. You take a thin thread and wrap it around the patient’s wrist. After pulling it straight, you use your fingers to feel the patient’s pulse. Measuring it in this way will let you know all the details of the patient’s condition, thus letting you diagnose them. Do you get it now? Zhou Lun Yu’s family has been tradition Chinese doctors for generations. He uses special threads. While they are traditionally called red threads, they’re actually colorless and transparent. Not only are they extremely thin, but durable as well. They’re extremely hard to see with the naked eye.”


“So it was like that…!” 

Everyone suddenly realized the truth. 

Zhou Lun Yu used the red threads and elaborate finger movements to quickly loop them around an item secretly. That day, when Huang Qiao Yi was hiding the book, Zhou Lun Yu had long since wrapped a thread around the book, holding the other end of the thread in his hand. Regardless of where the book was hidden, he only needed to follow the thread’s path. Thus, he had immediately found it!

That meant…during an exam, he just needed to loop the red threads around another person’s pen, and pull the threads straight. Then, he could press his fingers down on the threads, and just as if he was feeling someone’s pulse, he could sense what the other person was writing. This allowed him to create a perfect copy without anyone’s detection! This was really──the Pulse Measuring Thread Suspension technique!

They immediately began to discuss: “Then during that class when Zhou Lun Yu went up to the front, he had already wrapped red threads around some classmates’ pens. While he was writing on the blackboard with his right hand, some fingers on his left hand were feeling the contents of the answers.”

“In other words, he was depending on sense of touch!?”

“To think that a few fingers can actually pull out so many threads without anyone noticing…”

“That’s right, normal people can’t see the red threads.” Duan He took a sip of her tea and continued, “That’s why they call them “threads from a different dimension”.

If controlling bugs and using hypnotism used the “mind”, then the general laws of using the Pulse Measuring Thread Suspension skill was similar to that of casino’s cheating techniques. They both emphasized “fingerwork”. Most people would never think that using fingers alone could accomplish such major tasks!

The people were still there, the tea had gone cold, and a new batch hadn’t been re-seeped. The C-types seemed to be pulled along by those invisible red threads, and were currently thinking the same thing.

Duan He knew well the suspicions that the two boys had. They definitely felt that Zhou Lun Yu was a hostile person, and didn’t know why he had specially looked for them.

Huang Qiao Yi asked, “If Zhou Lun Yu is treating everyone like this, does that mean he’s maliciously declaring war?”

Duan He fell into thought, and didn’t respond immediately.

She turned to look outside the room, and at the sinking sunset. After a long time, she finally revealed her thoughts

“No, Zhou Lun Yu came to request for help.”  


“Request for help?!”

Everyone was at loss.  

“That’s right, this is our second topic for today.”

Duan He had known Zhou Lun Yu for ages. She knew that he wasn’t a person that was good at expressing his feelings. The situation that had occurred today was within her expectations. That’s why she had appeared to speak with Class A’s people.

Duan He asked, “Zhou Lun Yu was originally a student at Lin Xian Central Junior High. But do you guys know why he suddenly transferred away?”  

Everyone shook their heads and waited for Duan He to explain.

“In his third year of junior high, Zhou Lun Yu left school once because something suddenly happened…it’s hard to explain it well in a short amount of time with few words. Basically, he’s encountered a huge crisis and needs help from others. That’s why he came back to Lin Xian, to find an opportunity. But when Zhou Lun Yu studied at Lin Xian before, he not only had few friends, but his absolute copies of others’ exams made both the teachers and the students think of him as abnormal. That’s why, he can only request for help from us, the newly transferred in students…”

The lounge’s door was suddenly opened again with a bang. A male voice said, “You guys shouldn’t look so surprised, it’s exactly as she said.”

Zhou Lun Yu suddenly walked into the cafe!

Everyone immediately turned to look at him, jaws dropping open.

“Zhou…Zhou Lun Yu?! Why are you here?” Meng Ming asked.

“What do you mean why am I here?” Zhou Lun Yu replied in a matter-of-fact tone, “This cafe is owned by my family…I live here.”


The three people all turned to look at Duan He, who replied with a bright smile.

“And here I thought you had called us here for a secret meeting…” [Qiu Min Ke]

“Sister Duan He, you knew this ages ago, didn’t you? That this was his home…” [Meng Ming]

“He heard everything that was said…” [Huang Qiao Yi]

Seeing Zhou Lun Yu finally appear, Duan He said, “I already arranged all this with him. Alright, Classmate Zhou Lun Yu has something to request, so let him speak. I won’t interject!”

“Tch.” Zhou Lun Yu said with an expression of disdain, “Request? As if I need help from these useless guys.”  

“Zhou Lun Yu, can’t you just properly say what’s on your mind…” Duan He was slightly confused by how Zhou Lun Yu could never just straight-out say his feelings.

“But, these people are really too weak.” Zhou Lun Yu argued as he pointed to the boys at the table.

He had first said they were useless, and now he said they were “weak”. When Meng Ming heard these words, as well as saw Zhou Lun Yu’s expression of contempt, Meng Ming felt more and more irritated. Unable to take it anymore, he shouted, “Hey! Who are you calling weak!!”  

“You, of course. You even need help with writing a few words on the blackboard.”

“Screw you! Of course I could’ve written it by myself! I just didn’t want to attract people’s attentions, so I didn’t do anything!”

“Who doesn’t know that you cannot write the answers at all?”

“What did you say?! You obviously can’t write them either!”

“But I can copy them.”

“I can also do so! It’s just that I couldn’t use the chalk!”

“Either way, I beat you.”


Everyone watched the two argue, completely unable to interject.

“If you’re so skilled, let’s compete again!” Meng Ming said.

“There’s no need. Either way, you’ll be the one who loses in the end.” Zhou Lun Yu said with his hands spread open, as if having seen through Meng Ming.

“Hmph! Just you wait, I’ve already seen through your tricks!” Meng Ming said in annoyance, “Now that I know what methods you were using, I can definitely beat you.”

Zhou Lun Yu found it very strange how Meng Ming was still so persistent, “You’ve already lost to me twice. On what basis can you still say that you can win?”

Meng Ming said, “The first few times, I…I didn’t use my true abilities, and was just testing you!”

“Testing me?” Zhou Lun Yu was amused, “Then why are you so afraid?”

All hesitation vanished from Meng Ming at that moment. His eyes widened in self-confidence as he said, “Perhaps you saw wrong. The true Zhuge Style Cheating Technique always has a way to win, regardless of the circumstances! I can’t possibly lose.”

Zhou Lun Yu was shocked at this

Strange, how…how is he still so confident? That expression doesn’t seem like a bluffing one…is Zhuge Meng Ming’s strength actually not just this much!?

No matter what circumstances there were, he definitely had a way to win?

Such nonsense. Zhou Lun Yu snorted and said, “Stop joking. Why don’t you just let me get rid of your self-confidence once and for all? Let’s compete in the midterm exam this time.” Zhou Lun Yu saw Meng Ming’s expression of delight as he finally got what he wanted, “But all the stakes are in. If you lose again, then you have to obey me.”

“Fine, the midterm exam then! Betting anything works!” Meng Ming slapped the table and said, “We’ll see whose total score is higher!”


Did Meng Ming still not understand?

This, this was a duel! In addition…Meng Ming himself had proposed it. All the other students present had broken out into cold sweat for him!

“Are you guys…for real?”

“Of course!” Meng Ming said. Zhou Lun Yu’s expression didn’t change either. It seemed like they both knew that the examination site was the real battlefield. Only by competing there would they be able to see each other’s true strengths.


Duan He looked at the two, and silently flipped open her notebook to check the arrangements for the midterm exam.

There were still a few weeks until then. The exam’s materials would cover four subjects, each one being worth 100 points for a total of 400. Also, the midterm exam this time wouldn’t mix up the classes; the students in the same class would take the exam together…

I didn’t think that there would be a duel so soon. Competing total scores? Duan He imagined the midterm exam sites, and began to sweat, Fortunately…those two guys are in Class A. Even if they send everyone present into disarray, it has nothing to do with me.

Zhou Lun Yu said, “Then it’s a deal. Zhuge Meng Ming, I’ve already beaten you twice. If you win in this midterm exam, it’ll count as us being even. But that isn’t possible, because you’ll definitely lose to me. Afterwards, you have to properly obey my words.” No matter what, Zhou Lun Yu had come to request for help. If Meng Ming lost, then he’d have to obediently help him. Zhou Lun Yu suddenly realized there was something off about what he said, and hurriedly added on, “But listen up, the fact that I want help doesn’t mean I recognize your strength, nor is it because I must receive your help!”

“Just underestimate me however much you’d like! I’ll definitely win, just wait for the moment when you won’t be able to get your student ID!” Meng Ming said.  

“You’d better get this straight. Before, I was just playing around with you, so I didn’t use any of my strength. You can’t even see the red threads. You’re so weak; you’d better think of a way to see my red threads before you say anything else.”


Zhou Lun Yu…if you use this kind of method to ask for help, would anyone be willing to help you… Duan He thought to herself.

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  1. Considering how Meng Ming was raised I’m surprised that he’s that easy to rile up. In gambling the easiest way to win is to make sure the opponent screws up and as someone who was raised in that world you’d think he’s act calmer

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