Cheating Craft 30 (1/2)

Translated by: Taffy

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Quiz 30: Rules of the Exam Room (1/2)

In early morning, a large, red placard was posted on Lin Xian Central High’s entrance with great fanfare. This indicated that the whole-school midterm exam was starting today. It might have been to show off, or to intimidate others, but this placard was even more eye-catching than those discount advertisements outside! With the placard posted, people began to take detours, and cars only dared to brush past the entrance.  

The students all prepared themselves for the sake of grades and scores, and began to head towards the school.  

Please, be patient for just a bit longer. Zhou Lun Yu looked out the window from the room he was standing alone in. He changed into his uniform while seemingly deep in thought, washed his hands, and carefully tied his hair.


Under the sunlight, Zhuge Meng Ming was currently standing outside the school entrance with his backpack. Students with varying expressions on their faces walked into the school one after another. He raised his head and confidently looked at that red placard.

Let’s go. I won’t lose to you!  

It was right before the exam, and he hadn’t yet gained enough practice with his vision skills. However, he wasn’t the least bit afraid. Carron had also said that Meng Ming already understood the theory. Now that the situation had unexpectedly changed, he could only gradually strengthen his skills during the official exam.

Meng Ming knew that this examination determined whether or not he could obtain the student ID, and it was also a showdown against Zhou Lun Yu. He had to treat it seriously.

At that moment, a sound from behind Meng Ming suddenly made his skin crawl—

“Isn’t this one Sire Zhu?”  

It’s Shi Yun…I’ll just cleverly enter school first… Meng Ming shuddered, then walked forwards without turning his head back. But Shi Yun persisted in calling out his name.  

“Sire Zhu, don’t, please don’t walk so quickly.” Shi Yun grabbed Meng Ming’s wrist.  

Meng Ming felt goosebumps form all over his body. I really can’t stand it…why did I have to encounter something like this right before the exam…”

“There are a total of 4 subjects. The first exam is in literature and language. In any large-scale examination, the first test is always literature and language. This is a tradition that has gone on for 100 years, and has never changed.” Shi Yun declared elegantly, “Literature and language is the subject that I am most proficient in!”  

I know that even without you saying it…I beg of you, please let go of my hand… Meng Ming couldn’t shake it off.  

“If Sire Zhu doesn’t mind, would you like to cross swords with me during this exam?” Shi Yun actively proposed a war against Meng Ming.  

All L-types wanted to compete purely in test scores.  

With lack of better option, Meng Ming could only reply, “Ok, ok, hurry up and let go…”  

Seeing Meng Ming reply, Shi Yun finally loosed his grip. He walked up to Meng Ming’s ear and lightly added, “I very much anticipate the moment the scores are announced,” then hopped into the school building.  

Who wants to compete against you… Meng Ming thought. He still had a more troublesome opponent, how could he possibly be in the mood to deal with this strange character.  

Soon after, Meng Ming bumped into another person.  

“Yo!” Lin Jing Xuan greeted Meng Ming, and the two entered the school side by side.  

This classmate still counts as being more on the normal side… Meng Ming thought. Lin Jing Xuan immediately asked Meng Ming, “How much have you prepared? Because they had suddenly moved the exam date up, I didn’t get the chance to properly study the last subject.”

It sounded like Lin Jin Xuan was already extremely confident in the other 3 subjects.

“However, even if Meng Ming doesn’t prepare that much, you will still get a high score!” Lin Jing Xuan patted Meng Ming’s shoulder and said, “The first round is literature and language…we still don’t know where the official exam is, so let’s go to the classroom first.”  

Thus, they walked up the building’s stairs. Suddenly, they bumped into the Three Missing One Quartet!  

Meng Ming thought that he had encountered another inconvenience, but the reality was different from his imagination. The Three Missing One Quartet not only didn’t chase after Meng Ming, they had even said to him with a serious air:

“Master, the exam will start soon. We’ll get the most amazing grades and show them to you!”

“After seeing our grades, you’ll definitely take us in!”

“It’s a pity that we aren’t in the same grade as Master; otherwise, we’d compete against you!”

“Nonsense! How could you dare to compete against Master?”  

They argued quite fiercely, still blocking the path, making it impossible for Meng Ming and Lin Jing Xuan to pass through.  

“Basically…” The leader, Boss Ma Que said, “Master, please watch us work hard!”

Finally, the four of them displayed a very ugly formation, as if trying to show that they were revering something.  



The atmosphere outside the room was gradually filling with more and more with uncertainty. But inside the room, it immediately became passionate!

Most of the students were already in their seats, reviewing the content they had studied one last time. The constant sounds of writing and flipping through books could be heard. Some of the people were speaking as well, trying to boost each other’s moral. There were also students that wanted to compare relative superiority with each other during the exam. In order to gain even the slightest bit more points on this exam, all the students were preparing for battle. Although their strengths were all different, every single one of them had plentiful examination experience. Solemnness, nervousness, excitement.

The moment Meng Ming entered room 301, a ton of gazes suddenly locked onto him—

“It’s Zhuge Meng Ming, we need to take note of his grades.”

“He’s a very formidable L-type with extremely high scores. I don’t dare to face him head-on…”

“Indeed, we cannot forget about Zhuge Meng Ming’s existence…sigh, it looks like my ranking on this exam will probably be pushed down a bit.”  

“It looks like,” Lin Jing Xuan stepped into the room first. “Meng Ming has already become the target of a multitude of attacks. But don’t worry, I won’t try to do anything towards you for the time being.” He smiled and sat down, flipping through his books to study.

Meng Ming had only walked forward two steps before he saw Bai Jiu in the front row. She hadn’t noticed the disturbances happening around her, and definitely hadn’t seen Meng Ming enter the room either. She was only revising her studies very earnestly. 

Meng Ming had long since understood Bai Jiu—to her, exams were a method of self-refinement; grades were like her blood. She would never allow herself to fail.

“Ah, you still have time to look at girls!”  

A male voice came from behind Meng Ming. This was the third time this had happened today.  

Zhou Lun Yu?! Meng Ming whipped his head around.  

Zhou Lun Yu had that usual smiling expression on his face. He walked around Meng Ming and stated, “It will start soon. If you have time, you should think more about how to avoid losing too many points.”

Hmph, you’re finally here. Meng Ming said, “Just forget it. I’ve said before that no matter what, I won’t lose!”  

Zhou Lun Yu replied, “I’ve also said before that I’ll completely dispel your self-confidence. Just listen obediently to me after the exam is over.” He then walked to his seat.  

Annoying bastard. He clearly wants to request help from me, but refuses to say it out loud… Meng Ming indignantly walked to his seat as well. This time, I definitely won’t let you get your way. 

After returning to his seat, Meng Ming thought: For Zhou Lun Yu to run back to Lin Xian to request for help, what exactly happened? …Hm… At this, he suddenly narrowed his eyes and scratched his head. Why am I thinking about that! I should be thinking of how to beat him right now instead!  

In short, Meng Ming’s main goal this exam was to beat Zhou Lun Yu in total points!  

The last person Meng Ming saw today was Huang Qiao Yi, who sat in the back row waiting for him. 



“Brother Meng Ming, have you finished preparing?” Huang Qiao Yi asked.  

“It probably…shouldn’t be that big of an issue.” Although Meng Ming was confident, he wasn’t certain if he had practiced his skills enough. He thought: I have to slowly try them out during the actual exam…and that guy’s red threads will definitely be annoying.  

“Then that’s fine.” Huang Qiao Yi relaxed a bit and said, “Look at your drawer.”  

Look at my drawer?

Meng Ming was confused, and lowered his head to pull out his drawer and look inside. “Wa!”  

Dozens of letters came pouring out of his table and fluttered down to the ground, almost pushing Meng Ming over. 

“What in the world are these?!” Meng Ming randomly picked up a letter and opened it to read it.  

They weren’t love letters…but declarations of war! Some were from his classmates, while quite a few others were from other classes in his grade! The majority of them were challenging Meng Ming to compete single subject grades in this midterm.  

Meng Ming was nonplussed.

Why can’t I just be a more normal student in this school… 

“Brother Meng Ming is really famous. The more formidable L-types seem to all be coming at you,” Huang Qiao Yi chuckled, looking completely unburdened.  

“I…” Meng Ming sighed, “How would I have the mind to deal with these people! …Did Huang Qiao Yi not receive any letters of challenge?”  

Huang Qiao Yi reached into her drawer and pulled out a letter. “I, mm, I have one!” The challenger wants to compete with me in total points.”  

Meng Ming was just about to grab it, but Huang Qiao Yi built the suspense and put it away, “You want to know who it’s from? I won’t show it to you until after the exam.” Instead, she told him something else, “This morning, Teacher Wang called me to the headmaster’s office to draw Class A’s exam room and proctor. She’ll come to announce them later.”  

“What’s that mean?” Meng Ming didn’t understand, “Draw exam room and proctor?”  

Huang Qiao Yi explained, “It means that not all the classes in the school take the exam here. Oftentimes, the locations to take the exam that are drawn will be in other places. The seats will be arranged last minute, and exam room will be completely confined. In addition, the proctors are also drawn randomly. —This is all because the college entrance exam is the same.”

Only on the day of the exam would the exam sites and proctors be drawn. This not only tested and raised L-types’ abilities to adapt to their environment, but also tested C-types’ abilities to make impromptu changes to their capabilities. That way, it not only would prevent people from messing around with the exam room or bribing the proctors beforehand, but also allowed them to keep a tighter watch. This was a custom that had started dozens of years ago.  

“Ohohoho!! You guys have pretty good luck!!” Teacher Wang finally appeared at the teacher’s desk. She held up her pointer and shouted, “Now, I’ll announce the exam site that this class has drawn!” 

Hearing this, the whole class gulped.  

Teacher Wang happily said, “The exam site you drew is pretty relaxing! The location is—Lin Xian Library’s third floor!” 

Lin Xian Library?! That’s…

That was where Meng Ming and Zhou Lun Yu had first met.  

“That’s right…” Huang Qiao Yi sighed, “It’s the place I hate the most….”  

Meng Ming whispered to Huang Qiao Yi, “Then, why did Teacher Wang say we were fortunate, and say it was super relaxing?”  

Huang Qiao Yi looked at the ceiling and said helplessly, “Because, other classes…although they can draw the other floors of the library, they can also get terrifying places like the museum, the zoo, the detention center, and even the hospital’s psychiatry ward…” She also added, “Those places have their own various exam regulations.” 

Teacher Wang explained the exam site’s arrangements, “All the exam sites set up by the school were officially applied for, and have been approved of. Because the school attaches the most importance to making all the students equal opportunities, all these public locations have stopped their operations, and the staff members will clear all the people inside the place, as well as expel the surrounding people. This provides the students a peaceful exam environment. Our class will conduct all four exams on the third floor of Lin Xian Library. After everyone finishes reading the <Examination Regulations>, we’ll immediately board the bus and depart, and get there in less than 10 minutes! Remember, you aren’t allowed to bring anything with you, especially electronics…Also, everyone’s seats are assigned by the computer, ohohohoho…!”

There was still 30 minutes left before the exam would begin. Teacher Wang handed each of the students a piece of paper with the title: Library Examination Regulations.

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