Cheating Craft 62

Translated by: Taffy

Edited by: Frosty

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Quiz 62: The Spread of the River

That girl, it’s that girl…! Guo Dian’s entire body began to tremble, and a strange, ineffable desire was emitted from his body. I have to destroy her. As long as I dispose of her, they’ll all be doomed!

However, Lu Xiao kept feeling like doing so would be dangerous. “But I’ve experienced that girl’s strength before, she might be even more formidable than Zhou Lun Yu and Zhuge Meng Ming!”

“Don’t worry, we haven’t brought out our real strength yet either!” Guo Dian urged Lu Xiao, “Lu Xiao, hurry up and dispose of her. Just directly break her glasses!”  

Guo Dian decided that it didn’t matter what kind of mirrors there were outside, all of the light rays had to pass through the glasses and shine into the eyes. The glasses that Jin Nai Nai wore were the final lenses she used!  

“As long as that’s destroyed, all her other mirrors will be useless!”  

“Alright, I’ll try it!” Lu Xiao pulled out some coins charged with electricity.  

They’re aiming at Jin Nai Nai! Meng Ming discovered the unfavorable turn of events. Jin Nai Nai doesn’t understand the concept of attacking others.  

We have no other choice, all strength must be focused on defense! Zhou Lun Yu grasped his hair.

Lu Xiao’s Energy Bullet was aimed directly at the frame of Jin Nai Nai’s glasses and was quickly shot forth! The frame of glasses was made of metal. If it was struck, the wearer would be directly knocked out by the electric attack.

Alternate Dimension Bowstring!

The red threads were electrically insulated! Zhou Lun Yu had already pulled the threads into a protective shield. Its position was extremely precise, and the coin Energy Bullets were all caught by the flexible red threads.

What? The Energy Bullet was stopped?! Lu Xiao hadn’t even gotten the chance to make another move before several Energy Bullets were shot back at him! Zhou Lun Yu?! If he’s using my Energy Bullets, then…I’ll just change my method…! Lu Xiao grabbed a few new coins and shot them like frisbees towards Jin Nai Nai! If the red threads tried to block the coins, they’d definitely be sliced apart.

Hmph, the same move as Zhuge Meng Ming’s…! Zhou Lun Yu had long since set up countermeasures against cutting edges. I had originally meant to keep it for going against Zhuge Meng Ming… Just as those same red threads were about to be cut by the coins, Zhou Lun Yu shot out waves of red threads! By using this movement, the flying objects were deflected downwards. The coin edges changed directions, and the Energy Bullets shot backwards in the opposite direction once more!

“Zhou Lun Yu, look out from above!” Meng Ming reminded him.

Zhou Lun Yu suddenly lifted his head and saw. Waterballs?

Meng Ming had another one above his head as well! Two average-sized waterballs, with unknown contents within, had been flung into the air, and were descending down onto Meng Ming and Zhou Lun Yu!

It’s Guo Dian? He wants to drench us! [Meng Ming]

Hmph, something this slow… [Zhou Lun Yu]

They hadn’t imagined that Guo Dian would directly attack them. Zhou Lun Yu prepared his red threads, and Meng Ming picked up his pencils. But, just then, they realized…

The opponent was water!

How annoying, that kind of slow thing actually has an advantage!

We can only evade it!

Both people dodged, and the two waterballs fell onto the ground and dispersed. Had they deviated from their target? But the amount of water on the ground…seemed to suddenly increase!

Strange! How did the cracks between the stones…?! Meng Ming and Zhou Lun Yu realized that something was fishy. The cracks between the stones on the ground of the exam site now had water streams flowing through them! They all…originated from Guo Dian’s desk!

Guo Dian was expressionlessly using his finger to cause the water to unceasingly descend onto the ground, drop after drop. The surface area of the water constantly expanded as well. It entered the cracks, trailing down through them, flowing towards Meng Ming and Zhou Lun Yu’s desks! The waterballs just now had created a waterway that now connected both of their table legs!

It turned out that Guo Dian had long since created a river in the cracks between the stones on the floor of the exam site!

The river didn’t flow randomly in various directions, but rather flowed in a specific direction exactly as per Guo Dian’s intention.

Guo Dian smirked. This electrical circuit is complete.


Stop writing! We have to hurry up and lift the answer sheets off of our desks! Meng Ming and Zhou Lun Yu realized with a start.

That river not only extended from Meng Ming’s desk legs to Zhou Lun Yu’s desk legs, it also flowed to below Lu Xiao’s feet! A coin fell from Lu Xiao’s hand and onto the waterway.

The mineral spring water was a conductor, the desks were also conductors! The electricity had to flow along the river to attack. Meng Ming and Zhou Lun Yu hurriedly shifted the answer sheets in their hands away from the desks.

The coin dropped into the water, and the electric shock was launched. The test questions that remained on the desks suddenly became full of creases! The words printed on the papers had blurred all together, making it completely impossible to write anything on them.

Too frightening! The answer sheets had been protected, and they were still holding their stationery in their hands.

It can be electrocuted like this too?! Can’t the ground absorb all of the electricity away? [Meng Ming]

But he understands static electricity. Although the electric shock is only for a moment, its strength is shocking. [Zhou Lun Yu]

Energy Bullet! While Zhou Lun Yu’s and Meng Ming’s hands were both fully occupied, Lu Xiao continued to send attacks at Jin Nai Nai!

Hmph, don’t think that I can’t manipulate my threads while holding the test papers! Zhou Lun Yu still had a few red threads that were as flexible as before. Alternate Dimension Bowstring!

I advise you to properly dodge. Spring Rain! Guo Dian pressed a small amount of water together and transformed it into a spring rain. The water vapor sprayed out like a mist over the entire exam site, sticking onto the red threads! The red threads were insulating, but the mineral spring water wasn’t. If Zhou Lun Yu used the red threads to deflect the coins, the electricity would follow the water on the red threads and electrocute the test paper in Zhou Lun Yu’s hands!

Crap! Zhou Lun Yu had to evade!

New Zhuge Style Cheating Technique



“What move are you trying to pull? Hurry up and do it!” [Zhou Lun Yu]

Hmph, he clearly can’t make any move! [Guo Dian]

Zhuge Meng Ming? Why won’t you block it…? [Lu Xiao]

Meng Ming was still frozen there. His hand was grasping his pencil, but he didn’t make any movements at all! He only continued to stare at Jin Nai Nai.

“Are you competent or not?! Do you want to just stand there and watch her get attacked?!” [Zhou Lun Yu]

“No…!” Meng Ming seemed to have discovered something. “There’s no need to block this, Jin Nai Nai won’t be hit. Even if the attack strikes her, she won’t be injured by the electricity.”


All of the C-types looked at the coins that were rapidly flying towards Jin Nai Nai, who was still earnestly writing! The coins neared their target, but, the moment they were about to come into contact, they seemed to wander from their trajectory, revolved around Jin Nai Nai’s body, then flew off into the distance! Only one coin managed to strike Jin Nai Nai’s shoulder…but…she didn’t feel it…at all!

How…can this be?! Zhou Lun Yu was somewhat amazed. That coin was even able to crumple our test papers!

“Lu Xiao, what exactly is wrong with you!” [Guo Dian]

“…I clearly aimed at her! Why isn’t she afraid of electric shocks?! [Lu Xiao]

Back at the X-seven Western pastry shop, Meng Ming had witnessed Jin Nai Nai not dodge or evade Lu Xiao’s attack as well, yet Lu Xiao had missed!

“That’s right…” The completely oblivious Meng Ming back then now finally understood the reason. Jin Nai Nai obviously knew that she’d become the target. Her shoulder has long since been covered with a layer of thin glass as transparent as paper for protection! The glass is insulating, and can’t conduct electricity. As for the coins being shot…those were Jin Nai Nai using the reflection of the light rays to make it impossible for enemy eyes to know of her own locationAngel’s Mirage!



Summing up that round, Kui Yuan’s C-types no longer wanted to destroy the test papers directly, but instead launched attacks at the people themselves!

They’re really too dangerous! [Zhou Lun Yu]  

Exactly why do those guys put so much energy into attacking? Don’t they need to solve problems?! [Meng Ming]  

Being able to create a river in the exam site with mineral spring water drop by drop, exactly what kind of level was Guo Dian’s strength at? This river hadn’t disappeared yet, and the electric shock would constantly threaten their desks.  

Zhou Lun Yu’s and Meng Ming’s answer sheets were identical to Jin Nai Nai’s, and they’d already written a third of the answers. All of Kui Yuan’s students were probably around the same pace as well. The grades of the students attending the joint examination were all pretty good. They could solve most of the questions, and were all completely engrossed in working. One thing that they could rejoice about was that the L-types were still safe so far, but…this feeling of calm seemed as it were about to soon break.  

Many opened bottles of water had been placed on Guo Dian’s desk at some point. He silently and frigidly stared at the floor. 

I’ve already…gotten tired of playing. Guo Dian seemed very upset.  

Guo Dian…don’t tell me he… Lu Xiao realized that there was something wrong with the situation. “You can’t! Zhou Lun Yu and Zhuge Meng Ming are both still looking at you!”  

“There’s no need to pay any mind to Lin Xian’s C-types anymore. They definitely won’t have any way of obstructing me!” Guo Dian raised the water bottle, gradually pouring the entire bottle onto his hand. He continued to assemble and pinch together the water. He executed incredible movements, and the water that was exquisitely worked on by Guo Dian’s hands eventually condensed into a ball.

The condensing process was very slow, but the waterball continued to increase in size. Although it was unknown what he was preparing to do, Meng Ming and Zhou Lun Yu definitely wouldn’t just sit there and watch without doing anything. However…how were they supposed to stop it? The water was absolutely impossible to slice apart.

New Zhuge Style Cheating TechniqueSmall Flaming Arrow! A large amount of flames flew towards Guo Dian’s desk, attacking the test paper, desk, and even his clothes. However, as soon as the flames came into contact with the objects, they were instantly extinguished by the water.

Alternate Dimension Chains! Zhou Lun Yu wanted to try grasping hold of Guo Dian’s hands, thereby allowing the waterball to fall down to the ground and break. However, he also failed. That won’t work, his hands are slippery!  

I’ve said it before, nobody can block my paint brush. The one that dyes everything in color, the quick and violent summer thunderstorm… Guo Dian accurately controlled its power and spun the large waterball upwards—this exam site was open-air, so he could attack from above without restraint! The large waterball suddenly split in midair, dividing into dozens of smaller waterballs!  

Meng Ming and Zhou Lun Yu were startled. So many droplets, isn’t Guo Dian attacking us?  

Guo Dian ignored Meng Ming and Zhou Lun Yu, and was already prepared to start begin painting on the L-types’ answer sheets!  

Those water balls dispersed like a rainstorm, accurately spraying towards Lin Xian’s examinees from above. It was hard to believe that, despite how large of an area the exam site covered, Guo Dian could freely control it!  

“Guo Dian’s acting so conspicuously, is he not the slightest bit afraid of the proctors?” [Meng Ming] 

“He already calculated the angle. Under the sunlight, those water droplets won’t be discovered by any average person!” [Zhou Lun Yu]  

The rainstorm…had finally begun. It was completely aimed at Lin Xian’s examinees!  

We’ve already put all our effort into trying to prevent this… [Zhou Lun Yu]  

As expected, he still wants to attack the L-types?! These test papers are the students’ life blood from an entire semester! [Meng Ming]  

The final exam’s true confrontation had arrived early.  

Since Guo Dian still decided to do this in the end… Meng Ming tore up his previously electrocuted test questions paper. Then I’ll defend until the end! 

Haha, Guo Dian was enjoying the descent of his own droplets, and even sneered. This is just the bottom coat of the painting. Afterwards…hmm? He was just about to pick up another bottle of water, when he saw Meng Ming suddenly ripping his paper up. What does he want to do? With such a large range and so many droplets, you can at most only block 1-2 questions! Guo Dian jeered.

Who says? If I want to block, I’ll make all of your droplets lose their effectiveness! [Meng Ming]  

This is the first time I’ve met someone that likes to dream as much as you! Guo Dian still didn’t believe it, and watched to see what kind of trick Meng Ming would pull!  

The test paper in Meng Ming’s hand had already been split into countless small pieces. With practiced hand movements and flying fingers, he folded many small umbrellas that could fend off the droplets!

New Zhuge Style Cheating Technique—Dandelion Umbrellas!

Meng Ming waved his hand and tossed out the umbrellas! He had raised his mastery of paper manipulation to the second level. No matter how tensile a paper was, it could still easily overcome drag force and fly outwards. All of the little umbrellas floated towards the heads of the examinees being targeted by the thunderstorm, shielding them!

How…how can such a flimsy piece of paper be folded into so many things?! Kui Yuan’s C-types were stunned. They hadn’t thought that Zhuge Meng Ming would also be able to accurately control such a vast exam site as well!

Guo Dian still didn’t believe that the small umbrellas could block the summer thunderstorm’s fierce attack. That kind of paper can be shot through!

When the droplets struck the umbrellas, the umbrellas were unfolded just the slightest bit, and all the droplets descended along the umbrellas and down to the ground! This was the second level of paper manipulation. The paper in Meng Ming’s hands could block even pencils; they definitely wouldn’t be shot through by droplets!

Guo Dian’s summer thunderstorm had been completely neutralized.

If fire can’t block you, then I’ll just use paper. [Meng Ming]

What kind of skill is that… Guo Dian was still amazed, while Lu Xiao immediately reminded him, “Watch your bottles!”

Guo Dian hurriedly turned to look at the table, and saw that the opened water bottles on his desk suddenly slanted!

Sorry, you won’t be able to use this water anymore. While Guo Dian was still stunned, Zhou Lun Yu had cast out his threads and flipped over all of the water bottles on the desk! The water within all spilled at Guo Dian’s feet.

Hmph, if I want water, I still have it! Just as he thought this, Guo Dian was shocked to discover that the amount of water on the ground was extremely great. The few bottles that had been flipped over earlier couldn’t possibly release so much water.

Don’t tell me?! Guo Dian lowered his head and suddenly discovered…that the water bottles that had been stored below the desk had all been pierced open by wooden arrows, and all of the water had flowed out!

The beautiful dandelions just now hadn’t only served as umbrellas, but as a distraction to draw the opponent’s attention away. While Guo Dian had looked up, all of his provisions had been destroyed.

Guo Dian didn’t have any more water.  

Only half of the final examination’s first test had passed, yet the winner and loser had already been decided?  

This time, Meng Ming had personally witnessed it. As expected, Guo Dian’s targets from beginning to end were the L-type students. If Guo Dian didn’t act, Meng Ming and Zhou Lun Yu wouldn’t have done so either.  

he strength of the ranked second Guo Dian was truly only this much? Zhou Lun Yu was somewhat doubtful. He glanced at Meng Ming and saw that his expression didn’t have any trace of having “already won”. Meng Ming also seemed to be suspecting something.  

Moreover, Guo Dian didn’t give off any feeling of defeat.

When Zhou Lun Yu looked down, he understood.  

Strange…although Guo Dian’s water is gone, I keep feeling that he’s still pressuring us… This was how Meng Ming felt.

“Zhuge Meng Ming.” Zhou Lin Yu reminded him.  


“It’s our loss.”  

Seeing Guo Dian still coldly smirking at them, Zhou Lun Yu and Meng Ming had already understood the entire exam site.  

They hadn’t imagined at all that the water spilled on the ground was unexpectedly still in Guo Dian’s control! –The area on the ground around Guo Dian was completely soaked, and the original river had been expanded.The stream covered the entire exam site, flowing beneath all of the examinees’ desk legs. It was as if they had all been engulfed by a river! 

But the desk legs don’t have any water sticking on them…so no need to fear electric shocks. [Meng Ming]  

Guo Dian’s methods of drawing on other people’s tests doesn’t just mean dyeing it from above. Seeing his expression, it’s clearly saying that…he can use this water to raise waves! [Zhou Lun Yu]

Although Guo Dian’s water had been completely spilled, he could still use it! Now, the entire exam site had become his canvas.

Is there no other way anymore?! 

Guo Dian’s strength was much more formidable than they had imagined. As long as he moved around in the center of the river, or stomped down with his foot, it would…!  

Meng Ming and Zhou Lun Yu had already pondered how to contest against this with all of their strength, but blocking the countless waves formed from the river…was something they could do absolutely nothing about!

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